Our sisters infiltrated in macho societies have informed us, dear women from patriarchy, that in recent years the false message of the supposed “equality” between women and men is being launched in your society. This message makes sense: the patriarchy knows that it can no longer keep the male in power for much longer and has decided to invent this lie to confuse the minds of women and, in this way, buy time.

Dear friends from patriarchal societies: on this page we are going to show you how women and men are very different and, in addition to that, how we (females) are clearly superior to males. It is important that you assume this reality, because accepting it will help you in the integration process in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. We understand that accepting it may cost you considering that, since you were little, you have been educated with the aberrant and false idea that women and men are equal or that men are superior to us, but it is worth making the effort to accept the reality. On this page we will show you that, in addition to being different, we women are superior to men. At the bottom of the page you will find an exercise proposal to finish assimilating the basic and necessary concepts in our matriarchal society.


a) Character

The feminine character is totally different from the masculine, women are made to lead, to command, while men are specially designed, by mother nature, to obey and fulfill our feminine orders. The female presence produces in the male a deep sense of inferiority and security, at the same time, because his emotional memory recalls that he was fed by a woman during his first months of life. Recent studies show it, the secret lies in the hormones: estrogens, abundant in female individuals, generate a feeling of power, well-being, balance and self-confidence that male individuals are unable to experience, since Testosterone, especially abundant in men, generates emotional imbalances, a feeling of insecurity and nervousness. In conclusion: men seek tranquility and security in the presence of women and do not hesitate to submit to the feminine will and obey the ladies in order to continue enjoying that feminine presence that gives them so much serenity.

b) Body

The female and male bodies are very different and not only at the genital level but also in aspects such as: the distribution of fat, skin, muscle composition or bone mass.


As we can see with the naked eye, the genitals are the body area that most differentiates women from men. The most notable difference lies in the large number of genital protection systems that women have compared to the absolute lack of protection by the male genitalia. In addition to the protection systems, based on cushions of fat, the anatomical shape of the female genitalia ensures almost complete protection, compared to the null protection of the shape of the male genitalia. The aerodynamic shape of both organs also notably favor women, because when moving, running or not, the inevitable tilting movement will cause the male genitalia to be more subject to mishaps: bumps, snags, crushing, painful elongations, and so on. On the other hand, the female genitalia, being internal, will not suffer any kind of discomfort or mishap. And it is that it seems that our mother nature has designed the male genitalia with the intention of making man suffer. The only protection that men have is the foreskin, a thin layer of skin that surrounds the glans and protects it from cold or heat, but not from blows. On the other hand, the female genitalia are surrounded by three large cushions of fat that protect them from both temperature and shock, as well as regulating humidity. These are the mount of Venus (1) and the labia majora (2).

As for sexual pleasure, we can see how women have two elastic and extensive organs provided with countless nerve endings whose function is none other than to provide us with pleasure: the clitoris and the labia minora, which will be suitably hydrated and lubricated by the Bartholin’s glands in order to avoid any type of rubbing or scratching. On the other hand, the male genitalia only have one point of pleasure, the frenulum (responsible for connecting the glans with the foreskin) and it is far from having the large number of pleasurable nerve endings that the female genitalia have. In addition, the male genitalia do not enjoy adequate hydration or lubrication either, which makes the mucous membranes more sensitive to chafing and scratching.

Finally, the ergonomic position of the male genitalia forces the man to be leaning forward, or to get on all fours to protect them, while the woman, placed in the position she decides to place herself, will always have her genitals protected. We, girls, can perfectly stand up straight and look straight ahead, and our genitals will still be fully protected.

Body composition

As you can all see, the body composition of women is very different from that of men. We women have 9% less muscle mass and 3% less bone mass than men. But the most notable difference is found in the proportion of fat: 27% of the female body is fat, while in the male body fat only represents 15%. This fact may go unnoticed but we must bear in mind that almost 80% of our brain is made up of water and lipids (fat). In other words: the female brain will work better, much more efficiently than the male, since it will have more than enough fat as well as better water reserves. Muscle tissue needs large amounts of water to function, as the female body has 9% less muscle tissue than the male, we have that the female brain has greater reserves of water and fat to work better than the male one.

To summarize: the greater amount of muscle tissue and bone mass in men tells us that they were created to do hard and tiring work. While the higher proportion of fat and water released (by having less muscle mass) of the female body teaches us that women were created to think, reflect and make decisions. That is to say: women must think, command and make decisions while men are created to obey our feminine orders and do the tasks and jobs that are ordered.

It is this biological difference that is essential in the fact that, in the Constitution of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic women are considered persons with full legal rights while men are classified in a legal status similar to that of animals. Logically, values such as moral sense, conscience, intelligent criteria or human dignity can only be achieved by the female brain, that is, by women. Mental resources, basic for the development of advanced societies, such as cunning or double meaning will not be within the reach of simple and primary brains, such as animal brains, including that of man.

Distribution of fat in the body

Women have much better fat distribution throughout our body: neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and others. On the other hand, men accumulate fat mainly in the abdomen and a little in the buttocks. This uniform distribution of fat throughout the body means that women have more balance than men, since weight and mass are distributed fairly evenly, minimizing imbalances when walking or running. In addition, we women enjoy greater protection against blows or falls since the fat acts as a cushion, thus reducing the intensity of possible impacts.

