Sister Heike


We have recently received the testimony of one of our sisters named Heike, we have thought it convenient to dedicate a space to her on our website because her experience is very interesting and instructive. Her testimony is complemented by that of citizen L70884H.

Our sister Heike

I am a woman born and raised in the patriarchy. In any case, it was always clear to me that, as a woman, I deserve to be adored by men. Despite the repressive education typical of patriarchal society, one day I came to the conclusion that I was interested in sex, and that my female sexual freedom and female sexual needs were a treasure and should always be protected and preserved. My husband understood and accepted it, of course it treats me like a queen because I am a queen. During the patriarchal times I felt an irresistible attraction to big cocks: to feel how they take me, how they penetrate me, how they stretch the fleshy walls of my vagina to the maximum… I enjoyed it deeply and my husband was also happy seeing how its beloved wife enjoyed sex freely despite the fact that it was totally caged with its penis at my mercy and unable to access any pleasure. I felt comfortable watching how I used men with large cocks for my pleasure in front of the gaze of my faithful and submissive husband. But I was missing something, there was a void in me that had not been filled. I have always loved my husband, it loves me, I enjoy sex freely, I used big cocks to satisfy my intimate feminine pleasure, but there was something in me that needed an answer. Unfortunately I was not able to define it in words, it was a kind of inner emptiness of lack, an intimate feeling impossible to explain. All this was before the experience that I am going to relate shortly. Since the goddess Venus took me and took over my body, my vision of pleasure has changed completely: now I’m also attracted to big cocks but in a different way, in a much more spiritual, more mystical way. And it is that my way of enjoying sex has changed. I will begin by introducing my ex-lover, which is now a citizen of our beloved matriarchal republic, a male citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

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I met citizen L70288H, which was called “Tyron” at the time, a young and very virile Afro-Caribbean man, I immediately made it my favorite lover because, in addition to having a huge penis, it loved fucking me passionately in front of my husband to the point of leaving me sprawled in the bed. But Tyron had a defect that I didn’t like: it was very macho man and whenever it came home to fuck me it liked to make fun of my husband with that stupid thing of “beta male and alpha male”.

Sometimes Tyron brought my husband a croissant to snack on while it saw us loving each other, that stupid boy did it to laugh at it. My husband didn’t care, it told me: “The main thing is that Tyron makes you happy and takes you to ecstasy, what it says about me doesn’t matter to me.” But it made me feel very bad that he was often made fun of. It also laughed at the fact that I forced my husband to wear a penis cage. It really was a shame that a boy with so many possibilities, with a huge and beautiful cock, was so immature, cocky and macho man. In the end she was just trying not to listen to him when he made his stupid comments about alpha and beta males. The fact is that when its huge penis penetrated me, making its way inside me, stretching the moist walls of my vagina to the maximum, I felt such pleasure that I immediately forgot its own nonsense of a spoiled child.

One day, searching the internet, I came across The Universal Gynecocratic Republic website, I learned about the rituals, I learned about the true Sacred History, about our Goddess Venus, about the true origin of the Universe and about the struggle of the first woman “Lilith” for free her sister “Eva” and all the women of the world subjected to patriarchy. The story fascinated me and day after day I learned more and more. I began to see my body differently, in fact the only way a woman should see herself when looking in the mirror: as a goddess, as an almighty queen that men must worship and obey. My husband also inculcated itself more and more with the matriarchal ideals and the gynecocratic philosophy so that its adoration to me increased every day.

I became a sister to our matriarchal republic and, of course, ordered my husband to become a male citizen. I became interested in the religious structure of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, our beloved country, I was attracted by the idea of becoming a “venerea” or even a “priestess”. So, with the intention that they support me in my desire to belong to our religious organization, I contacted some venereal women and priestesses, but being a woman born and educated in the patriarchy, I could not join our sacred organization. So I began a spiritual search within myself and started to communicate and talk with the Moon on my own. I got a lunar calendar and every full moon night (unless it was cloudy) I went out to talk with it, with our divine star. The spectacular vision of the full moon seemed impressive to me and gave me a calm and serenity difficult to explain. When I talked to the Moon I felt as if everything was possible, as if that amazing nocturnal presence could fill the hole I felt inside me. And, in fact, it was:

That full moon night coincided with a very painful menstruation. Something strange for me since my menstruations are usually not annoying, much less painful. I decided to go communicate with our goddess Venus, I needed to do it. It was a serene night, there were no clouds in the sky and our sacred star could be seen in all its fullness. I was staring at the Moon and talking to it, as usual, but this time it was different. It was summer, it was hot and there was not a soul around me, so I decided to lie on a towel and take off my blouse to offer my naked torso, my sacred breasts, my pink and smooth nipples to the full moon. Upon discovering my chest I felt how its rays of light bathed my breasts, I noticed as if the moon light were caressing them, it was a very strange sensation, as if several pairs of hands were caressing my breasts, abdomen, neck, shoulders and others in a soft and pleasant way. I got more and more excited without being able to avoid it.

