Buying a male


Many of the women from the patriarchy have reservations or are ashamed to buy a male in our markets. It is also difficult for them to acquire men from a male reeducation center. A woman, educated in the patriarchy but who is living with us from a long time, has sent us her experience and we publish it, because we can learn from her and thus not make mistakes when we want to buy a slave or acquire it from one of our centers of redirection of masculine behavior. We have quoted in italics and in parentheses() the mistakes that this woman has made in the process of acquiring her slave.


Several years ago I decided to move with my boyfriend (now a slave) to The Universal Gynecocratic Republic to live finally the life of female supremacy that I always wanted. Of course my boyfriend was totally against it, but he is only a man so it followed me meekly, like a little lamb, towards our new life in this matriarchal republic.
Once at customs they made me register my boy: “Dogs, cats, men and other pets must be registered properly.” So, after paying the corresponding fee, they registered my boy with the code L75300B, thus losing its name and surnames. In other words, its identity was completely erased and annulled.

L75300B had a difficult break-in period to fit its new lifestyle, but after a while I managed to get used to it and love the Republic.

(We understand that this lady made a mistake by allowing her animal an “adjustment period”. In our republic there is no adaptation period for males from patriarchy. They are men and they do not need any adaptation period to assume that they are obliged to obey us and carry out our orders. Otherwise two energetic slaps will put them in the right place.).

I am happy with it, the relationship of total control that I exercise over my slave, this has allowed us to improve our coexistence to the maximum. Although I always wonder what would have happened to its life if it had entered The Universal Gynecocratic Republic before or directly if it had been born in it, it is clear that L75300B still has some thoughts and reasoning of the patriarchy in the back of his head and that has no place in the Republic.
Like any woman, I love to enjoy my body and enjoy my feminine superiority. But sometimes I want to have some other kind of stimulation, something visual, while they give me pleasure.
That is why I decided to acquire a new slave, since recently a page was opened on The Universal Gynecocratic Republic internet network where slaves from my area can be acquired, and even have them only for a week to test them and finally decide whether I keep them or not.

(As you all know, this lady refers to the forum section of our website, where any sister, or woman, can find men to use or abuse freely.).

While my only slave L75300B, at that moment, was massaging my feet, I went on the page with my laptop and started browsing profiles. I don’t use any filters on the page’s search engine because honestly I’m not very demanding with the appearance of my slaves, I just want them to be in good shape and beforehand they come with little experience, since that way they are more prone to making mistakes and they give me a excuse to punish them.
While I was searching the web my slave’s foot massage became more sensual and intense than usual.
Erika- Is it everything fine L75300B?
L75300B- Y-yes mistress, it’s just…

Erika- Talk! You have my permission-
Then L75300B threw himself at my feet and began to lick them very intensely, while it said:

L75300B- Mistress, please! Do you really need a new slave? I advise you to focus on what you already have, on me. Am I not enough for you? I obey everything
what you order me, I haven’t ejaculated for years and I haven’t left the house.
I was surprised by the tone and the message that it was transmitting to me, I quickly removed my feet from its hands and replied:

Erika- Listen to me well L75300B: you have no power over me, you don’t even have permission to advise me. What kind of advice can someone give with a penis and testicles in its crotch?

I thought the enforced female supremacy classes that the Republic established would make it understand that men can’t advise women in any field. I tried as fast as possible to kick its crotch.
Erika- Don’t even think about moving your hips L75300B, stay there.

L75300B- As you order, mistress.
I got up and started kicking very hard its testicles. I gave them about 20 kicks. L75300B fell to the ground crying and writhing.

(Here Mrs. Erika is wrong in the fact that she first verbally admonishes her male and then physically punishes it. The male mind works very similarly (if not identically) to that of animals. When a man has the audacity to suggest what a woman should or should not do, she should respond immediately with a hard kick or knee to the balls, a forceful slap, or a good elbow against the male and then warn him, now yes, verbally. First it must be the physical lesson and then the verbal and not the other way around. The men born and educated in our republic have never dared to do something like this, therefore we understand that males from the patriarchy should be suitably punished when they do so.)

Erika-Listen L75300B: I know very well that you have dedicated your life to me, when we moved you abandoned all your rights and gave me everything you had of value.

(Mrs. Érika makes a mistake that is very typical of women from the patriarchy: The fact it is not that the male “delivered” to the woman, the right fact is that the woman takes what she wants to take from the male. The males are half-animal beings and, therefore, they cannot deliver or do any action, we are the women who act, take and possess as we please.).

Personally, I appreciate it, but I’m concerned that you still haven’t managed to understand that all of this is something natural, it’s your duty because you were born a man. Do you remember what they made you recite at the border of the Republic when we finished signing the papers?
L75300B-I remember, mistress, I remember every word.
Erika- On your knees and repeat it to me one more time to see if you have understood.
L75300B quickly got on its knees and sobbing it recited:

L75300B- “My only name is L75300B and I am nothing more than a half-animal being, therefore, from today, my mistress Erika has all my property freely, as the woman she is. All my male rights will remain in the past since my mistress enrolled me in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. For me it is not a sacrifice but a reward and a luxury for which I, as a male, should be grateful. From today and for all eternity I will be a slave of the U.G.R.”
Erika- Those words fill me with happiness and excite me every time I hear them.

