Many of the women coming from the patriarchy bring their husbands with them. Of course these men are subjected to a process of acceptance of the matriarchy and the customs of our gynecocratic republic. But there are some who need to undergo a new wedding ritual to understand that the marriage rules between it and its ex-wife (current owner) have changed. It is important that these men, whether they are willing or not, accept our ideals based on natural female supremacy. It is of vital necessity that these males accept and assume, as their own, the rules of “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”.

That is why, despite the fact that marriage rituals are typical of the patriarchy and in our matriarchal republic they are not celebrated, since men are, for us sisters, simple merchandise, the supreme ones have decided to allow the celebration of weddings always with the sole objective of helping women from patriarchy to instill in her ex-husband (current slave) the values of our matriarchal republic. We are talking about an extra help for those patriarchal-minded husbands to understand that they are OBLIGATED, as men, to obey and serve their wives, their goddesses.

Currently it has become fashionable, among married women from patriarchy, to hold gynecocratic domination weddings, they invite all their friends to these weddings, whether they are women born in the patriarchal society, or sisters educated in our matriarchal republic. Normally our sisters find this type of ritual exotic and very interesting. That is why they like to attend these weddings, these celebrations. It is possible that many sisters are interested in seeing how men from the patriarchy are subjugated by their women, who become their owners. Possibly the fact of knowing that these men have not been educated in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic awakens in our sisters a special attention to see them subjugated and humiliated.

These weddings must take place on the day of Venus (Friday) and the lady must choose whether to start at 9:00 a.m. (morning wedding), at 12:00 p.m. (afternoon wedding) or at 9:00 p.m. (night wedding) and it can last as long as the lady wishes. During this time, eight rituals must be performed, number of points of the Star of Venus, and they must follow a strict order that we detail below.

Conquest Venus

It seems that in the patriarchal society it is a tradition that the new marriage makes a trip known as “honeymoon”. This custom has been modified and adapted to our gynecocratic ideals and we know it as “Venus conquest”. As we deduce from its name “Venus conquest” means that any sister, or woman, can freely use or abuse the newly married husband. For eight full days (192 hours), starting from 0:00 hours on the Friday following the wedding, the wife, or owner, will offer her man to the community. This means that any woman or girl (including strangers) will be able to use, or abuse, the male with a complete freedom. During this period of time, the owner will hang a sign with the words “Venus conquest” around the neck of her husband and she will take the man out for a walk so that it can be used or abused by any sister, or woman, with who they meet. The only condition will be that the owner must be present while they use, or abuse, her male. It is a way, for the wife, to thank the kind welcome that the sisters have given her as a woman from the patriarchal society. The attention that she has with The Universal Gynecocratic Republic is by offering “the prey” ( her man) to our entire female community in general. It is very common to see in public parks, squares, streets, shopping centers and others, men with the “Venus Conquest” sign hanging from their necks. Normally the owner stays a few meters behind the unhappy man, patiently observing how the sisters, or women, from around her approach the boy, some to caress it, others to slap it on the buttocks, others to kick its ass, others to firmly grab its testicles and squeeze them, others to mount it as a horse, others to fuck its ass, spit in its face, slap it, whip it with a stick or a whip on its back or on its ass, as so on.

Lately it has become fashionable for groups of young girls, and not so young, to gather in public places to go “On the hunt for the conquests of Venus” as they say laughing. This means looking for newly married husbands, with the sign hanging around their necks, whom they can freely abuse. It is a way for the wife to show generosity and for the husband to be taught that any woman can abuse it freely.

For the sisters, educated in our republic, it is a whim to abuse men from the patriarchy, because they know the male from the patriarchy has a macho mind. Taming and riding a “wild horse” is always more pleasant than a domestic one. That is why in the ritual of “Venus conquest”, the wife even invites sisters who pass by on the street, so that they abuse her new husband. Once the abuse is over and the wife goes back home carrying her slave, it is very common for the male to sit at the feet of its mistress and curl up on her lap seeking affection and understanding to assimilate so much gratuitous humiliation from the females, anonymous girls and women, who have approached to it. Its owner will caress its head, as if it were a lapdog, her faithful pet, and she will console it by making it understand that, having been born as a man, its destiny was none other than to suffer, accept and endure pain and humiliation with dignity and always showing a wide smile on its lips.

