Goldilocks and the three bears


Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a house in the forest. There was a great big father bear, a middle-sized mother bear and a tiny baby female bear.

One morning, their breakfast porridge was too hot to eat, so they decided to go for a walk in the forest.

While they were out, a little girl called Goldilocks came through the trees and found their house. She knocked on the door and, as there was no answer, she pushed it open and went inside.

In front of her was a table with three chairs, one large chair, one middle-sized chair and one small chair. On the table there were three bowls of porridge, one large bowl, one middle-sized bowl and one small bowl – and three spoons.

The girl stared curiously at the table as the smell of porridge whetted her appetite.


Goldilocks was hungry and the porridge looked good, so she sat in the great big chair, picked up the large spoon and tasted some of the porridge from the big bowl.

But the chair was very big and very hard, the spoon was heavy and the porridge too hot.

Goldilocks jumped off quickly and went over to the middle-sized chair to see if she felt more comfortable.

But this chair was far too soft, and when she tried the porridge from the middle-sized bowl it was too cold.

Goldilocks still had one more bowl left to taste since neither the large nor the medium had been to her liking.

So she went over to the little chair and picked up the smallest spoon and tasted some of the porridge from the tiny bowl.

This time it was neither too hot nor too cold. It was just right and so delicious that she ate it all up.

But she was too heavy for the little chair and it broke in pieces under her weight.

Next Goldilocks went upstairs, where she found three beds. There was a great big bed, a middle-sized bed and a tiny little bed. By now she was feeling rather tired. So she climbed into the big bed and lay down.

The big bed was very hard and far too big. Then she tried the middle-sized bed, but that was far too soft.

So she climbed into the tiny little bed. It was neither too hard nor too soft. In fact, it felt just right, all cozy and warm. And in no tine at all Goldilocks fell fast asleep.

In a little while, the three bears came back from their walk in the forest. They saw at once that pushed open the door of their house…

«Somebody has been sitting in my chair». – Roared with a growly voice Father Bear looking around.

«Somebody has been sitting in my chair». – Mother Bear said in a quiet gentle voice.

Then Little Female Bear said in small squeaky baby voice.

«Somebody has been sitting in my chair and has broken it!»

Then Father Bear looked at his bowl of porridge and saw the spoon in it, and he said in his great big growly voice:


Then Mother Bear saw that her bowl had a spoon in it, and said in her quiet voice.

«Somebody has been eating my porridge».

Little Female Bear looked at his porridge bowl and said in his small squeaky baby voice:

«Somebody has been eating my porridge, and has eaten it all up».

Then the three bears went upstairs, and Father Bear saw at once that his bed was untidy, and he said in his great big growly voice,


Mother Bear saw that her bed, too, had the bedclothes turned back, and she said in her quiet gentle voice,

«Somebody has been sleeping in my bed!»

Then Little Bear looked at his bed and said in his small squeaky baby voice,

«Somebody is sleeping in my bed!»

It squeaked so loudly that Goldilocks woke up with a start.

Seeing the family of three bears (father bear, mother bear and little female bear), the girl jumped out of bed scared. Goldilocks’s instinctive reaction, to defend herself, was to pull up her skirt and immediately expose her blonde vulva. Immediately the mother bear and the female bear cub respond in the same way, showing the girl their respective vulvas. Faced with such a peculiar scene (a girl and two female bears showing their vulvas), daddy bear (with its enormous size) responded by kneeling at the feet of the three females in a clear gesture of submission and adoration towards the trio of vulvas.

Goldilocks took advantage of the situation to lower her skirts and escape, running down the stairs at full speed, to run out of the house into the forest. The three bears never saw the girl again.

That day Goldilocks learned two valuable lessons:

a) The power of the vulva is omnipresent in all species of the animal queendom. Therefore, showing the vulva will help you escape from dangerous situations, since the male (animal or human) will kneel as a sign of adoration while the female (animal or human) will respond by showing her own vulva as a sign of female complicity.

b) Humans and animals evolve from small to large, but the only way for that evolution to be positive and complete is through matriarchy and the power of the vulva. No matter the size, the important thing is the power of the vulva and the submission of the male in front of the divine female.


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