Venus star

The national symbols are the main representation of a country, inside these symbols we can find the myths and legends of the people and the nations living in that country. The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has six important national symbols: the flag, the coat of arms, the star of Venus, the moon, the apple, and the snake.

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The flag from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.


The flag of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic is composed of two vertical and parallel stripes of lilac color with a white stripe in the middle. In the upper and lower parts of the lilac stripes two symbols appear alternately: the apple, as an emblem of the Sacred History, and the female gender sign derived from the planet Venus.

The white in the center symbolizes peace, practically all cultures consider white as “the color of peace”. The two lilac stripes on the sides symbolize the two women (Lilith and Eva). Since women began to become aware of their power over men that the color lila has been associated with the female struggle: at first as a simple desire for equality between men and women and finally as a struggle for the taking of power from them over them .

The symbolism of the emblem is none other than the hope that the two women (Eva and Lilith) will come together and live in peace (white color). The star of Venus in the center and the planet Earth (symbol of the universality of the Republic) in its interior symbolize the global gynecological future that awaits all humanity. When Lilith and Eva have united and live in peace, the gynecocratic revolution will spread rapidly throughout the world and women will take power globally, subjecting and annulling men.

Every citizen of the republic must have the flag in their home to be able to worship it comfortably. You must also have it in a visible place so that the visitors notice that that dwelling is the territory of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

Girls must swear allegiance to this flag when they turn 16, at which time (according to the law) the majority of age in the Universal Gynecocratic Republic is obtained through a public celebration. Male members of society will be prohibited from touching (even touching) this flag because it would be considered a serious offense to the symbols of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

Coat of arms from the Universal Ginecocratic Republic.

Coat of arms

All the symbols of gynecocratic culture (the snake, the apple, the Star of Venus and the moon) appear on the coat of arms of the Universal Gynecological Republic:

–Star of Venus: in the same way as in the flag, it appears in the center of lilac color on a white background and with the planet Earth in its center in order to show us the universal character of our republic.

– Moon and snake: on each side of the star of Venus appear, in a symmetrical way, two moons with a snake around, curled upwards and enveloping the eight-pointed star. The two snakes are looking to the apple in a clear reference to our sacred history.

-Bandas: at the base of the coat of arms there is a band tied by a knot in the centerwhere we can read “Ginecocratic” and “Republic”.

–Apple and symbol of Venus: In the three vertices of the triangle we find symbols, in the two superiors the symbol of the feminine appears in reference to the two women of Sacred History (Lilith and Eva) while in the lower vertex the apple appears.

Its triangular shape represents the union of the human and the divine, the communion between both women (Lilith and Eve) and the goddess Venus. The two moons in a symmetrical position with snakes curled around them make reference to the episode of Sacred History in which Lilith, disguised as a serpent and guided by the Moon, penetrates the desert to free Eve from the male yoke of Adam.

Girls celebrating 16th birthday.
Girls celebrating 16th birthday.

This coat of arms is, together with the flag, the official symbol of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Must be present at all official acts of the government of the Republic. As with the flag, girls must swear allegiance to this shield when they reach the age of 16, when they reach adulthood in the Universal Gynecological Republic, through a public and festive celebration that girls anxiously await with illusion since they are children.

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Lilith asked Venus “how can you guide me to know if I do things correctly, mother?”
Although the goddess was in the empyrean contemplating all her creation, Venus thought of creating a much more visible and powerful signal in the sky to guide Lilith, a channel of communication between the goddess and her carnal being, then created the Moon and said “Through the Moon I will guide you in your life cycle and I will point out the path that you should follow”.                                                                      Sacred History 3.3, 3.4

In this way the Sacred History refers to the creation of the sacred astronomical body by the goddess Venus. This one did not plan to put any satellite orbiting around the Earth, but the need to guide Lilith caused her to create the Moon to make a messenger between her and Lilith, between the goddess and the woman of flesh and bone … The moon it has, then, a function of sacred link between the divine and the human.

Goddess Venus made Moon in order to talk with Lilith, her human creation.