I decided to undress completely in front of the Moon and I noticed how those pleasant caresses spread throughout my body. The caresses appeared and disappeared intermittently without following a certain pattern. The pleasant light of the moon enveloped me, making me feel a very strange sensation: it was as if the presence of the moon, our sacred star, ceased to be in the sky to enter my body and inhabit my chest.

The presence of the Moon ended up taking over my entire being, physically and spiritually speaking, its light completely enveloped all my soft and pale skin while the lunar energy penetrated through all the holes in my body, invading me completely. What had to happen happened, at that moment I understood that I was destined to be possessed by our divine Goddess Venus through her sacred star and so it was. It was an extremely pleasant experience but at the same time impossible to explain or narrate. I enjoyed an orgasm, if it could be called “an orgasm”, because I had never reached an orgasm without caressing myself, and my hands were still at all times. My throat launched towards the full moon a deep feminine cry of pleasure and happiness, making it very clear that that star, from the night sky, had taken me and possessed me absolutely. It was like a baptism, like a new resurgence.

I didn’t caress myself for even an instant, but that discharge of PLEASURE in capital letters had absolutely nothing to do with an orgasm, at least not with the ones I had enjoyed up to that moment. I would not dare to say that it was more or less intense, because what I felt could not be compared to anything. Suddenly all the pain of menstruation disappeared. My body only felt pleasure and relaxation, my soul only felt power and positive energy.

I returned to my house slowly, but I had a strange feeling inside me, it was as if the Moon with all its splendor had left the sky to inhabit my interior, my chest. I walked and felt as if I were floating, as if I were totally light and airy. Upon entering the bedroom my husband was sleeping, I lay down next to it on the bed while my mind tried to analyze what had happened but was not able, it was a mystical experience, it would be something like an “astral travel” . My eyes filled with tears of happiness that quickly flowed down my cheeks. I noticed that I had managed to find my authentic feminine essence and I knew that, from that moment on, I would no longer be the same woman. For a moment I thought of waking up my husband and telling it about my mystical experience with the Moon, with the sacred star that our Goddess Venus used to communicate with us, women, but I immediately got the idea out of my head, it is a man and couldn’t understand it. A man will never be able to understand what lives inside a woman.

During the days after this mystical experience with our sacred star, I felt strong, determined, cheerful and happy; my self-confidence grew exponentially. Every time I saw myself in the mirror I smiled and my self-esteem increased more and more.

I was so excited that I decided to contact L70288H (Tyron), as I was intrigued as to what it would be like to experience a sexual orgasm after the mystical experience I had with the Moon. Would I feel pleasure again? How would I feel? How would I feel its huge black cock inside my white belly? Of course my husband licks my sacred vulva for my personal pleasure, but even though it tries its best and gives me really pleasurable cunnilingus, any of these cunnilingus can not be compared to feeling a huge cock ejaculating inside me. The truth is that I felt a little scared because I didn’t know what would happen but I was also very curious. That experience with the full moon had transformed my day to day and I wondered how it had transformed me sexually, if I was, or not, the same ardent and passionate woman when I enjoyed sex with my lover.

So I made an date with L70288H just for the full moon night of the next month after my mystical experience. My husband prepared a romantic dinner for us, just as I requested. But the experience did not turn out as I expected, I cannot say that it was simply “pleasant” but neither was it “traumatic” far from it. Simply at a moment I escaped and had a kind of astral travel that had nothing to do with what I had felt up to that moment.

Everything started well, with a romantic dinner prepared and served by my husband, as I have already mentioned. L70288H (Tyron) was more attractive than usual, I don’t know if it was the wine or the fact that it was being respectful to my husband that night, but while we were having dinner and it was talking to me, my sacred vulva was getting more and more wet and soaked intimate flow. I wanted to finish dinner and that my lover would take me with passion, as I like to be penetrated.

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I am citizen L70884H from “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”. I have to say that this is my name “L70884H”, apparently I had another identity before that night in which it could be said that I was “born again” but that doesn’t matter, until the day I die I will be named as “L70884H”.