I took L75300B by the head and brought it closer to my crotch so we could have “SEX”…I mean, of course, the heterosexual “SEX” of the U G R…cunnilingus.
As it licked me, my feet moved down to its bluish testicles and I began to squish and play with them, even grazing the head of its atrophied penis through the bars of the cock cage with my fingernails.

(All men from our republic must wear a chastity belt, a cock cage).

At the time I wished I could do this, but to be able to see it: to be able to see my feet crushing testicles! That’s why I wanted a new slave: to torture it while my L75300B make me a cunnilingus, that way I had all the stimulation I wanted.
Looking for profiles in the web, one in particular stood out, the description said that it had been rejected by many housewives and that is why it was serving a sentence in jail for those without an owner.
I was very happy and quickly completed the steps to purchase it!
I had heard that in that prison they are very harsh with the slaves and the idea of having someone who could describe all that to me from the inside excited me.

(Mrs. Erika refers to our P.C.R.R.M.M. “Penitentiary Centers for the Reintegration of Rebellious and Maladjusted Males”)

In one week I had to go pick him up at the prison! I spent that whole week ordering my slave to rearrange the house so I would have enough space, as well as making it clear that now that it would no longer be the only slave, it should focus even more on pleasing me in whatever subject I assigned to it.
Also, I bought a special chair to put L75300B in such a way that only its tongue and its cock cage were in view, this way I would have more vision of my new slave and easier to torture it while L75300B would only lick me.

The wait for the day when I could go to look for my new slave was very frustrating for L75300B since I was very excited all that week and I was more sadistic and more demanding than usual, its right testicle was left with a very deep mark from one of my heels.
When the day finally arrived, L75300B told me something that at that moment calmed me down and made me happy.
L75300B-Mistress Erika, I’m glad to see you happy about all this and I hope you love the new slave. I was thinking that if you want to have a new slave your decisions are the law for me.
Erika- I’m glad you understood… I’ll be back in a few hours.

(We understand that here Mrs. Erika did not act correctly, we, the women and sisters, do not care about the opinion of men. Moreover, every sister raised and educated in our republic responds with a forceful slap in the face of any opinion expressed by a man. We understand that Mrs. Erika must have slapped her slave as soon as she heard “I’m glad…” or “I hope you love it…” even more so when her slave told her “I’ve been thinking…” well, as all the sisters know, men were not born to give their opinions or to think but to obey all our orders to the letter and inmediatly.)

I left my house very excited and drove to the jail, there I had a wait of about 45 minutes, which was by far the most exciting moment of my life. I was in the reception area and through the glass I could see several prisoners being abused and denigrated. Even the receptionist told me that I could choose some well-behaved slave to satisfy me, but I preferred to wait for the one that corresponded to me.
When the wait was finally over, a door opened and there was my new slave: medium height, skinny, short hair and wearing a The Vice Mini enclosing its disgusting male genitalia.

One of the guards who was transporting it asked me where I wanted it to be put. I told her that I want it in the trunk of my car, of course since men can’t be travelling in passenger car’s seats.
The security guard told me that the numerical code of my new slave would be L71966B. I loved that code, because it has the number 1966 inside and that year is very important for our republic.

The guard connected the chains of its legs with those of its arms and fit it in the trunk, they also covered its mouth and eyes which seemed excessive to me but I was not going to object to prison policies. I thanked them for everything and started to close the trunk, but before I could do it the guard stopped me and said that I had to erase the code that my slave had engraved on its testicles for having been a prisoner. Then I told her that I had checked the “TEST” box on the slave acquisition and that there was a possibility that it would return to prison, the guard then apologized and gave me a device which applies a mark over the code so that it would not be legible, she said if I decided to keep it I had to use it on it.

Once the whole thing was over, I closed the trunk and got in my car, I drove quickly home to enjoy a great night out with my new toy.

The day after visiting the prison to pick up my new slave L71966B, I sat down in front of the computer after a long time without using it. After a while of use I began to reflect…
The U. G. R. website is really great and very feminist! There is not a single photograph of a penis that is not caged!

I started looking for new devices for it and some for L75300B, I couldn’t stop thinking about how now my nights would be of pure passion with two slaves: L75300B would lick me while I
I tortured L71966B, kicking its bluish testicles and crushing them with my sharpest heels. However, I knew that with a few gadgets I could make everything more exciting. I decided to buy a press, not a modern and special one for testicles, but an old one, from a workshop, that excited me more.

After a couple of days the press arrived and I decided to do a little game: as soon as the package with the press arrived at my door I tied it to the testicles of L71966B and put dog ties on it that I borrowed from a colleague. Then I ordered it to drag the box from the door to my room on the first floor. It was very funny to see how its testicles were stretched by the weight of the box and how it fell on the stairs. Once it managed to get the press up, after a couple of hours of effort, I allowed it to enjoy a little break and then I asked it about what its experience in prison.

