Our Aim

All the power for woman

We fight for a world where women can live safe and enjoy total freedom to do what they want, dress as they wish and decide on their own body, their life and their future. We understand that the only way for this to happen is to achieve a society in which women have absolutely all the social, political and economic power. A society with gynecocratic cultural values ​​in which women are worshiped as goddesses by men, in which the female body ceases to be a sexual object satisfying male pleasure to become an object of divine adoration on the part of men. Men are meant only for joy and enjoyment of women.

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Our actions will focus on the following social areas:

Women enjoy sex freely. (Abby Winters photo)


Promoting gynecocracy in all artistic and cultural manifestations: music, cinema, sports, theater, comics, literature, photography, sculpture, painting …feminine lips.

All women are adored by men.


Creating political parties that defend actions focused on the empowerment of women and the promotion of gynecology in societies and centers of power around the world: parliaments, municipalities, governments.

Girls and women adore goddess Venus.


Generating the appearance of a new gynecocratic religion, preaching the authentic Sacred History to ordinary citizens.

Let’s rewrite the history.

Historical interpretation

If history is explained by the winners, that means that there is another history. We have the duty to explain the real history since the Neolithic until nowadays.

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We want that when a man meets a woman he sees a goddess to adore and a mistress to obey and not a body to take advantage of, a being to exploit labor or economically, or a person to humiliate.

We fight to start a revolution, the gynecocratic revolution. We work to generate a culture of feminine power that teaches new generations an alternative to patriarchy. An education in which girls learn that they are superior to boys so that they can master the world of tomorrow. We promote the gynecological culture and over time we will establish associations and political parties to promote gynecocracy in our society and take power exercising more and more influence in local parliaments to transform them into gynecocratic parliaments.

We are working for a society in which men and boys are considered as mere numbers at the service of women, in which males are considered as merchandise that can be auctioned, bought, sold or rented. We are fighting for a world in which males will lose their names and surnames to be identified by alphanumeric codes, because we understand that men were not born to think, reason or express opinions but to obey and serve women and to suffer pain and humiliation as an usual fact instead. For example, from a very young age, boys should get used to wearing a penis cage, the male chastity will be the foundation of our matriarchal society and men will accept it as something inevitable. Here we have three of our citizens, their cocks are caged and always ready to obey and serve women, as the sacred beings they are.

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Power for women.

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Let’s fight for a world totally ruled by women.