Stamps: Pregnancy Collection


Anyone who supports matriarchy and femocratic society should buy the three Official Stamp Collections from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Here you can see one of them, dedicated to the pregnant women, which you can buy for $20 U.S.D. if you are citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic or $25 U.S.D. if you are not citizen yet. CONTACT US.

Pregnancy Collection from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic 2019

a) The stamp of 1 Venus cent is dedicated to the power of the pregnant woman. In the image we can see a pregnant girl in a sitting position, looking at her swollen belly full of life. The woman stands out against a totally black background that highlights, definitely, the fertile female figure. The beginning of life is born in the woman, so the females have an infinite power and become aware of it simply by observing her naked body and the way her sweet and warm belly increases day after day.

b) The stamp of 2 Venus cents is dedicated to the divine connection that, in every pregnancy process, exists between the pregnant woman and her future daughter. In the stamp we can see a pregnant woman, sitting cross-legged, practicing meditation with her naked belly. The semi-divine nature of women gives them the power to communicate with the female fetus inside them. Through meditation mother and daughter coordinate their feelings, their thoughts and manage to melt their souls in a natural sense of vitality.

c) The stamp of 5 Venus cents is dedicated to the social protection policy in force in the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. In the picture we can see a room in which there is a pregnant woman sitting in a chair in front of a window through which enters light that illuminates both her relaxed and smiling face as all her beautiful figure. The woman holds with both hands, a few inches from her mouth, a cup of some comforting drink judging by the happy expression on her face. The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, through its social policies, guarantees a decent home and housing, in addition to a minimum income, to all (without exception) pregnant women so that future mothers can enjoy economic stability in which to enjoy of her next motherhood. In this way, it is ensured that the future citizens of the republic will never be abandoned or abandoned.

d) The stamp of 10 Venus cents is dedicated to the happiness that the future mother will provide her daughter through an education based on gynecological values. In the seal we see how a pregnant woman has drawn a smile in her fertile inhabited belly and shows it to the world. The expression of the mother and her look leave no doubt: she knows (she is sure of it) that her future daughter will be happy, that she will play, laugh, learn and grow in a society based on respect and adoration of women. In the Universal Gynecocratic Republic girls are educated to develop love for themselves, self-esteem and self-confidence, are educated as future social and political leaders, as future leaders of their country, the republic of free and powerful women.

e) The stamp of 20 Venus cents is dedicated to the sea, in the same way that the baby is immersed in water the expectant mother must also, at least once during pregnancy, submerge in the sea water to feel the same than your future daughter. In the image we can see a pregnant woman standing inside the sea smiling as she crosses her hands on her belly, the sea water covers the lady almost to her waist. Life is born in the water.

f) The stamp of 50 Venus cents is dedicated to the process of sperm separation that makes possible the selection of sex of the future embryo. In this way it is certified that, in the Universal Gynecological Republic, all women who become pregnant will be mothers of at least one daughter. It is very important for society to prevent women from going through the unpleasant and traumatic experience of giving birth to a man who could leave irreversible consequences in women. In the seal you can see how a pregnant woman caresses her naked belly and smiles knowingly that her future daughter is safe inside her belly. The woman is in a room completely decorated (curtains, crib, wardrobe, clothes …) pink with different shades. It is understood that this will be the future girl’s room.

g) The stamp of 1 Venus is dedicated to the rest of the pregnant woman. In this image we can see a pregnant lady sleeping in the forest with her huge belly in the air. The respect and care of the environment by the Universal Gynecocratic Republic guarantees a healthy life for pregnant women. Both the future girls and their mothers will live in a country that respects nature and will enjoy clean air and organic food. Pregnant women can sleep and rest quietly knowing that their nation will watch over the ecosystem in which they live and in which their daughters will grow.

h) The stamp of 2 Venus is dedicated to the connection between the Moon and women. Let us remember how in Sacred History the episode is narrated in which through the Moon the goddess Venus guided Lilith in her attempt to free Eve. In the Universal Gynecological Republic there is a belief that, from within the mother’s womb, the female fetus notices the influence of the Moon and the divine voice of the goddess Venus. That is why pregnant women show their naked belly on full moon nights with the intention of making their future daughter feel the strength of the divinity in her own skin.

i) Finally, the 5 Venus stamp is a tribute to the complicity between pregnant women. On the seal we see three pregnant young women touching each other’s belly while smiling happily and smiling. The looks of the girls inspire affection, friendship and respect because it is the feminine complicity and the love between women that has managed to elevate the Universal Gynecocratic Republic to the highest level. The three women are proud to know that their future daughters will learn to respect and love other women, further enhancing the sacred nation in which they will live.

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