The man usually ends up so fed up with being abused that from that moment on it will cuddle up to its wife (owner) like a lapdog, without separating a millimeter from her and faithfully carry out all her orders, afraid about the idea of being publicly abused again. Unfortunately, the men from the patriarchy who are subjected to this ritual (“Venus conquest”) tend to submit in such a way to the will of their ladies, and owners, that they end up completely annulled by them, and then they are unable to serve other women or sisters. Therefore, they cannot be sold, unlike the males born and educated in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, since they would die of sadness when separated from their owners. Often, if not always, these men demand to be buried with their female owners in case they predecease them.

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Eight rituals:

Eight rituals, number of points of the Star of Venus, must be celebrated during the wedding according to the next order. The ceremony will begin with the first ritual “Female Pleasure” and will conclude with the last one “Kidnapping”.

Female pleasure

As you all know, sisters, our Goddess Venus created us to enjoy life and enjoy sexual pleasure. In this way, the first duty of the male will be to prioritize our pleasure and always be attentive to our needs and willing to please us just as we demand it. Our divine vulva is usually associated with a flower. That is why we will use a flower petal, that the godmother has brought, to perform the ritual. The bride will place it on her crotch, just above the labia minora of her vulva. At the time she deems appropriate, the godmother will demand attention to perform this ritual that will start the wedding. Then, in front of the eyes of all the guests, the wife lifts her dress, slips her hand inside her panties and takes the flower petal out of her vulva to slowly introduce it into the groom’s mouth. At that moment the bride will say “By swallowing this petal your entire male body and your male soul will be at my service unconditionally and for the rest of your life”. The man will swallow it noticing how the petal, which the bride has had in her crotch, slides down its throat and penetrates its esophagus. Then, in complete silence, it will kneel in front of its mistress to tenderly kiss her crotch. That will be its silent answer. And it is that with that kiss it commits its male soul and body to her female pleasure. This ritual is designed to make the male understand that its top priority should be to please its mistress.


The second ritual of the wedding will consist of a demonstration of absolute superiority by the bride in front of her slave. In this ritual the man kneels in front of his owner to massage her feet and kiss them submissively. Through this ritual, the male accepts and internalizes the idea of the feminine divinity, that women, especially their owner, are sacred goddesses to be worshiped and obeyed. In addition, the groom will also accept that the feminine nature is divine and sacred so, therefore, must always submit to the will of its mistress as the goddess that she is. By adoring, and pampering, the feet of the lady helps her to have complete contact with the ground, with Mother Earth and, therefore, with the Goddess Venus. Well relaxed and toned feet help the sister to feel better about herself and she will be able to connect with her natural environment. It will also help her move better and with more security and agility, thus increasing her self-confidence. When a woman feels comfortable with herself and in balance with the rest of her sisters and with nature, life will smile at her, she will feel happier, more powerful and graceful and, indirectly, her slave will also receive good feelings. The husband must understand that keeping its wife’s feet relaxed and toned, in addition to being its obligation as a husband, will greatly improve both its goddess’s life and its own.

Pain and discipline

The bride-to-be will have the right to use whatever device she wishes: whip, rod, belt, brush, or stick, to spank the groom’s ass in front of all the ladies. The bride will mercilessly beat the bare and helpless buttocks of her future husband, who will position itself lying on her lap. The godmother of the wedding will give the bride the objects with which she will mark the defenseless skin of her male. In another variant of this ritual, the groom lowers its pants and underwear, leaving its rump bare, and then bends its torso in front of the godmother, who fits the groom’s neck into her crotch so that, with her thighs, she completely immobilizes the movements of the groom’s head while the bride spanks its naked and defenseless ass. This ritual is essential to make man understand that it was born to suffer and that it must learn to endure pain with a wide and generous smile on its face. Not only it has the obligation to keep the pain stoically, but it must also thank its goddess for the trouble of educating it correctly, for the effort she makes to make the male feel like a real man. As you all know, it is written in the masculine nature, in the genes of the male, that its destiny must be to suffer and endure the pain and humiliation coming from its wife or from any woman.