I put L75300B on its dog leashes plus its scissor muzzle, then ordered it to mow the lawn, inch by inch. That would keep it busy for several hours, then I went upstairs and opened the cabinets where L71966B would live from that moment on, I released it from its bonds and took it to the kitchen table where I had installed the press, I could feel the fear that it felt, but it was gagged, I put its testicles in the press and began to rotate it, when I managed to make them very tense and tight, I removed the piece of tape that covered its mouth.

Erika- It’s time for you to speak!
L71966B- As you p-please mistress!
Erika –Tell me all about the prison you were in.
L71966B-It was a horrible place, they kept us in cells of three square meters and they beat us every day!

(What L71966B tells about the treatment at the P.C.R.R.M.M. “Penitentiary Centers for the Reintegration of Rebellious and Maladjusted Males” is completely true: our women in charge of the center use all the techniques they consider appropriate so that the males forever accept their position as objects, simple toys, at the service of women and sisters.)
Erika –Keep talking!

L71966B- The guards stepped on our food and we had to eat from between their feet and also…

I put my hand on its cock cage…
Erika –And how long have you had that cage on your penis?
L71966B- e-e-eight years….
I couldn’t hide my expression of sadistic joy. I couldn’t hide how much that turned me on either, I got wet instantly when I heard it and started to turn it on by caressing its cage and scratching the head of its penis with my nails.
Erika –I admit that I admire the time you have been in chastity, however, I warn you that as soon as you are my slave your chastity starts from scratch, for me you have only been in chastity for two days.
chastity. I also warn you that I do not apply time limits. With me chastity must be permanent!

(It is very usual for women, coming from patriarchy, to be interested in the time that males have been in chastity, this is because (although it is hard to believe) the vast majority of men who live in patriarchal society have never worn a penis cage. On the other hand, since our men are forced to always wear a penis cage from a very young age, our sisters are never interested in the time that a male has been in chastity, since they understand that it is something permanent and obligatory.)

L71966B-As you please mist-
I quickly, and with great force, twisted the vise to further squeeze its testicles.
Erika –I didn’t ask you to keep talking!
I could see the fear in his eyes and the spasms of pain in his body, I decided to just open the vise a little.
Erika –You know what happens if I decide I’m not going to keep you as a slave, right?
L71966B – ……
Erika –I give you permission to reply.
L71966B- Will I go back to that prison?
Erika –Indeed, you will return to that place that you seem to hate so much so you better BEHAVE AND DON’T TALK IF I HAVEN’T ASKED YOU BEFORE!!
L71966B- …..
Erika –Very good.
I tightened the vise again.
Erika – Why did you end up in that place?
L71966B- My two previous mistresses rejected me.
Erika – And why did they reject you?
L71966B- I don’t know, they never told me.
Erika-mmmmm and tell me: are you good doing cunnilingus? I guess you had to please all the prison guards, right?
L71966B- Nobody told me expressly that I am good.
Erika –Well, you should learn, however, do not worry, your main job as my slave is not that, although I imagine that you would love to lick my vulva seeing how you look at it.
Erika –You can answer me.
L71966B- I would love to, mistress!

I’m glad of that but you can’t, at least not yet, your job here is…I tightened the press even more taking its testicles to the limit.
Erika –Suffer to excite me!
I saw how it resisted screaming, it was obvious that it was afraid that they would explode.
Erika –I will not burst them, without testicles you would not serve me anymore, but without a doubt I will push those disgusting balls of meat more and more to the limit, I guarantee you that this is nothing compared to what I have planned for you.

(Sadism with men is very typical of women from the patriarchy. We sisters, with some exceptions, are not very sadistic with our men, because we understand that they are beings inferior to us and, from a very young age, they are educated to accept it. Sadism towards men is very typical of women educated in the patriarchy and we understand it and understand it from the moment that the patriarchy humiliates, subjugates and annuls women without mercy. It is for this reason that all those in charge of the P.C.R.R.M.M. “Penitentiary Centers for the Reintegration of Rebellious and Maladjusted Males” are women who come from the patriarchal society.)

I loosened the vise and dropped its testicles.
Erika –Now go to the cloakroom and wait for me there.
It went up quickly, I let it arrive first, I wanted to know in what position it would wait for me, to my pleasure I found it on its knees with its head on the ground and its back to me so that I had direct access to its crotch.
Erika –No wonder you already know that classic pose, I’ve seen a lot of prisoners do it, I’ll give you a little prize for being your first day.
I knew this was going to turn its testicles really blue.
Erika –All tonight you will clean all my shoes using your tongue!
L71966B- Thank–
Erika- Silence! I have not finished yet! … Since I know you want to lick my feet, at least you will have the opportunity to lick the places where they were the most, anything to say?
L71966B-: Tha-thanks mistress!
At that moment I opened the second door of the wardrobe and I saw how its eyes were shining with happiness, there was its little paradise: all my boots, heels, shoes and sandals, it began to drool, its tongue would have a feast and its little penis would have a fight endless against the cock cage.
Erika –Delight yourself!

