Stamps: Black Sisters Collection


Anyone who supports matriarchy and femocratic society should buy the three Official Stamp Collections from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Here you can see one of them, dedicated to the black sisters, which you can buy for $20 U.S.D. if you are citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic or $25 U.S.D. if you are not citizen yet. CONTACT US.

Black Sisters Collection from the Universal Gynecocratic Republic 2019

a) The stamp of 1 Venus cent is  dedicated to the young black woman who is conquering the future and contributing with her courage, her knowledge and her intelligence to the development of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. There is no doubt: the new generations of black women are carrying in their souls the fighting spirit of their ancestors.

b) The stamp of 2 Venus cents is dedicated to the happiness, the joy and the optimism of black woman. All around the Universal Gynecocratic Republic we can see black girls or women smiling or laughing with no shyness or problem. They are happy to live in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the country their ancestros founded and the will leave in heritance to their daughters.

c) The stamp of 5 Venus cents is dedicated to rural black woman. The Republic wants to recognize her effort and her capacity to carry out the farms and plantations that will feed the citizens of the republic. These women are capable of submitting hundreds of men to those who organize in work groups that usually lead with hard discipline to work the land without rest during long days of hard work.

d) The stamp of 10 Venus cents is dedicated to the art that lives inside every black woman: painters, sculptors, writers, grafitti, potters, poetesses, architects caricaturists, singers, cartoonists… Black woman gives us her art and talent every day doing from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic a better place to live.

e) The stamp of 20 Venus cents is dedicated to the happy day of the black woman revolution, when finally white man surrendered to black woman and gave her all the power, the day when a deep and sincere laugh sprang from the chest and the breast of black girls and spread to all the women of the world. That day all the women and girls of the whole world laughed at the same time in a victorious and sincere laugh.

f) The stamp of 50 Venus cents is dedicated to the sisterhood in black women. We must not forget that the rebellion of women against men was born out of the complicity of a group of black sisters who decided to fight, fight and resist against male domination. We could say that the roots of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic are born from the brotherhood of black actually dominated for patriarchy.

g) The stamp of 1 Venus  is dedicated to the intercultural mix of black women all around the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. No matter their area of origin or their region, black women immediately feel united when they know each other and are able to work and fight together with a complicity worthy of admiration.

 h) The stamp of 2 Venus is dedicated to the sensuality of the black woman. Throughout all the history the way of looking and the eyes of black women have managed to win in all the battles they have fought against the white man. The power of eroticism of the black girls could knock down male empires with great ease.

i) Finally the stamp of 5 Venus is dedicated to the future of black woman. As everyone knows, black women are occupying the relevant positions in the gynecocratic society: judges, prosecutors, scientists, businesswomen… Black women are increasingly standing out  in important positions of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

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NO CITIZENS: 1 single collection $25 (U.S.D.) 2 collections $50 (U.S.D.) and the 3 collections for $70 (U.S.D.)

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