The letter


Can you believe it, sisters? The other day I found a letter hidden in the stairwell, right where I put my male to sleep. I was about to punish him for daring to write behind my back, as you already know a man must obey his goddess and nothing else, it is a complete aberration for a man to speak, think or write. But I was encouraged to read it and I want to share it with you so that you can comment on its content and advise me on how to treat my male.


I don’t mind that I left being your husband to become your slave.

I don’t minde that you kicked me out of what was our bed to make me sleep naked in the stairwell of your house.

I don’t mind that you have enclosed my penis and my balls, my genitals, in this uncomfortable, small and narrow chastity belt that turns my nights into a real hell and that constantly reminds me that you are the owner of my life, my will and my body.

I don’t mind that you forced me put in your name all the material possessions that are now yours, for exemple like: the house, the car, the checking accounts, the bank shares …

I don’t mind that you have made me leave my job to lock myself at home with the argument and the pretext that men should remain in the care of the home and in the service of the goddess.

I don’t mind having to do each and every housework and domestic chore, like: cleaning, laundry, gardening, cooking, ironing …

I do not mind that you have thrown away all my clothes arguing that you will decide how, when and in what way I should dress according to the occasion.

I don’t mind that you have sold my golf clubs, my computer, my mobile phone and all my watches to, with the money, buy shoes, boots, jewels and expensive clothes for you.

I don’t mind doing you a massage every time you order it to relax when you’re nervous.

I don’t mind the fact that you calm your anxiety by mercilessly whipping my defenseless body with rods of punishment, or with brushes, until you leave my ass, back, thighs or genitals red and sore.

I don’t mind when you rape my ass hole mercilessly, with huge dildos, just for fun.

I don’t mind that you put me on all fours and that you ride on my back, as if it were a horse, inside and outside the house.

I do not mind that sometimes you put me a dog leash and take me on all fours for a walk, in the streets and parks, treating me like your canine pet in front of all the neighbors just for fun.

I don’t mind if you bring your sisters and female friends home to humiliate me and show off me, as your faithful servant, in front of them as long as you have a fun and amusement afternoon.

I don’t mind you going out to party with your female friends every week while I stay home doing domestic chores and taking care of the household.

I don’t mind if you go on holidays with total freedom, several weeks, leaving me the tasks and chores that I have to do in your absence.

I do not mind that you masturbate right in my face to make it clear that, while I have to tolerate my male genitals being locked up and useless, you have the freedom to enjoy your female body how, where and when you feel like it.

I don’t mind having to lick your ass hole while you caress your clitoris until you reach one of those “heavenly orgasms” that you adore so much.

I don’t mind having to lick your hot vulva, and still dripping with the strange mix between your divine flow and your lovers’ sperm, when you come home, at dawn time, after partying.

I don’t mind that you come home with your lovers, men or women, or that you make love with them, in which one day was our bed or spontaneously and passionately throughout the house without caring if I am, or not, present.

I don’t mind preparing and cooking romantic dinners every time you want to seduce someone or serving both of you, as a waiter, during the evening.

I don’t mind bringing you and your lover lunch to bed when you request it (ringing the bell) after you’ve enjoyed a night of passionate and unbridled sex.

I do not mind that you have become pregnant from one of your lovers and your belly is swelling, day after day until, in four months time, you are going to make me “dad” even though, you know very well, the baby will be a mulatto (half white and black).

And I do not mind about any of these things because I am only a boy and men are born to be used, and abused, by women in the way they want and as females think fit. Because the happiness of men consists in seeing his goddess satisfied and happy.

I have not been able to avoid sharing with all of you, dear sisters, this experience. Knowing that my man tolerates and accepts his fate has filled me with happiness. So continue to abuse your slaves freely, use them to satisfy your sacred feminine pleasure in the way you see fit and appropriate at all times. We are different sexes: men deserve suffering and pain, while we women have been created to be happy, to laugh and to enjoy life with absolute freedom.

Please sisters, share this letter, in order that women who are not yet determined may be encouraged to turn their husbands into slaves, into mere males prepared to be abused by us, females.

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