Purification Ritual


Dear sister: Surely you have ever heard a woman, born and raised in the patriarchy, saying that she misses having sex with men. Faced with this aberration, we venereal women and priestesses have designed a purification ritual designed so that these women, our future sisters, abhor this kind of obscene thoughts.


This ritual is specifically designed to promote the integration into our matriarchal society of these women, educated in the patriarchy, who yearn for sexual relations with men. Although it is aimed at women from the patriarchy, it should be done by sisters born and educated in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic“. Despite this, we have believed it necessary to include this exercise in this section, as it is focused on helping these women with a patriarchal mentality.

The necessary elements to carry out this ritual are: a figure that represents our divine feminine body, a small and flat wax candle, a pink or red flower petal, a small leaf of a plant or tree, a bit of mud and finally a rest of the woman to whom you dedicate the ritual (hair, nail, piece of skin, sweat, tear and so on).

To start the ritual you will need to take some kind of remains from that woman’s body: a hair, a piece of a nail, a bit of skin, a drop of sweat… Then you must put it with candle wax and stick dirt or mud (representing the planet Earth), a leaf (representing mother nature) in this way we unite our woman friend with the paradise that the Goddess Venus created for us. Then you must deposit your feminine breath on the mixture. The candle wax will serve as glue to join the hair (or rest) of the woman to whom we direct the ritual, the mud (our goddess), the leaf (mother nature) and our breath (the sacred feminine essence). You must put this mixture on top of a representative figure of the female body, it can be an abstract figure, and you will paste a red, or pink, flower petal on the vulva area to symbolize the strength of our menstruation and our matriarchal nature.

a) Moon bath: You must leave the mixture of wax, hair, mud and leaf in the open, outdoors, for two full moon nights to give it a “moon bath”. Right at midnight you must light the candle to leave the flame burning for exactly eight minutes. In those eight minutes you will look at the flame while you think about the woman to whom you are directing the ritual and pronounce her name softly, almost like a whisper that emanates from your lips to fade into the night. The flame of the candle will get the goddess Venus, through the full Moon, to focus all her divine power on our friend to start the liberation process.

After performing the “moon bath” you should wrap the candle with the leaf, the mud and the hair in a dry cloth to store it in the drawer where you have your underwear.

b) Urine bath: You must be attentive to your menstruation during the month that passes between the two moon baths because on the day that it comes you must bathe the candle with the mixture of the three elements (our friend’s hair, mud and leaf) with your urine. As you can imagine, the candle must be on top of the representative figure of our female body with its corresponding red petal attached to the vulva area to symbolize the strength of our female blood. If you dare, you can go to an open space, park or garden and urinate directly on top of it, or you can also collect a few drops of your urine to later spill them on the candle, which, of course, must be off at all times. While urinating on the mixture you must pronounce these words:

” Sister (name of the woman to whom you direct the ritual) I dedicate this ritual to you with the hope that you will soon share our way of loving. May our divine feminine definitively clear your feminine mind from now on”.

Finally, when your next menstruation comes after the second moon bath, you must throw the mixture (candle with hair, leaf and mud) into the water: the sea, the river, a lake, a swamp, and so on. You can choose the place freely. Water is life and through it the woman to whom we direct the ritual will be able to notice the feminine essence that lives inside her.

In this way our sister will feel the inner need to love the source of life, she will feel the need to have sexual relations with other women while she will hate men. With this ritual we will make the woman look for other women, other sisters, to love, leaving aside the disgusting male, beginning to see the man as an inferior and ridiculous being.

You will see how your friend will gradually stop thinking about contact with men. Unfortunately, the disgusting patriarchal society has instilled in these women this dirty practice, invading their divine feminine essence and annulling them as ladies.

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