Male scream, female pleasure.


Today we will tell you, dear sister, about the relationship between our pleasure and male pain.

Our scientific sisters, for more than three years, have carried out rigorous research that has demonstrated the direct relationship, of cause and effect, between our pleasure and the cry of pain that emanates from the disgusting male mouth when we whip or make a man suffer. It is, therefore, scientifically proven that the male cry of pain and anguish stimulates our deep female pleasure.

The sound waves of the male cry of distress stimulate the area of our brain responsible for activating the glands responsible for the production of oxytocin, the pleasure hormone. On the other hand, male screams of pain activate the release of estrogen and testosterone, essential to keep us young, healthy, cheerful and happy. In addition, they also demonstrated that the release of endorphins in our brain is stimulated, it is the same hormone that we produce when we laugh.

This is the reason why we have a healthy natural tendency to make men suffer.

This has a scientific explanation: When the female brain hears the cry of pain and anguish coming from a male body, our female mind immediately adopts the idea that the man is subdued, nullified and, therefore, his stupid misogynistic and arrogant character no longer poses a threat to her, nor for any of the sisters around her. It is, at that moment, when our female brain relaxes and activates the production of pleasure hormones…


During the three years of the scientific study, a total of five hundred men were subjected to severe pain several times a day for a month. About six hundred of our sisters were fitted with brain activity sensors and divided into three groups (“A”, “B” and “C”) of two hundred sisters each. The sisters in group “A” covered their ears, leaving their eyes free, those in group “B” covered their eyes, leaving their ears free, and those in “C” did not cover any of their senses. Our brain activity sensors captured the various responses of our sisters’ brains and the results were surprising.

-Group A: With their ears covered, they saw the expressions of pain on the male faces, but they did not hear the screams.

-Group B: With their eyes covered they heard the screams of pain, but did not see the expressions on the male faces.

-Group C: With all their senses free, they were able to witness everything freely, they heard the screams of pain and saw the expressions on the male faces.

About six hundred sisters collaborated in the study.

Brain activity sensors revealed, surprisingly, that what most excites our female mind is hearing male screams of pain while our eyes are completely covered and we cannot see. On the other hand, seeing and hearing male suffering also excites us but not as much as just hearing it. Finally, what excites our feminine mind the least is witnessing male suffering without being able to hear it.

The conclusion reached by our scientific sisters is that hearing, and not sight, is the sense that is most related to the sensation of female pleasure.

The scientific study analyzed our brain’s reactions to stimuli from both hearing and sight.

The fact that our body feels more pleasure just hearing than seeing and hearing, at the same time, is directly related to our superior feminine capacity to develop the imagination. Developed minds, such as the female mind, enjoy an almost unlimited ability to imagine and relate ideas, an imaginative capacity far superior to the animal mind, such as the male human mind, which is much simpler and underdeveloped than ours.

The female ear is the sense that is most closely linked to our intimate pleasure and our feminine well-being.

Therefore, it is very important, dear sisters, that when we decide to use our man to make it suffer for our pleasure and well-being, we close our eyes to stimulate our natural feminine imagination. We are convinced that you will enjoy much more intense pleasure than if you open your eyes. Never forget that our imagination is the best aphrodisiac there can be. If you can get your imagination going, a simple task for us women, you can easily achieve a deep orgasm if you want.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your male. Remember, dear sister, that men were born to suffer and we can abuse them freely. Boys are genetically prepared to endure pain and, furthermore, you must think that a man always feels relief knowing that its male pain serves to make a woman enjoy and enjoy herself. Men must accept, and understand, that your pleasure must be their absolute priority.

If we read our sacred history carefully we see how chapter 21, verse 3, tells us about how our sacred goddess Venus encourages us to bend and subdue man. We are sure that through the Moon, our sacred star, and its divine light, women keep alive the need to make men suffer, to make them feel pain as something natural and desirable, both for them and for us.