I don’t remember much about what my life was like before that experience. I remember that I met my queen, Luise, a long time ago, her husband introduced us. Since the moment I met her I began to desire her: her skin so white and soft, her sensual look, her pale attractive body. My weakness was white and married women. So I was a stupid young man, I even had the nerve to make fun of Luise’s husband. I was dropping hints about the power of alpha male over beta and similar nonsense. That was how I was until that night that I will never forget. My queen’s husband called me for a romantic date. I enjoyed it, I loved caressing her soft pale skin, pressing my fingers into her smooth cool body and, of course, I loved penetrating her, invading her elastic and supple vagina slowly but with determination. I remember her expressions of intense pleasure when I was fitting my huge black cock deep inside her. That night was very different: After dinner I hugged her from behind her and led my queen slowly to the bed. I remember it was hot, so her husband opened the window and drew the curtains, the light of the full moon came directly into the bedroom. “It will be the first time that the full moon witnesses how I make love to a woman” I thought to myself. Mrs. Luise, my current queen, was different, I noticed her differently than other times, she had a peculiar sparkle in her eyes and acted with a determination and security that I had not felt until that moment. Also I noticed how her vagina, as well as her entire vulva, were immediately and abundantly lubricated. After a few kisses and caresses her intimate flow invaded her flower completely. This greatly facilitated the penetration and pleasure of both. We were enjoying when suddenly she straddled me, pressing my chest with her hands and leaving all the weight of her body on my lower abdomen (my crotch), ensuring a complete penetration in which she was the one who dominated me and totally controlled the act. Suddenly her vagina and her entire vulva tightened in such a way that I could not move, that vulva had completely blocked my penis and it was absolutely impossible for me to get it out of her vagina or get rid of its pressure. That woman had trapped me inside her. I got scared, I got really scared, and my reaction was immediate: I tried to protest. “What the hell is this?!” I wanted to scream but my lips froze at the sight of her eyes. Those blue eyes were no longer just beautiful, now they scrutinized my gaze, it’s not that they were staring at me, it’s that they were penetrating me with impunity, that feminine gaze invaded my male brain and Mrs. Luise penetrated my mind, my head, taking possession of it, invading it, enslaving it and subduing it without any resistance from me. I just couldn’t avoid it.

I wanted to scream, scream in terror and fear, but the scream immediately caught in my throat before it started. The look of that almighty goddess had taken my whole head, she penetrated my mouth, froze my tongue, my palate, my throat, my oral cords, I felt how she was conquering my whole body slowly. My heart started pounding so hard that I was only able to hear the mighty beat of it.

Suddenly, Mrs. Luise’s eyes changed and dozens, hundreds… THOUSANDS of female gazes began to penetrate my mind. In fact, through the almighty eyes of that woman, all the women of history entered me: the women who inhabited the matriarchy during the Neolithic, the phoenicians, the pharaohs, the greeks, the romans, the scientific women, the women female fighters, the witches mercilessly burned by the patriarchy, the soviet heroines who reached Venus, and so on.

Through the magical eyes of Sister Louise ALL women entered inside my being and freely took possession of my body, subduing it, bending it, making me feel insignificant, a simple toy, nothing more than fun, entertainment for them. They made me feel small and ridiculous in front of their almighty feminine presence. The strangest thing of all is that I was no longer scared but quite the opposite: the fear had disappeared and a feeling of pleasant tranquility, calm and security ran through my entire body. Peace, calm, and complete relaxation left my body at the mercy of all those women who did what they wanted with it. I felt as if my masculine being had been created to be taken, to be owned, to be enslaved by those feminine beings, directed and captained by that divine GODDESS, Sister Louise. It was as if my body had become a garden full of beautiful fruit trees, apple trees, and all those women entered laughing, singing, jumping, dancing with joy and, in complete communion, devoured with pleasure those sweet fruits, those apples, in which all the organs of my body had become. Suddenly they stopped laughing and eating, Madame Luise, transformed into a sacred goddess, entered the garden and all the women knelt before her. She had all the power and all those women showed her respect and adoration.

Suddenly I woke up, the Goddess Luise kissed my mouth, but it was not a kiss, it was the taking of my body, my soul and my being by right of conquest. She was a woman, a goddess, I was a man, therefore she had the right to take me, to own me, to enslave me, to submit me. I realized at that moment that this was not sex, this was a possession ritual that she had practiced with me and since then I stopped being a person to become a being whose sole purpose is to please the Goddess Heike. I looked at her husband, it had a smile between satisfied and submissive, I noticed its eyes fixed on me, and it was then that I understood that my destiny was linked to its. That both, her husband and I, would spend the rest of our male lives serving our sacred GODDESS that she used us as she pleased, like a cat when it plays with a little mouse and amuses itself with the small creature, making it suffer as it pleases.

