Domestic chores


In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic all household and domestic chores are done by men and boys like a natural fact. The home job is a masculine work.

The obedient, helpful and caring man cooked the omelette for the sacred goddess, without salt and with very little pepper as she likes it to eat. “Well done slave”, she said while she was reading the economical news from the paper. The oil price was falling down so she had the need to design a new economic plan for her company.

This is life in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic: women rule the economy and have all the money and power moreover female jurists write the laws and organize the entire judicial system. The public life is totally occupied by women, so men have the duty to be closed at home doing domestic chores all the time: to cook, to shop for food, to clean the whole house, to do the laundry, to shine all the shoes and boots of the goddess, to take care of the garden… And, of course, boys have to do all these work in a total silence and wearing a properly penis cage all the time with no exception.

“Here you have your lunch, dear goddess” said the man submissively, “and please, sacred goddess, let me know the next time you go out at night if you will come home accompanied or not because I did not know whether to prepare the lunch for one or more people.” As soon as she heard those words the girl crossed her hands behind her head and her feminine lips drew a triumphant smile: “I am a woman, so I have all the power over men and I can use them as I think fit. How happy I am to be born a girl”, she thought.

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