For your health, pleasure and well-being, do not hesitate to make your male suffer, beloved sister. Women have the right to be free and happy, our beloved matriarchal republic must guarantee that sacred right. The physical and psychological well-being of all our sisters is, therefore, our main priority.

Make your man suffer, do it often for your pleasure and your feminine well-being. Furthermore, making it suffer will help you in the process so that it accepts its duties as a husband, duties and obligations that all husbands in the patriarchal world must fulfill.

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We suggest you doing it periodically as a healthy and enjoyable exercise for you. As a woman you have the right to make your man suffer if, with it, you can enjoy yourself.

Every time you feel like enjoying the pleasure of laughter, or simply relaxing after a long day of work, you can take a belt, a strap, a thick rope, a punishment rod, a whip, or any other similar punishment object, undress your slave, or slaves, and whip their asses, or backs, freely. You can also invite your sister or sisters to enjoy the experience with you. Remember that it is more pleasant to laugh in good company than alone.

Don’t forget, dear sister, to force your male to remain prostrate at your feet while you spank it and to kiss your divine female hand before and after the “punishment” session. This way, man remembers at all times that it must obey you and accept pain as a blessing from the moment you freely enjoy it.

There are sisters who prefer to use a rack to have the male’s ass more exposed. We believe that it is an interesting option if you have enough space at home, but it is not essential either.

Be that as it may, dear sister, do not forget to laugh at your slave, good humor is essential for a healthy life. Also don’t forget to put your hand on its disgusting male buttocks frequently. With this simple gesture, the primitive male mind receives the message that men are nothing more than inferior beings and that you, girl, have every right to abuse your male freely.

Another variant, also interesting, if you do not have a foal or much space, consists of placing the male lying face down in your lap, on your legs.

This position will give you total and absolute control over its ridiculous male body, in addition to leaving its ass completely exposed, and defenseless, at your mercy and free will. Two other important advantages are that its cries of pain emanate from its mouth with more intensity, thanks to its posture, and that the heat generated by its belly will naturally excite your crotch even more, toning it to stimulate your most intimate pleasure.

Unfortunately, dear sister, some males, with little preparation, end up no longer enduring the pain on the skin of their disgusting asses and escape from your lap, leaving you in the middle of pleasure. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate for a second:

Run after it and don’t stop until you “catch it” when you have done so, sit on its back, use your weight to immobilize it, and slap its bare ass mercilessly until it passes out from pain. This way you will ensure that it never challenges your authority again.

Another technique for enjoying male pain, if you don’t want to put in too much effort, is to use the genital electric shock device or “Electric cock ring“.

If you simply want to relax and unwind, without making any effort, lie down, close your eyes and let the electric device do the rest. This way you can caress yourself freely hearing its intense cries of anguish and pain without limit.

You can also use the electric device to spend a fun afternoon with your sister, using the remote control to make your male scream in pain whenever you decide.

Our two sisters spent an entertaining afternoon, laughing and enjoying themselves, making the disgusting male jump as if it were an animal, a country rabbit in this case. The possibilities of this device are multiple and varied: its high-pitched screams of male horror and pain, and, therefore, your female pleasure, are assured.

To finish, we propose a technique based on psychological terror: it involves whipping the male mind, leaving its filthy body intact.

It’s as simple as stripping your male naked and leaving it immobilized on the ground, its limbs restrained with straps, as well as its disgusting genitals. Leave it in that position, exposed and defenseless for a long time and then start whipping the air hard.

The noise of the bullwhip flying through the air will make it shudder with pure terror and the unfortunate man will soon start moaning in anguish and terror that, we are sure, will wet your vulva with intense pleasure, dear sister. If you prefer, you can also urinate on its male body, before starting the session, to strengthen your authority over it.

Whatever technique you wish to use, dear sister, we wish you deep pleasant and amazing sessions. Don’t forget that men were created for our pleasure and we, women, have the right to make them suffer as we please.

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