In this ritual the godmother will have the leading role, she will command silence and appear with a silver tray on which there will be a gold ring next to a male chastity belt, or penis cage, accompanied by their corresponding keys. The godmother will deliver the wedding sermon ending it with the famous phrase: “I declare you sister and slave.” At that moment, the groom will put the gold ring on the finger of its goddess (symbolizing, in this way, the complete possession of all the material wealth of the marriage, husband included, by the legal owner, the wife) and she will respond by placing the male chastity belt on the groom’s penis, caging its cock, while pronouncing: “I am taking you as a slave.” The bride will keep the key to wear it wherever she wants: around her neck, on her wrist bracelet or on her ankle bracelet. Then the bride gives a copy of the key to the godmother as a gesture of trust to her good advices. Through this ritual, one of the most important foundations of our beautiful matriarchal country is introduced: the male chastity forced and controlled by our sisters thanks to the penis cage, a revolutionary device present in the crotch of all our males (men and boys) without exception.

Signing of the possession contract

The godmother of the wedding, a sister born and educated in our republic and also friend of the bride, will be in charge of designing the marriage contract and bringing it written together with the pen with which both (goddess and slave) will sign. The signing of this document will mean a total change in the legal and social status of man. In other words: if in the patriarchy it had the status of “human being” and when it arrived at The Universal Gynecocratic Republic the male was half way between thing or animal, by signing this document it becomes a “citizen of our republic” that is, it becomes a simple possession with which we, sisters and women, can trade and negotiate. So this contract will put an end to the legal limbo in which the groom finds itself to become a simple possession of its wife and goddess.

Common benefit

This is a ritual focused on making it clear that the man, despite being legally the property of its owner, may be lent or shared by its goddess. The generous attitude towards her sisters will tolerate their use with prior permission. The ritual must be developed this way: the bride will force the husband to undress itself, then it must kneel at the feet of each and every one of the invited ladies and women, to kiss each and every one of them without exception, both the right foot and the left one. In this way, the sharing of the male is represented: at the request of its mistress, always following her orders, the man will always be willing to serve and please the entire female sisterhood from our matriarchal republic, beyond being the property of its owner.


The bride will order her slave to undress and she will ride it on all fours, as if it were a horse or a chair. She will then make it walk on all fours in front of all the guests and, if she wishes, she can also make it bray (as if it were a donkey) or neigh (as if it were a horse). With this ritual, man is reduced to the level of an object, an animal, or a thing, so that it learns its new place in the home: to serve its mistress as a chair, table, footrest or horse if required. The mind of the man is simple, and while she is riding it, as if it were a horse carrying its owner on its back, the slave begins to assume an idea that will settle in its mind for the rest of its silly male life: “My owner will be the brain, the eyes, the ears and I will be the brute force, the muscle. She, my goddess, will think for me and I will simply obey her”.


At the end of the dance and the wedding, the last ritual is that at a certain moment the bride gets lost and the guests kidnap the groom to demand a ransom from her owner. The male must be exchanged for an animal, for money or for an object. The godmother will act as an intermediary in the negotiations. During the time that the groom is kidnapped, it can be freely abused by the ladies and sisters who hold it captive. Therefore, the new owner must be skillful in negotiating to release it as soon as possible. This ritual fosters complicity between the bride (a woman from the patriarchy) and the sisters who are the protagonists of the kidnapping. In other words: female confidence is encouraged among women, which is the basis of our gynecocratic republic and our matriarchal society.


A wedding condition

Our dear friend saw how her future slave did not want to undergo the new marriage ritual. She came from the patriarchal society with her husband, this male was influenced by the backward patriarchal mentality, the stupid male demanded to continue with the androcentric marriage they had until then. Finally, our friend, its wife and current owner, with the help of some sisters, convinced the arrogant man and got it to submit to the ritual. But they granted the male the condition that it would be another man who would marry them according to the christian rite…

… The stupid male thought that a man would not tolerate a marriage based on female domination and the natural superiority of women over men. The bastard hoped that male solidarity would prevail, but he verified in person that our men do not understand such concepts, our men simply obey our female orders and live for it. Concepts such as “brotherhood”, “solidarity”, “friendship”, “fidelity”, “nobility”, “respect” and others are typical of the female sex and are reserved for girls and women. So the “priest” (a male born and educated in our gynaecocratic society) delivered the sermon just as its mistress made it memorize, it simply repeated like a parrot what its queen made it learn, and the husband stood despondent watching as a man (like him) was talking about the natural supremacy of women over men and the inalienable right of girls to freely abuse boys. During the ceremony, the unfortunate man was abused with special cruelty by both: its ex-wife (current owner) and all the guests sisters. The poor wretch ended up accepting and understanding the message and since then it has not demanded any rights, it has simply limited itself to obeying its owner blindly, letting its wife think and decide for it, as is natural.

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