In other words: Mother Nature (or the goddess Venus) designed us with the intention of minimizing the number of falls and accidents as well as minimizing possible damage in the event of an accident. While men, by nature, do not have as much balance as we do or a protection system, shock absorption, as perfect as ours.

c) Brain

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, the woman’s brain works more, and better, than the man’s one due to the greater availability of lipids (fats) and water that it has available. That is why our feminine mind works faster than the male mind, and not only in speed, our neurons are much better interconnected with each other, so we, women, consider more variables and relevant aspects before making a decision, that is why our decisions will be better thought out and mature than male decisions, which by nature are more primary and simple, more animal in character.

The interconnections between the hemispheres of the brain are greater in the female than in the male, which is why we, women, see problems from various angles and that notably helps and enriches decision-making.

d) Swimming

The uniform distribution of fat in the female body makes women superior to men in swimming as well, since we have an advantage in the uniformity of our body’s buoyancy and, therefore, we are faster than men in this sport , since the effort that the male body uses to stay afloat is used by the female body in the exercise of aquatic movement.

e) Walking

The anatomy of the female body reveals two aspects that seem specially designed to facilitate the act of walking: to begin with, our buttocks tend to accumulate adipose tissue (fat), increasing the protection of our coccyx and avoiding any possible damage to our spine. In addition, by having a wider hip (to make pregnancy possible), women can walk firmly and safely, taking advantage of the force of the earth in much more optimal conditions than men do. Walking firmly gives us self-confidence, thus increasing our self-esteem. The volume/weight ratio of our hips, thighs, breasts and legs makes us walk in resonance with the energy of our mother Earth, thanks to which our period is regulated according to the will of the Earth and our goddess Venus. When walking, a balance is produced between our female body and the energy of the Earth, which is why we stumble much less than men and have far fewer accidents than them, according to multiple studies carried out by our sisters.

The patriarchy has always worked to make it difficult for women to walk, it is with this intention that they invented the high heel. In patriarchal societies, women are sold shoes with heels to avoid contact of our feet with our mother earth as much as possible and, in this way, lose feminine self-confidence.

On the other hand, it is fully demonstrated that the agility, elasticity and flexibility of the female body is clearly superior to that of the male. We surpass men in elasticity, because our sacred goddess created us like water to be able to adapt to everything. In this way we can adapt more easily to our environment and to the world that surrounds us and of which we are a part.

f) Voice

You will have noticed, dear friends raised in the patriarchy, how our men immediately obey our feminine orders without wasting time, they do so immediately and without stopping for a second to reflect on the type of order received from the female mouth. It may be hard to believe, but our males do not receive any kind of education to make them obey our orders, they just do it spontaneously, because it comes from within them. And it is that men are designed to obey us, and the secret is in our voice. Our scientific sisters have managed to show that the female voice exhausts the male brain. In a subtle way, without the man being able to notice it, our tone of voice manages, in a very short period of time, to tire the man’s mind, disarming its brain, leaving it totally defenseless and ready to obey our female orders. If in the patriarchy they do not do it, they do not obey our orders, it is because the macho and misogynistic society teaches them, from a young age, not to obey women, to rebel and stand up (stupidly) to feminine orders. And this aspect is one of the keys to understanding the social situation in patriarchal societies: wars, fights, violence, murders, aggression, and so on, in contrast to the peace and balance that we enjoy in our matriarchal republic. The Universal Gynecocratic Republic is an oasis of tranquility and happiness because men obey our female orders without a second’s hesitation. The female voice provokes in men the need to obey, since it completely exhausts the male brain to such an extent that the male (unconsciously) prefers to obey immediately, nullifying its rudimentary ability to think, so that it ends up obeying without reflecting.

g) Feet

Our feet have more nerve connections than those of men, these connections link us with Mother Earth and with the Goddess Venus, as we can read in our sacred history, women were born connected with the Earth and, through it, also with Moon. From the Earth we receive energy, warmth and wisdom, while the Moon connects us with the Goddess Venus. That is why our gynecocratic republic incorporates the ritual of the feet as mandatory. You will have noticed how many sisters put their males to adore them and massage their feet, it is important. In fact, in most of our homes, the sisters, once a day, lie in bed with their daughters and relax together while the male (or males) of the house, on their knees and from the edge of the bed, it massages, and adores, their female feet one by one.

Conclusion: Men were born to obey, to work and to suffer, while women were born to think, to decide, to command and to enjoy pleasure. And it is not only our genitals that are different: Mother Nature (the divine Goddess Venus) created us with very different intentions: designing women to command, govern, enjoy and feel pleasure and men, on the other hand, to obey and suffer. Women have 12% essential fat, while men only 3%, if we consider that practically the entire brain is fat, that explains why women are much more intelligent than men. Recent studies show that the female brain tends to reflect and combine ideas and concepts, while the male brain tends to simply receive and send orders. That is why men were born to obey and we women to think, decide, and command.


Borrow a man from any of our sister shows, or rent a male from one of our agencies, and for a weekend you must take a good look at him as you make him stand at attention with palms outstretched and gaze fixed on the horizon. Compare what it says here with what you see. You will be able to appreciate how everything explained on this page corresponds to reality. Pay special attention to the genitals, do not hesitate to hit them or give them the occasional kick, if you wish, to verify that what this article says is true. We assume that you, women educated in the patriarchy, have not had the opportunity to experiment in this way with the male body, but do not fear or be intimidated by our men if you consider it necessary to cause them pain, do it freely without any remorse or shame, that’s what men are for.

Your attention please: Would you like to become a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and to have free and full access to the whole web?

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