Little Red Riding Hood


Once upon a time there was a little girl who was loving very much her mother and grandmother since she was educated according to the gynecocratic principles of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the matriarchal country where she was born like a free female.


Her mother and grandmother had teached the little girl to look at her vulva in a mirror everyday, and she said often: “I like my vulva mom, it is so nice and pink” Yes, darling, your vulva is pink now but some day it will be red once at month like my vulva. “I want my vulva becomes red once at month dear mom” said the little girl very often. And this way her grandmother gave her a red ridding hood for her birthday. The girl was going everywhere with this with that garment that she loved so much and everybody called her “Little red ridding hood”.

One day the grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood, who lived in the forest, fell ill and her mother asked Little Red Riding Hood to bring her a basket with a cake, a jar of butter and a mirror. Little Red Riding Hood accepted delighted.

-“Be very careful Little Red Riding Hood, and don’t linger in the forest”.

-“Yes, Mom!”

The girl was walking calmly through the forest when the wolf saw her and approached her.

-“Where are you going Little Red Riding Hood?”

-“I am going to my grandmother’s house to bring her this basket with a cake and butter.”

-“I also wanted to go see her…. So why don’t we have a run: you go that way from here that I will go this other way?” The wolf asked.

-“All right!” The girl said.

The wolf told Little Red Riding Hood to go by the longest path and arrived before her at Grandma’s house. So it pretended to be the little girl and knocked on the door.

-“Who is it ?” the grandmother answered.

-“It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood” the wolf said.

-“How good my granddaughter! Come on, come on…”

The wolf came in, pounced on Granny, and ate her in one bite. It put on her nightgown and got into bed to wait for Little Red Riding Hood to arrive. The little girl was entertained in the forest picking hazelnuts and flowers and that is why it took her a little longer to arrive, besides picking hazelnuts the mirror fell out of its basket without realizing it. Upon arrival she knocked on the door of her grandmother house.

-“Who is it ?”, asked the wolf trying to refine its voice.

-“It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood. I bring you a cake and a jar of butter.”

-“How nice, my granddaughter! Come on, come on.”

When Little Red Riding Hood entered, she found granny different, although she didn’t quite know why.

-“Grandma, what big eyes you have!”

-“Yes, they are to see you better my granddaughter.”

-“Grandma, what big ears you have!”

-“Sure, they are to hear you better.”

-“But granny, what big teeth you have!”

-“They are for eat you better!!”

As soon as it said this the wolf lunged at Little Red Riding Hood and ate her too. Its stomach was so full that the wolf fell asleep.

The mother of Little Red Riding Hood went out to look for provisions in the forest and she found the mirror on the ground, she knew it well because it was the mirror with which she, her mother and now also Little Red Riding Hood frequently looked at their vulvas. She immediately understood that something bad was happening because the mirror was on a path that was not the most appropriate to go to the house of her mother. So she, with the mirror in her hand, went to the grandmother’s house to see if everything was alright, when she arrived she entered the house. As soon as she got there and saw the sleeping wolf with a swollen belly she imagined what had happened, so she took a sharp knife from the kitchen and cut the animal’s belly to get Little Red Riding Hood and Granny out of it.

-“We must give this wolf a good punishment, thought the mother of Little Red Riding Hood.”

So she filled its belly with stones and sewed it up again. When the wolf woke up from its nap it found itself tied in a chair with the three women in front of it. Little Red’s mother and grandmother were very angry because the wolf had deceived the little girl and they showed it their vulvas to show their female power over the animal.

-“We are women, cowardly wolf, we have dignity and we are powerful. With this sharp knife I have opened your belly and we could use it to cut your tail if we want. We have filled your belly with stones, so from now on you will have a problem, a problem that you have looked for yourself by belittling the feminine power that passes from generation to generation. Right now you are going to walk out that door and you will go far away because we don’t want to see you anymore.” Said the mother of Little Red Riding Hood.

The wolf left the granny’s house with its head down and with its tail hidden between its legs, happy to at least be able to get out with it. The animal moved awkwardly from side to side due to the weight of the stones inside its belly.

Little Red Riding Hood saw her mother and grandmother again and since then she promised to always pay attention to what her mother told her and learned that female power is immense and that wolves are defeated by standing up to them and confronting them because women have the necessary and sufficient force to do it.

Granmother, mother and daughter. Defeating patriarchy generation after generation.

So mother, grandmother and granddaughter celebrated it by laughing and eating the cake together and each one looking at her vulva using the the family mirror, passing it from hand to hand, as a tradition that passes from mothers to daughters and from grandmothers to granddaughters. Finally the grandmother said to Little Red Riding Hood:

-“Look at your vulva, darling, you are a girl and you should be proud of it. Women must always support each other, you must feel that other girls are your sisters and you must always be willing to help them in the fight to conserve the matriarchy and to defend the glorious power of the vulva.

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