Some men are used as furnitures in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. A table, a chair, a footrest, etc… they are called: “male living furnitures” and they have become fashionable these days. It is very usual to go to a house and see a man acting as a hanger with many coats, hanging from its body, of the women who have come to visit the mistress.

“I’m sick of this man” the mother said to her daughters, and added: “It is completely useless: it does not know how to use the tongue properly, it is not able to do housework in a right way, it is not good as a horse and even it is not good as an ass sex doll since all your sisters and female friends wrecked its ass hole wildly with that huge strapons during the last girls crazy party that you two organized at home. Its sphincter has become completely rigid, it has lost all elasticity, and the man passes out from pain just by sticking a slim pencil in its ass. So I think the best option is to take it to the market to try to sell it.” The mother was very angry with the worthless man after after checking that it had not cleaned the house well, just as she had ordered. “No mom, please do not get rid of it.” Said the two sisters at the same time. Mary, the older sister, said: “It is very good as a furniture, when I put on makeup I use it as a chair and when my friends come to drink tea we use it as a table or as a hanger for their coats.” Sadie (the younger sister) added: “Yes mom, last time that my girlfriend came at home we used it as a candle holders, during the romantic dinner, and after making love we used it again but as an ashtray this time, we put out the cigarettes on its tongue and its mouth swallowed the ash and the butts without problem and without a trace.” The mother was listening to her daughters with attention. “Moreover in the school they told us about the importance of saving forests using male human furnitures instead of wood” said both sisters. “And nowadays is fashionable to have a furniture man at home, all our friends have one, or two, and they are very practical and comfortable. Please mom…” The two sisters begged the mother. “All right darlings” said the mother. “I have decided to give it a chance. I am going to use it during a whole day as a furniture and tomorrow at this time I will take a decision, but both of you will respect my decision. All right?”. She said highlighting her last words. “Sure mom, you won’t regret it” ended the daughters convinced that the mother would change her mind the next day.

So the mother spend the day using the man as a furniture: she used it as a footrest for a relaxing moment while she was reading a book; as a chair while she called by phone to her sisters and friends; as a hunger to hang all her clothes when she got dressed in the morning after a good rest; as a table putting plates, glasses and silverware on its back for the lunch; even she used it as a a spittoon when she bit a fruit with a very bad taste, the spit completely entered inside the man’s mouth cleanly without a trace. So finally the mother was really satisfied with the male human furniture and next day evening she called her daughters: “Let’s go to the market darlings”. The girls looked each other surprised and asked the mother with a worried voice: “Do you want to sell our male furniture?”. The mother smiled: “No darling I am going to keep this human male furniture for my personal use. So let’s go to buy a new one human male furniture for you”. The three women laughed happily and they got ready to go to the slave market. They were still in time to reach the last delivery of merchandise. So they went to the human male hanger and grabbed the coats and scarves to go out.

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