In the Universal Gynecological Republic the Moon is venerated by the priestesses both to worship the goddess Venus and all her creation and to remember that through her the divine word reaches our minds and our bodies. In the process of total liberation of women and the consolidation of universal matriarchy, the Moon plays a fundamental and definitive role.

The full moon nights women from all over the world can not help feeling the call of Venus, that is when their bodies wake up, their minds open and their spirits are flooded with desires of freedom and independence. That is when they emotionally remember that they are daughters of Venus, who possess the power of nature, the strength of the goddess and the ability to subdue men and end patriarchy.

Venus Star

The planet Venus describes an eight-pointed star in its orbit. That is why it is called Star of Venus representing the movement of the planet in its orbit seen from Earth.

The star of Venus (or star of Ishtar or Nanaya) directly represents the goddess Venus, unlike other icons such as the moon, the apple or the snake that symbolize his power or his works. That is why it is present in the center of the flag of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic on a white background and with an image of our planet Earth in its interior.

It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci in his work “Homo Universalis” wanted to symbolize the Star of Venus with its eight points: four arms, two legs separated, the head and legs together forming a unit, eight extremes in total. In this way it is believed that the great artist intended to pay homage to the goddess Venus and, therefore, women. But the enormous ecclesiastical influence that existed in Europe at the time of the Renaissance (XV century) prevented it and had to represent a male body, instead of a feminine one as he wanted, to avoid getting into trouble.

The original work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Possibly this would have been the work of the great artist if he had worked with total freedom. Regrettably, patriarchy throughout history has used its different churches and religions to repress any cultural or artistic manifestation in which female power is represented. Luckily the star of the goddess Venus is impossible to defeat and sooner or later it will show its influence on humanity. Patriarchal religious power has not been able to prevent, in spite of itself, the production of numerous works of art (both painting and sculpture) made by famous artists of world renown and focused on exalting feminine power in every kind of aspects.


In the Universal Gynecocratic Republic apples are considered as sacred fruits because they are the type of fruit chosen by the goddess Venus for Lilith to free Eve by teaching her the truth about the creation of the universe according to Sacred History. It is the fruit of the truth and whoever consumes it will initiate the process of liberation of patriarchy, opening its mind to feminine power in all its aspects. Remember that Sacred History tells us how the goddess Venus gave Lilith the apple so that it, disguised as a snake, would take it to Eve to awaken her mind, to teach her the truth about the creation of the universe and the origin of humanity, to free her from the masculine yoke and thus create a humanity led and directed by women. In our western society, since time immemorial, the apple is considered a revolutionary fruit. Recall the history of the apple that inspired Newton. This fruit is associated with the struggle against patriarchal religious fanaticism and in favor of the power of reason and science.

From the apple it extracts a juice that when fermented is transformed into cider. Many farms in the Universal Gynecocratic Republic produce and market this drink in honor and gratitude to the goddess Venus.

Slaves working the land for the sacred fruit tree.

In these farms, the guardians make the male labor work in all the stages: land preparation, apple tree plantation, harvesting of the fruit and production of the cider. Finally, women market the precious drink that is consumed throughout the world. Whoever drinks it will be lucky enough to appreciate the influence of feminine power on its flavor and of course the call of the goddess Venus will come to their ears.

As all of you know, to make cider we need apples, our sacred fruit, and the first step to obtain apples is learning to plant and care for the trees that generate them, the apple trees. In this two guides: diseases and grow , you will find all the tricks and secrets to achieve it, read it calmly and carefully because it is interesting and necessary. Both guides are made for our sisters from “Happy DIY Home“.



According to the Sacred History, the goddess Venus (creator of the universe) decided to transform Lilith into a serpent (a snake) so that she would take the apple to Eve stealthily entering the desert and thus obtain her liberation from the negative influence of Adam.

In the Universal Gynecocratic Republic snakes, therefore, are treated as sacred animals, and can not be bothered, much less attacked. Many households have small snakes in terrariums as a symbol of prosperity, good luck and a sign of being a gynecological home, in which women rule and men obey. In the coat of arms of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic there are represented two snakes around two moons to highlight the importance of this wonderful animal.

The goddess Venus transformed Lilith in a snake in order to help Eva.