I started kicking its balls to get it to move quickly to the cloakroom and when it walked in I slammed the door shut. As I walked out of the room I could already hear its excited tongue flicking across my shoes. I went out to the garden to see if L75300B had finished mowing the lawn and there it was, it had just managed to cut half the garden.
Erika – You deserve a big punishment for not complying, but today was a long day, your only punishment will be to sleep out here.
But I was not going to fall asleep unsatisfied, I opened the garden chair, I opened my legs, I took its muzzle off and not another word was necessary, in seconds its tongue was busy licking
desperately my clit.
Erika –UHh AHHHH you are more energetic than usual, jealous that you are no longer the only slave in the house? Do you know that you will always be the only one in charge of licking me…or maybe not? Hahahahaha….Better serve me even harder and we’ll see!

(As we see, Mrs. Erika analyzes that her slave is “jealous”. It is another bad habit of women coming from patriarchy: thinking that men have feelings. We are clear that men were created to carry out our orders and nothing else without thinking, without analyzing and without feeling.)

My little speech took effect and I had a great cunnilingus session, I came multiple times and harder than usual, then I got up and went to my room to sleep, while L75300B looked for some roof in the garden.
Back in my room I could hear L71966B’s tongue again and I started to get excited, but I just kicked the wardrobe and yelled at it to be quieter.
As soon as I lay down in my bed I fell asleep, satisfied and full of desire to push my slaves more and more to the limit.

The next morning I woke up to the morning sun and was heading towards the bathroom when I heard tongue sounds and remembered who was in my wardrobe, I went to open it and there it was on the floor exhausted with a puddle of precum all over its leg and passionately licking a heel.
Erika –What a great night you had, right?
L71966B- y-yes mistress, I love to lick your shoes.

(Again, in this case, Mrs. Erika had to slap her slave for having expressed its illusion “I adore…”).
Erika –That’s the spirit! But now it’s time to assign you another task, get out of there.
Afraid and on its knees L71966B left the cloakroom, then with my foot I pointed to the bathroom.
Erika –Time to have breakfast.
It already knew exactly what I was referring to, it must have done it a lot in prison, it entered the bathroom and got on the special men’s toilet, it even put its hands on the straps to make it easier for me to tie it to the toilet.

Erika – How experienced! I didn’t even need to explain anything to you! Although I will tell you something: you still do not have permission to lick my vulva, if I feel a tongue in my crotch I will stick a needle between your testicles, understood?
L71966B- ¡Yes, mistress!
I finished tying its limbs and fitting its head into the funnel, then sat back and let it all flow out.
Despite its supposed experience, L71966B was not a fast drinker and took several seconds to drink it all.
Erika –Drink faster or you’ll drown!
L71966B-Mhhh Glupp…
He seemed nervous, but I wasn’t going to pee slower just because my slave didn’t know how to swallow faster.
Once I finished I got up and went down to the garden, I opened the door and there was my L75300B, uncomfortable and cold, I woke it up with a couple of kicks and, after waking up, I took off the dog leashes so it could go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast.

Apparently it has had a wet dream since there were traces of pre-seminal fluid on the floor, it turns me on the idea that, even in their dreams, they think about ejaculating, but as soon as they wake up they return to harsh reality….

(Both at this time and when she saw L71966B pre-seminal fluid in the cloakroom, Mistress Erika must have kicked her slaves’ testicles hard. The penis and testicles were created for our pleasure and enjoyment, not to ejaculate. Only the males assigned to our breeding farms have the right to ejaculate and always under our supervision. She also had to force L75300B to clean up that pre-cum. )

I got ready to go shopping for the month, L75300B cleaned up the remains of breakfast and waited on its knees showing its back to me and giving me free access to its testicles.
I rested the tip of my heel against its right testicle.
Erika –Whether you like it or not, you must accept that you are no longer the only slave in the house, your task while I am gone will be to talk to L71966B and teach it the rules of this house, understood?

I pressed, even more, its testicle with my heel.
Erika –Well, your partner is tied to the toilet. Untie it and start your tasks, goodbye!

(Mistress Erika should not have used the term “your partner” when referring to her other slave. Men should NEVER be treated with that term. If you place two chairs together they will never be “partners” because they are simple objects, something similar happens with men. The sisters born and educated in our republic understand it perfectly, but it takes a while for ladies from the patriarchy to accept it.)

I slammed the door shut, left the porch, and got in my car to go to the grocery store.
I arrived very quickly as I was going at high speed without worrying. Since the latest laws against men at the wheel, accidents have been drastically reduced. We women drive much better than men!