Sister Heike

That was superior to me, because I noticed that my body was simply a channel, a kind of “messenger”. Already, since dinner with Tyron (L70884H) I felt strange. Once we got to bed I noticed that my vagina was fully lubricated. This time it wasn’t necessary for my husband to give me pre-penetration cunnilingus like it always does (using its skillful wet tongue) every time Tyron, or any of my big-cock lovers, come over to love me. From the moment L70884H hugged me from behind and we started kissing, I felt as if my body wasn’t mine, as if it were possessed by a powerful and strange being. At one point I sat astride its penis to feel it deep inside me and from then on everything was like a movie, as if I had left my body and was seeing everything that was happening from the outside. My female organs got hard completely unconsciously. My vagina tightened completely trapping my lover’s penis, which was no longer large or small, neither hard nor flaccid because it no longer existed, my body had simply taken it, had swallowed it completely. At that moment my organism was no longer mine but belonged to our Goddess Venus and it was the sacred goddess who took possession of that penis, and with it the entire male body, to transform it into a real man: into a being who would dedicate the rest of its life to please women, in a tool at the service of our matriarchal republic. Suddenly something extraordinary happened: my lover’s body gradually lost its shape, its hair disappeared, its size changed, until it became a female body. Tyron (L70884H) had disappeared and in front of me was an attractive girl with skin much darker than mine, a beautiful pregnant woman with a huge, black and wonderful belly. That afro woman offered me her belly and I leaned towards it to kiss it tenderly.

My lips gently brushed that dark navel with the intention of kissing it very tenderly while I felt the sweet and fruity fragrance of the future, but very close, motherhood. I leaned in front of that sacred womb and tenderly kissed its navel. Then I looked directly into the eyes of that woman and she smiled at me with complicity, feminine complicity.

I opened my eyes and there was Tyron (L70884H) with that beautiful motherly smile etched on its masculine face. But its smile froze and suddenly I noticed how my vagina and my womb absorbed all the vital essence of that boy, how an abundant amount of hot liquid gushed in my belly. That had nothing to do with a normal ejaculation, it was as if my vagina and my belly absorbed with infinite energy all the vital essence of the one who, until then, had been my lover. At that moment L70884H appeared again, melting inside me as a liquid. My womb absorbed it completely, took possession of its male essence freely… And that was when I reached my first HEAVENLY ECSTASY.

It has absolutely nothing to do with a normal orgasm. What I experienced at that moment was etched in my heart, in my belly, in my sex, in my chest, in my whole body. I felt how my feminine essence reached its fullness and was aware of the privilege I was experiencing. It was extremely pleasurable, but it has nothing to do with the ordinary orgasm. I would define that, I could qualify it as “astral orgasm” since the pleasure emanated from the Goddess Venus and our sacred Moon. I could say that at that moment I reached my fullness as a woman and I was aware that the emptiness that had lived inside me until that moment was closing, disappearing from my entrails forever.

The almighty Goddess Venus had used my body to subdue the stupid and overbearing male. Her divine presence entered inside Tyron’s body, she unceremoniously possessed it and shattered, literally shattered, its masculinity, making it disappear. Once released, the goddess had no difficulty in connecting with the feminine essence that inhabits every man from the moment of being created, the one known as “maternal sage”. It was at that moment, when the Goddess Venus illuminated Tyron’s maternal sage, connected me with it and that made me experience my first astral orgasm, my first celestial ecstasy.

Since then my body has absorbed all the ability to feel pleasure from my lover (L70884H), I have taken over its joy. Although it could be said that I have not done it but our Goddess Venus to whom I am grateful. Men have not been created to feel pleasure but to serve and obey us, women. When the sacred Goddess Venus awakens the “maternal sage” that dwells within every man, she completely annuls its masculine capacity to feel pleasure to turn it into a slave at the service of the superior gender, the feminine. I must confess that I, sister Luise, am proud to have the privilege of having been chosen by the Goddess Venus to fulfill this mission: subdue the arrogant and stupid male, annul its toxic masculinity to turn it into a real man, a slave at our service, at the permanent service of our beloved matriarchal republic. My whole body belongs to our Goddess Venus: my skin, my flesh, my muscles, my bones, my hair andevery inch of my pale skin are owned by her and are at the service of the sacred femininity.



