Pony boys


A lot of women like to ride men as a horses, above all during the weekends and holidays… Remember that male embryos are bred in breeding farms and implanted in the bellies of cows or mares. Of course men born from mares are raised and treated like horses by women who prefer to ride on them than use real horses because girls feel that man’s backs and shoulders are more comfortable and agile than horses.

An almighty and really rich woman rides her pony boy freely, she has a human horses farm and she rents the boys, to be ridden, to groups of women and girls’ gangs to do nice walks around the forest and to spend a picnic day, above all during the weekend and holidays dates. Therefore she has the duty to tame and to test the human horses properly before deliver to the female customers in order to see if it is agile, fast and strong enough and if its back will be able to support the weight of women without problem.

“Giddy up boy! Giddy up horsey!” She said to the pony boy. “Yes, you are strong enough to resist the weight of those ladies on your back and endure three-hour walks minimum through the forest. Tomorrow I will test your shoulders and your tongue’s skills, remember those women can use you as they think fit. Anyway they will wear a punishment rod but do not be afraid dear pony boy I don’t think they will use them on you, a tough young pony, unless they want to do it for fun, of course. So if they do it just remember to answer with a “Thank you Mrs!” after any single rod hip. Let’s prove it dear horsey, I will whip ten strong lashes right on your back when we get to that tree”.

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Girls and women use (and abuse) human horses to ride them in the shoulders, in the back or to pull horse carts or wheel devices, even female make races just for fun and amusement.

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