The first official stamps of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic go on sale, specifically, it is the original edition (year 2019) that includes three collections of nine stamps each: “Lesbian Love“, “Pregnancy” and “Black Sisters“, you can buy them now visiting the “Store” section of our website. The stamps are issued in the official currency of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the Venus, and they range from 1 Venus cent to 5 Venus.

Surely many people (men and women) will be surprised to know that, in a patriarchal society such as ours, the first stamp in history (printed in 1840) had the profile of a woman, the Queen (then princess) Victoria of The United Kingdom, we are talking about the famous “Penny black“. As we can see in the image it had the value of a penny and was printed on a black background, which is why it was known as “Penny black”. As we can see, the edges of the stamp are the same as those of any paper sheet, that is, they are the product of a “clean” cut, they do not appear jagged like the typical current stamps. And this fact is because the actual stamp cutting system “with holes” was not introduced until 1854.

How could it be otherwise? We are proud to announce that The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has issued its first three official series of stamps that you can find in our shop, in the section “store”. As is logical and coherent all of the stamps are dedicated to women and girls and they are dated in 2019, the year of the inauguration of our republic. Like the first stamps issued in the world, these have also been produced with a “clean” cut in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and all the powerful women who lived in patriarchal systems.

“Penny Black” is the first stamp of the history, 1840, with the profile of the future Queen Victoria (U.K.)

What are you waiting for?

Buy now the stamps collections and receive them at home by ordinary mail:

CITIZENS: 1 single collection $20 (U.S.D.) 2 collections $40 (U.S.D.) and the 3 collections for $60 (U.S.D.)

NO CITIZENS: 1 single collection $25 (U.S.D.) 2 collections $50 (U.S.D.) and the 3 collections for $70 (U.S.D.)

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