There are more than 2600 species of snakes of all kinds on our planet. There are snakes, of all kinds of measurements, colors and appearance in almost all latitudes of the world. They are excellent animals that have adapted to all kinds of climates: desert, humid, jungle, aquatic … They know how to move with stealth, and act with energy, speed, cunning and agility when attacking. And all to achieve its mission: to liberate all the women of the world so that they rebel against patriarchy.

Snake venom is recognized for its qualities and used by the pharmaceutical industry all around the world, as well as by numerous indigenous tribes in different parts of the planet, this way for some indigenous tribes the snake is revered and respected as a powerful sacred goddess.

Wherever there is an oppressed woman, there will be a serpent nearby struggling with all her strength for her liberation. Wherever there dwells a prepotent and misogynistic man there will be a snake near him working to reduce him to the status of the submissive and obedient slave of women.

Since the beginning of time women and snakes have been weaving solid bonds of complicity and trust with a clear goal: to subdue all men and establish a matriarchy, a gynecocratic society in which women rule and men obey blindly always . It is the destiny that the goddess Venus has arranged for humanity and thus it will be fulfilled.

Bunch of grapes

Despite the fact that grapes are originate only from warm and temperate climates, they have become a symbol for the Universal Gynecocratic Republic, above all a symbol of abundance and wealth, that is why our National Bank includes the symbol of the bunch of grapes in its logo.

The grapes, being round, could be represented as coins, that is why the bunch of grapes has been chosen as the most faithful symbol of the prosperity of our economy, of the stability of our currency, the Venus, and of the material wealth of the one that our sisters enjoy. Since the women’s revolution triumphed and the patriarchy was defeated, women have dominated the economy. Therefore, in our matriarchal republic, money is at the service of all our sisters, and not the sisters at the service of money, as was the case during the patriarchy.

Beyond the symbol of economic prosperity, the bunch of grapes is frequently used by our sisters in their erotic games, since its triangular shape can easily be associated with the profile of our pubis. The metaphor that links the bunch of grapes and our Mons Pubis is so widespread among our girls and young women that many sisters often make love between the vineyards of the grape growing fields of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, our matriarchal country.

And it is for all this that the bunch of grapes, and the grape in particular, has become an unconditional symbol of our country. So every time a sister eats grapes in any part of the world, she cannot help but think about The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, about the matriarchy as the only way of social organization, about the sacred goddess Venus and about the female power as a form of universal and powerful government.


Reading the last chapter and verse of the Sacred History, we can see how the goddess Venus (creator of the universe) advised Lilith to incite women to observe and take an example from the work of the spider. In the same way that the spider weaves a solid and thick silk web in which the fly is trapped, women must create a solid network of female collaboration so that the man is irretrievably and definitively trapped in it.

In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, spiders are therefore treated as sacred animals, they cannot be disturbed, much less attacked. In addition, many girls and female children get used to observing how spiders weave their silk webs, with what patience, effort and detail they prepare their traps for their future prey and how later they wait patiently for the victim to fall into the web to finish immobilizing it and devour it if necessary.

There are about 46,500 species of spiders in the world and all of them have in common having eight legs, eight like the points of the star of Venus. Like the snake, the other sacred animal in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, some spiders use poison to paralyze their victims or to defend themselves.

Spider webs are being investigated by our scientists sisters since the way in which the animal weaves the web is directly related to the resistance of the silk thread in which the future prey will be attached. But beyond the physical characteristics of the web, the work of the spiders, their patience and perseverance, in addition to their tenacity, is an example to be followed by the women of our republic. Only by collaborating with each other, fostering female complicity from the time girls are children, we will be able to weave a powerful network of political and social influence thanks to which our gynecocratic ideals will spread throughout the world beyond the borders of our matriarchal republic.

We recommend you to read this article from our sisters of “Happy DIY Home“. The spiders are therefore, in addition to a symbol for our gynecocratic republic, a valuable gift from our beloved goddess Venus, the definitive gift thanks to which, if we know how to observe and learn from them, we can obtain the key to achieve the definitive defeat of the patriarchy and therefore the complete liberation of women, of our sisters, all over the world.


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