When I arrived at the supermarket I met Emma, a friend, she was checking her phone and while she was doing it she put her foot sideways and moved it a little, in seconds a slave threw herself
to the ground and began licking the sole of her foot.
Erika –Hi friend! Who is your new slave?
Emma-An ex-con, I got it yesterday.
Erika –What a coincidence! Got a new slave recently and it is an ex-con too!
Emma-It makes sense, on television they say that they are encouraging assigning jobs and mistresses to inmates who have minor charges, apparently there have been many reports of guards who torture prisoners so much that they end up cutting off their testicles.
Erika –What a tragedy! Men without testicles… how boring they must be, they lose all the fun.
Emma- Yes, I know: 3 years ago I left a slave with a supposed caregiver for only a week and she returned it to me with one less testicle.
Erika –You did not told me before. Did you sue the caregiver?
Emma-I could not, at that time the laws did not contemplate the testicles of men separately. Anyway the same week I got another one.
Erika –And what did you do with your slave with only one testicle?
Emma-I donated it to public service.
Erika –Poor wretch, you know that they cut off their penises from public service, right?
Emma- Yes, that’s why I donated it hahahahaha.
Erika – hahahaha.

(The joke that men assigned to public service in our republic have their penises cut off has become fashionable among women from the patriarchy, but it is still just a joke. We sisters, born and educated in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, understand that the male body was created for our free use and enjoyment and we are not used to amputating it, with very rare exceptions.)

After our pleasant conversation I went into the supermarket and started shopping, from the window I could see outside how Emma tied her slave to a post to enter the supermarket, I love that men cannot enter places that sell items basic and essential, that creates a great dependency on women. And it is that men are nothing without us, women.

(Like any other pet, many places of public use are not allowed to be entered by men and they must wait outside. We are talking about grocery stores, swimming pools, saunas, spas, public baths, gyms, etc…)

I bought several products that here, in our republic, thanks to the empowerment of women, do not have any kind of censorship on their labels or names. The censorship of the female body is a thing of backward societies, something typical of patriarchal countries. I did the shopping, got in my car and went home, parked and stood in front of the door for a few seconds before opening it, I wanted to give my slaves time to take their positions. When I opened the door there they were: my two slaves on the floor, on their backs and with their legs spread. There were two pairs of testicles exposed and squeezed by the hard metal rings of their cock cages. Then I took my right foot out and crushed L75300B’s testicles. Crushing testicles with my bare foot means I want cunnilingus. On the other hand, I crushed L71966B with the tip of my heel, which means I want to torture it.

Fortunately for them, they understood the signal well, it seems that L75300B explained well to L71966B all the rules and regulations. While they took their positions I began to check the house to see if everything was spotless and, indeed, everything was clean.

I went up to my room to check my shoes and they were wet, surely L71966B had been licking them while I was away. I undressed completely and went down to the living room, there they were, L71966B had already put its testicles in the press and L75300B was with its tongue hanging out waiting for me to sit down.

The session started well, while L75300B licked my vulva, I rotated the press to crush the testicles of L71966B, I was delighted by the groans of pain that it produced and to see how its face shuddered and its male body writhed. With so much stimulation it took me a few minutes to finish.

After such pleasure I indicated the tasks to my slaves and went up to my room to sleep. However, after a few minutes, I felt a knock on my door, I went to open it and there was my slave L75300B, with tears in its eyes.
L75300B- M-Mistress pleaseee I need to ejaculate!
I was surprised because it had been a long time since I’d seen it beg to get out of chastity. Surely this whole new slave thing made it hornier than usual.
Erika- I can not! Remember that the ultimate goal of male chastity is for it to be PERMANENT and I think we already took that step with you years ago, your excessive excitement is only temporary, go to sleep and you’ll see how tomorrow you’ll be less excited.
L75300B- B-But Mistress…. It’s unbearable—-
I delivered an accurate and strong kick to its testicles as I don’t think I had ever kicked it, it stopped talking and began to squirm rapidly.
Erika- Since when do I give you permission to answer me like that? That kick, in addition to reminding you of your place, will help you tolerate frustration. Now go away before I cut off your testicle!

(Here Mrs. Erika reacts well but late. Any desire that a man expresses to a woman, or to a sister, must be answered by her with a strong slap, as we have already explained before. Moreover a sister is never justified in front of a man “I can’t…”).

I slammed the door and went to bed. I received no more complaints that night. while I waited for falling asleep in my bed I began to remember how my relationship with L75300B began:
Twenty years ago, I remember seeing the feminist demonstrations on TV and the eventual decision of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic to start accepting single women and heterosexual couples from patriarchy. For me it was not difficult to make the decision to move to the Republic, after all my partner and I had already dabbled a bit in the world of natural female supremacy. However, the erotic game of female domination is very different from living 24 hours a day, seven days a week under a matriarchal society based on female superiority over men. Some time ago I received in my house a box known as “matriarchal contact” from the clandestine embassy of the Republic in my country of origin, in it there was a manual and a penis cage. The first night, after that box arrived, was one of the most exciting of my life: my partner (now slave) was experiencing its first day in chastity and I was reading the manual on my bed while it, from the floor, licked and massaged my feet. That was what the manual said: at least half an hour per day of adoration at my feet by my partner or, as the manual qualified it, “my slave”. This term “slave” ended up being the most common way to refer to it. Soon that daily half hour became an hour, plus the extra hour of cunnilingus.

