Happy women

All girls are happy

The Universal Gynecocratic Republic is a country made by women and for women, so the main goal of this republic is the complete happiness and well-being of women, since they born until they die all girls and women are happy and cheeful in our gynecocratic country. The main reason for this female happiness if the fact that women and girls have the total power, they keep all the money and rule all the business, and they enjoy the life in a free, healthy and pleasant way. Of course this happiness is only possible because all men and boys are slaves for woman will and they live penis caged.

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Only women can keep and use money in our country

Money for woman

In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic all the money is controlled by women so only women can rule business, only females can open bank accounts and save or spend money freely. Meanwhile men are considered as a goods or commodities, so they can be sold or bought by women freely in the markets. No woman is worried about lack of money in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

Girls are so powerful than they can walk naked freely.

All power for girls

When we say “women rule in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” it means females have all the power: economical, politics, justice, mass media… The fact that girls can design their future and the future of humanity, the fact that women own their destiny since they are very young makes that a feeling of perpetual happiness appear in them, a happy feeling for their whole female lifes.

Only women are allowed to do sport

Sport for girls

Leisure and sport are reserved just for girls and women. Practicing sports keeps women connected with their divine spirit and makes them feel alive and happy. Since girls are very young they begin in the practice of sports. Moreover sports are played by females in a healthy and responsible way, not like during the patriarchal time, when men perverted the practice of sport indecently.

Women enjoy sex freely. (Abby Winters photo)

Pleasure for woman

Sex pleasure is reserved for women: through the knowledge of their own bodies with practices like masturbation, women (since they are female children and in a total free way) learn to know themselves and love their feminine nature. The search for divine pleasure and orgasm makes women connect with the goddess Venus and her sacred feminine nature. Women have sex freely where and when they want, with absolute freedom and always with a sweet smile on their feminine lips.

Girls and women are totally free everywhere.

Freedom for women

Girls and women show their feminine bodies and powerful vulvas everywhere with no problem. Women of all ages (including girls and female children) show their genitals in public whenever they want with an absolute freedom and a gesture of security and power on their faces. Girls take sun baths in public parks totally nakeds if they feel like it. For girls, to show the vulva, is a symbol of power and freedom. Of course all men have to be penis caged all the time and everywhere to ensure a total freedom for women.

All women are adored by men.

Adored by men

All men adore girls and women as goddesses they are. All around The Universal Gynecocratic Republic men have to bow their male heads everytime they see a woman, like a symbol of submission to the female divinity. When men, or boys, see a naked girl, or a nude woman, they have the duty to kneel down at female’s feet saying loud and clear: “I am at your command dear goddess”. The continued adoration that women enjoy increases female happiness more and more. The new matriarchal society treat all females as sacred goddesses to be adored.


A woman who enjoys her body with complete freedom is a strong, free and self-confident sister. Because only by knowing and loving our female bodies we will have the strength to dominate the world.

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