That experience left my cock useless for penetration, since that night my penis no longer gets hard since it lost all its sensitivity. When I notice my bladder is full and I go to the toilet to urinate, I am not able to feel when the stream of urine is going to pass through the urethra, so since then I have to urinate sitting on the toilet, as if I were a woman. Goddess Luise forces me to wear a chastity belt, so I have bought several models from The Vice and offered them to her so that she can enclose my penis to her liking. Every time she wants to play, or laugh, using my penis she opens the cage and has free fun with it. In fact it is not totally true that my penis never gets hard, Goddess Luise is able to make it fully erect, but unfortunately my cock is still as cold as ever and I still feel absolutely nothing despite being erect. I don’t care about it because my situation may seem humiliating to many men but, as I say, since the Goddess Luise took me that night and ordered me to enter to “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” that I have found my true meaning in life: serve my goddess and our matriarchal republic for the rest of my male life. A real man has the moral obligation to please women, adore and obey them, and that is where the authentic masculine essence lies: in perpetual servitude to the women who live around men.

My goddess Luise told me that, before the magical experience that night, I was a disgusting macho man and said stupid things, like that men are divided into alpha and beta males depending on whether they are capable of dominating the female or not, the “prize”. It seems that women were like a “prize” for me then. She also said that I made fun of her husband with childish and immature comments. The truth is that I don’t remember it and I don’t really care either because I can’t go back and for me the important thing is what I do now, not what I did in the past. Since I was reborn (since the Goddess Luise, using her feminine magic, made me reborn) I have only one thing clear: I will dedicate the rest of my days to obeying her, in addition to working to make our matriarchal republic bigger and to develop gynecocracy, women’s liberation, and girl power throughout the world.

Sister Heike

That experience has changed me forever, now I use citizen L70884H and my husband, I have them besides me, like lapdogs, they obey all my orders. I often show them my bare ass so they can kiss my buttocks tenderly, each one of them chooses a buttock and kneels behind me to kiss it submissively, they start kissing slowly and increase the pace faster and faster, I love it and I enjoy it a lot because I feel adored and pleased, as the woman I am. In addition, I force each of them to wear a penis cage. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I release L70884H’s penis and make it hard even if it has no sensitivity. It’s a strange feeling, because it’s like playing with an artificial, rubber cock, since, despite getting hard and big, it always remains completely cold. Sometimes I laugh at how peculiar it is to have a huge erect but completely cold cock in your hands. I do it freely, every time I feel like it I laugh and L70884H doesn’t care, it treats me like a sacred goddess and, in fact, it has a reason because, since the night I noticed how the full moon possessed me that, something divine inhabits inside my female body, beyond my feminine essence which is sacred in itself. It is great to see how I have made L70884H change, well in fact to see how the Goddess Venus has transformed L70884H through my body. I remember how macho man and stupid it was time ago and now I can laugh in its face at its cold, caged, penis and it smiles meekly at me. I cannot forget that with L70884H I enjoyed my first heavenly orgasm, that is why I will never part with it, I will never sell or rent it.

In my day to day I don’t have to worry about anything at all, my two slaves take care of everything: cleaning, cooking, doing all the errands I send them. They live for me, to please me, as it should be. Of course, I control the economy, both at home and at work, and I am the one who decides on expenses and income. As it should be, I continue to study our religion and our laws. Periodically I contact with other sisters to make debates and exchange ideas and opinions freely. I also sometimes contact venereal women and priestesses and we talk about our sacred history. Of course I am very discreet about my experience with the full moon and our Goddess Venus, but I can’t help but smile when I think that while they work to get closer to our divine Goddess, somehow Venus dwells inside me.

When I feel like enjoying a heavenly orgasm, I use my two slaves to look for a macho man, if possible with a big penis, so that our sacred goddess destroys its disgusting masculinity, to transform it into our servant and make it a citizen of our matriarchal republic. Since the Goddess Venus took me that night of the full moon, through my divine body, she subjugates macho men, annuls them and turns them into submissive citizens of “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”. I’ve already slaved dozens of stupid macho men. With the help of my two servants, my husband and L70884H, I set up a date with it on a full moon night and Goddess Venus does everything else until I reach my well-deserved astral ecstasy. I am no longer the owner of my body, but I am proud to feel, to know, that Venus, our sacred goddess is the one who uses my being for the gynecocratic cause, for the cause of female liberation, of matriarchy. Our Goddess Venus uses my body to help our mothers Eva and Lilith to meet, to love each other, and to subjugate the stupid macho man in a definitive and complete way, as it is written in our Sacred History.

If time ago I liked to show my free body, now I adore it, for me it is a sign of strength, of feminine power. My body is sacred, my body is divine, that’s why I love showing it off, that’s why I get naked whenever I feel like it and I’m comfortable. I often order one or both of my slaves (my husband or L70884H) to take pictures of me, to portray my body and thus show it freely. Then I upload my photos to social networks, so that the world proudly appreciates how powerful we, women and girls, are. I am happy thinking how they admire the divinity of the female body.

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