The most exciting thing of all was that I, really, did not have the key to its cage, the cage that was in the box came without a key, it was part of the incentive program for citizens of the Republic: the chastity of L75300B was, the first months, managed by the government of the Republic, so despite the fact that it begged and cried, I could do nothing but crush its testicles so that the pain would make the frustration more tolerable, it was a very intense few months and a proof of the great future that awaited me.
I finally fell asleep.

(Our affiliate program for heterosexual couples living in patriarchal countries was very successful and helped us to strengthen our matriarchal republic while weakening the patriarchy.)

In the middle of the night I woke up to a loud noise, like glass, I got scared and quickly went downstairs. I found L71966B tied to a chair, plus some drawers, where I kept my clothes, were empty. I also noticed that my wallet was missing, I thought then that I had been robbed but I noticed that the window in the back garden was broken, and L75300B was missing. There was no doubt: my slave had escaped. Next to the broken glass of the window was a letter, which read:

“Dear Mistress: I know that the first thing you must feel when reading this and knowing that I have escaped will be anger and disappointment. I want you to know that the problem has not been you, it has been me, I have not managed to get used to this life and I am not willing to endure a life in which I am not the only slave. It sounds selfish and patriarchal, and maybe part of it is, but it’s what I feel. I’d rather take the risk of trying to flee the Republic than continue the way I was. I hope you can excuse me.”

(It is very common, in males from the patriarchy, to escape the control of their mistresses. Fortunately, our police force has a special section dedicated to resolving these cases efficiently and quickly.)

If his goal was to touch my heart, it wasn’t very effective, at least with the anger I felt at that moment it didn’t touch my heart.

I called the police, which immediately showed up, and they began to ask me about the now fugitive slave, they asked me for its document, luckily that kind of thing was not kept in a place within the reach of slaves so I was able to give it to the police officer sister.

The documentation was somewhat outdated, I had to update from four to six years without ejaculating, but in the rest the identification was up to date, the police told me that they would start a search and that they would send all the fugitive’s information to the nearby controls.
I was a little scared, what kind of sane slave runs away from its mistress like that? It can’t be that it did it just out of jealousy…or maybe it did?

(Here Mrs. Erika wonders if her male has escaped out of jealousy, it is very common, in women coming from the patriarchy, to assign feelings to men. The sisters born and educated in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic are clear that men are incapable of feeling, as we have already explained.).

L71966B- M-Mistress, I have some information that might help you find it.
L71966B, was still strapped to the chair.
Erika- All right, tell the officers what you saw.
L71966B- First I heard the sound of a saw as if it were cutting something metallic and, in fact, it was cutting one of the bars of the window through which it escaped, with that piece of bar it broke the lock on the drawer, took money and took some of it clothing. Finally it broke the glass of
the window, left the letter and escaped.
I was happy that L71966B collaborated to find the fugitive. At that moment I thought that, once the test week was over, I would surely decide to keep it forever, however the police officer sisters did not think the same.

(Women from the patriarchy admire that a man collaborates with our authorities to rat out another man. However, in our republic it is something normal that always happens, we sisters are used to it, since here there is no male solidarity, unlike the patriarchal world.)
One of the sister officers drew her cane and pressed it against the slave’s testicles.
Erika- What are you doing? It is my property.
Officer Calm down lady, it is part of the protocol…
Erika- What are you talking about?
Officer You see, it is not the first time that a slave escapes and another slave which “observed” the situation decides to cooperate with the authorities just like that, we have reason to believe that this slave is giving us false information to make it difficult to find the escaped slave.
Erika- My slave would not be capable of such a thing.
Officer Believe me, if something is difficult in this world, it is to trust men from the patriarchy, think about what I am going to tell you: this garbage…
The officer took the slave’s testicles and squeezed them hard.

(We must not forget that L71966B comes from a P.C.R.R.M.M. “Penitentiary Centers for the Reintegration of Rebellious and Maladjusted Males” that is why the police agent sisters should distrust it, despite the fact that in our country male solidarity is not usually given.)

Officer It says the fugitive took clothes. Women’s clothes, because in this house you don’t have men’s clothes, so this slave, and his friend the fugitive, expect us to focus on looking for the escapee in the “sissy district”. It is too suspicious that it is so precise with its description, besides by that time this slave was surely asleep and it is not possible that it remembers and tells everything so clearly, besides that does not explain why it is tied to the chair.
L71966B- It threatened to beat me up and tied me to this chair!
Officer Are you going to allow your slave to talk to me like this?

The Officer was right that was not the right tone, I approached L71966H and slapped it.
Erika- Watch your tone with the police officer sister!
L71966B- Excuse me mistress. Excuse me, agent.
Officer All this only increases my suspicions. Also you must think that it makes no sense that the fugitive should have stolen money since men cannot handle money in our republic.
Erika- W-Well, what do we do then?
The officer made an evil smile.
Officer We’ll have to take this slave away for a few hours so we can interrogate it.
I was surprised at how calmly she said that. At that moment I wasn’t sure I would accept being taken away.
Erika- And if I object?
Officer- Think lady that we do all this to be able to find YOUR slave, keep that in mind. My partner will give you a document, sign it and we can interrogate it in private.
The officer gave me a document, while I was reading it I saw the slave out of the corner of my eye looking at me with sobbing eyes. I was sure that it would suffer in the interrogation but as the officer said: it is difficult to trust men.
I decided to sign the document and one of the officers whistled, suddenly two voluptuous women in tight leather suits got out of a truck parked at the door, they had a large backpack. They entered the house, placed the backpack on the ground and took out their “items” for transportation.
Officer Allow my colleagues to prepare your slave for the transfer, it will only take a second…
The leather-clad women covered my slave’s eyes, mouth, and ears, tied its hands and feet together, put a cloth bag over its head, and finally put the slave into another big bag, closed it, and dragged my slave away, to the truck.
At first it seemed a bit cruel but deep down all this made me very wet and excited.

(Despite being private property, by law, our police officers have the right to take a male to the police station if they consider that its attitude could endanger the peace and stability of our matriarchal republic. Of course, the agents will have the duty to periodically inform the owner about its situation ).

It seems that he was resisting so the officers began to kick the bag until it stopped moaning, they closed the door of the truck and before leaving I asked them one last question.
Erika- How do they plan to interrogate it?
Officer Don’t worry, it’s not very different from what you probably do to punish it, the difference is that we…
The officer reached for a Taser that she had slung on her hip.
Officer We have some extra tools.
All the official sisters got into the patrol cars and left. And so I was left, worried and scared about where L75300B would be.

(Unlike our sisters, women from the patriarchy often worry about the whereabouts of their men. We know that our police force is so efficient that it always ends up finding fugitives (always men from the patriarchy) and returning them to their rightful owners.)

I spent the rest of the day tidying up everything that L75300B had destroyed, around 10pm I heard a knock on the door, when I opened it I saw the sack L71966B had been put in. On the bag was the boot of one of the officers I saw in the morning.
Officer Congratulations dear! It seems that your slave was telling the truth, but you already knows how rebellious men or men from the patriarchy are, so we had to make sure. We had a lot of fun with it. If at any time it had a bad behavior I’m sure we managed to correct it. If I were you, I would put some ice on its testicles.
After saying that she left….

I dragged L71966B into the kitchen and opened the bag, I was very curious to see how they left it. It was there:
its arms and legs were marked by blows, its face too, it seems that it was beaten, it also had two small burn marks on its testicles, probably from a taser gun.
I untied it and uncovered its mouth, ears and eyes.
L71966B- Mistress! Mistress! Thank to goddess Venus this all ended, you don’t want to know what they did to me!
Erika- Actually, I do! Tell me, tell me everything. I lay down on the sofa and started to caress my vulva so excited that I got this whole situation.
L71966B- Mistress!
Erika- Just tell to me.
L71966B-We-well… They took me to a basement I think, the truth is I couldn’t see or hear the whole way, then they tied me against a wall and put a target with an opening in the middle where they passed my testicles and they practiced aiming with their taser guns. Every time I told them that I didn’t know anything more than what I said in the morning, they shot me. Later, when they finished the interrogation, they beat me for a few minutes. My whole body hurts!
While I was listening to that story, I masturbated like I had rarely done before. Before the slave finished telling me everything, I reached orgasm, one of the most intense I’ve ever enjoyed.
Erika- Well, you have to understand that they were just doing their job, don’t hold a grudge against them.
L71966B- If you order me to, Mistress, it will be so.
I noticed it a little more submissive than usual, for me it was perfect. The last thing I wanted was another disobedient slave.
Erika- Now you have earned a break and a prize: go to the wardrobe in my room and stay there all night, you can lick my shoes all you want.
L71966B- Tha-Thanks Mistress!

It quickly went upstairs to the room while I made myself a coffee and sat looking at the broken window. What am I going to do about this whole situation? The police are looking for it, but if
one thing that bastard is good at is hiding. I’ve known it since before we started our gynarchic relationship, I know it’s quite astute, I doubt that with my clothes it went to the “sissy district”…. or perhaps yes? Will it try to earn money by prostituting itself as a sissy? Even when? Until it has enough money to escape? And how and where would it escape? The last mafia that trafficked slaves outside the Republic was dismantled more than a year ago.

(It seems that Mrs. Erika’s nerves have played a trick on her, as she does not remember that men are not allowed to handle money. The sisters who come to the so-called “sissy district” to abuse men do so freely and without paying anything at all.)

All these thoughts made me a little nervous and anxious that everything would be resolved as soon as possible. So I made a decision: I would do the investigation myself in parallel with the police. After all, I knew much more about the slave than those officers. I decided that it would be best to wait until the next morning and went upstairs to sleep.
The next day I woke up feeling L71966B’s tongue licking my feet with passion and devotion.
L71966B- mmmnng Good mogginng!
I cut it off by sticking my foot deep into its mouth.
Erika- Good morning slave! I don’t remember giving you permission to wake me up like this but today I’ll let it go, lick me a little longer and then go to make my breakfast.

This time with more speed and intensity it licked my feet and swallowed almost all of both of them, without a doubt the interrogation of the previous day encouraged it to have a great performance.
I ordered it to go make my breakfast.
L71966B- Do you want me to bring it to bed, Mistress?
Erika- No, leave it in the kitchen and put your plate near mine, I want to talk.
The slave went down and began to prepare everything, I decided to go down naked, it was necessary to have it excited, with its cage well filled, to talk about something important.
Erika- All right now put your bowl under my seat.
L71966B put its bowl where I ordered, then I stepped, with both feet, on its food.
Erika- Now eat from between my feet, slave.
L71966B- Yes, Mistress!
Eating from my feet and seeing me naked would surely put its cock cage to the limit.
Erika- We need to talk about a couple of things.
L71966B only responded with the noise of its male tongue picking food from between my toes.
Erika- Lo primero :La castidad, llevas mas de 8 años en castidad, ¿no es así?
L71966B- Mmngch, Yes mmngg Mistress!
Erika- If you had the chance to be released from the chastity right now, would you do it?
Its tongue stopped and it raised its head a little so it could speak properly.
L71966B- M-Mistress. Do you know why my former mistress got rid of me and left me in prison?
Erika- You never told me, why?
L71966B-I asked her to have an orgasm…
Erika- You must have been very insistent for her to leave you for this reason.
L71966B- N-no Mistress, I only asked her once.
Its face lowered again and it continued to eat from between my feet.
Erika- Well! That’s exaggerated even for me, moreover, you never asked me, it’s me who asks you…
Erika- You’re scared, is that it? Are you afraid that I will punish you if you say “yes”?
For a second I thought about telling it no, that I wouldn’t punish it in case it said yes, but before I could say any of that I finally got an answer.
L71966B- With or without fear and with or without punishment Mistress, I don’t want to ejaculate… Chastity, frustration, pain, all of this is my perpetual orgasm.
Finally I understood: all that time in prison totally put an end to its desire to ejaculate. One less reason for concern, I guess, but I’ve never met such a man.
Erika- Very good slave! I thought to allow you to free your penis but seeing the circumstances I have no other option than to continue with your permanent chastity.
L71966B- Thank you, Mistress! I will always be in chastity for you!
As it said that, it raised the head and looked into my eyes, what should have happened, happened.

I decided to give it permission to lick my vulva. We went to the sofa and it gave me a cunnilingus like I have rarely experienced in my life, through
its wet tongue I could feel how frustrated and sore the filthy member it has between its legs was. It licked me intensely and without stopping, I had three wonderful orgasms. The truth is that L71966B licked me just as well, or even better, than L75300B did.

After a while I received a phone call, it was the police, they had searched everything around the “sissy district” and had found nothing, they said they would continue looking but that would no longer be, far from it, a priority.

It was all I needed to hear, after so many years of caring for it and protecting it, is this the way it thanks me?
It will no longer be my property and if it is caught I will ask for its penis cut off and sent that bastard to a factory for life.
Erika-Did you hear that, L71966B? You just became the only slave in this house! Rot L75300B!
L71966B- A-As you please, Mistress. Do you think I’ll be good enough to please you?
I grabbed it from the collar and stomped on its cock cage hard.
Erika- You better be or I’ll punish you mercilessly.
I said smiling.

I saw how a smile was drawn on the face of L71966B, in addition to beginning to salivate. I took it to my room and we had a very intense night.
At the end of the night L71966B was massaging and licking my feet while I was taking a break from the multiple orgasms it gave me with its tongue and looking at its red and bluish testicles after an intense ballbusting session.
While it took care of my feet I looked under my bed for the device they had given me in prison and I showed it to my new slave.
Erika- Guess who’s going to stay here with me and not go back to that prison.
L71966B-Th-Thanks Mistress! Thanks very much!
It thanked me through tears and I quickly put its testicles on the nightstand in my room. I took its eggs firmly and slammed them against the nightstand with the device turned on just above the prison inscriptions. In seconds the device began to burn its testicles, I felt like it was trembling and suffering, but at the same time its face looked calm and happy.
L71966B- I am sooo happy, Mistress!
Erika- I know slave, I know.

After a few seconds, I picked up the device and observed the result. All information on the prison had been erased and only the inscription “Eternal slave of the U. G. R.” remained.
L71966B lowered its head to see the new mark on it and smiled even more.
Erika- This isn’t over yet, I need to get my name tattooed right over your cock cage. Tomorrow first thing in the morning we’ll go do it.
L71966B- Thanks Mistress! With your permission I will go and prepare breakfast and clean the whole house.
Erika- Good to see your renewed enthusiasm! But wait, this little ritual has made me wet, so now you know what to do…
L71966B- Of course, Mistress.

Erika-Once again the tongue of my slave went to my powerful vulva, one and a billion times plus.

(We must add that the slave L71300B was finally located and, being rejected by its rightful owner, it had to be officially declared the property of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic to be interned in a P.C.R.R.M.M. “Penitentiary Centers for the Reintegration of Rebellious and Maladjusted Males” where in a while it will be put in a state of “free acquisition” by any of our sisters or ladies).