The ballerina of plumb


Once upon a time, in a far away country (or not so far away), there were three girls who were sisters and loved each other very much, their names were Claudia, Julia and Laura. Despite being sisters, each one of them was very different from the others.

Claudia was studious and diligent, she loved to observe the world and always asked herself questions about the why of things. Julia was delicate and sweet, she loved art and watching ballet. Finally Laura was very active, she loved sports, competition and epic military stories.

When Matria 1, a general holiday in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”, approached, the three girls thought about what gifts to ask their two mothers for, on this date mothers used to give their daughters toys and various gifts and presents.

Claudia asked for a science game, Julia a collection of ballet dancers and Laura a miniature representation of “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” our glorious army that once managed to defeat the patriarchy and subdue men.

The three sisters really loved each other, despite being very different.

Finally, Matria 1st arrived, the first day of the year, and when they woke up, the three girls found their gifts at the foot of their beds. Claudia opened her science game and began to play. Julia jumped for joy when she saw how her collection of 25 ballet dancers that she wanted so much was at the foot of her bed and she immediately began to place them next to each other by the window. Laura was also very happy with her miniature reproduction of our glorious female army and she began to arrange them in formation on a table.

Julia placed her collection of 25 ballerinas by the window.
Laura, the younger sister, placed her reproduction of soldiers on a table.

The three sisters played with their new toys tirelessly, unaware of the passage of time, until their mothers forced them to go to sleep, as it was already too late. The three girls collected their toys and went to sleep.


At night time…

At night time the toys came to life: while the girls slept, the ballerinas began to dance and the soldiers began to fight.

Julia’s ballerinas got into formation to do beautiful ballet steps, all of them, the 25 dancers, in perfect coordination began to perform choreographies of famous works such as “The Nutcracker” or “Swan Lake”. All of them were agile, slender and flexible, all except one that was made of plumb and, therefore, had neither the agility nor the flexibility of her 24 companions. The ballerina of plumb found it very difficult to keep up with the rhythm and she always had to make an enormous effort to keep up with her companions and, in this way, not spoil the choreographies.

All the ballerinas, jumping and doing numbers in which they had to separate their legs, happily showed off their divine and colorful vulvas. All except “the plumb ballerina” whose vulva was metallic in tone, the color of lead.

For all this, “the plumb ballerina” felt ashamed of her vulva, she felt miserable and did not dance with complete freedom. She was always sad, despite trying to give an image of joy to her companions. For some strange reason, she had to be different from her companions, she had to be made of lead, that heavy, metallic-colored material. Nobody knew her name because they all used that term “the lead dancer” to refer to her. She often asked herself why she was different from the others, why her vulva couldn’t be brightly colored, like the vulvae of her companions.

For its part, the army of “The Universal Gynecocratic Army“, Laura’s toy, began to battle and practice combat strategies.

The sister soldiers began to fight and, with discipline and martial order, they began to practice different military tactics, both defending and attacking. The women’s armed forces must always be prepared to face a hypothetical new masculine liberation army that intends to impose, once again, the infamous patriarchy.

All the soldier sisters of “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” proudly showed their weapons in combat attitude, making themselves worthy of the fame of brave women who risked their lives and their physical integrity to defend the dignity of all the girls and women of the world; honoring the memory of the famous female warriors who managed to subdue men by defeating the infamous “Male Resistance Army”. Later, during the time of invasion attempts on our matriarchal republic by male armies from neighboring patriarchal countries, our great-grandmothers and grandmothers managed to defeat each and every one of those patriarchal invasion attempts by enslaving as many male soldiers as they could.

The women of the world should not, nor can we, forget how, in all those battles, our ancestors did not give truce, not even for a second, to all those male armies. Finally our sisters achieved an epic ending the patriarchy around the world not without sacrifices, as some soldier sisters lost their lives or were permanently maimed.

One of the soldiers, unfortunately, had lost her leg, from the knee down and, despite fighting and following the orders of her superiors to the best of her ability, unfortunately, she was not able to keep up with her companions. She must have fallen into some mine laid by the male army during the matriarchal revolution that once subjugated men and freed women from the patriarchal yoke.

The ballerinas rehearsed such a beautiful choreography with such pleasant music that the soldiers gradually stopped struggling to watch the fantastic ballet show offered by the dancers.

Some sisters soldiers warned each other: “Look at the wonderful choreography that the ballerinas do. They also show their charming colored vulvas with a pleasant smile on their faces. Those dancers are adorable. Stop fighting and let’s all go together to admire them.”

The soldiers left the battles for another night and began to admire the ballet dancers. They all commented, among themselves, how well they danced, the freshness and joy they conveyed, and how beautiful their colored vulvas were, which they happily showed in each pirouette.

The only ballerina who left all the sister soldiers indifferent was the “ballerina of plumb”, her movements were clumsy and heavy and her vulva was a dull metallic color, like lead. None of the sister soldiers paid attention or made admiring comments to the “ballerina of plumb” only the soldier with a single leg noticed her. She noticed how that neutral facial expression and those sad eyes, the color of plumb, exuded a delicacy and a sensitivity that, step by step, movement by movement and pirouette by pirouette, first captivated her and then made her fell in love with that ballerina.

The “ballerina of plumb” also noticed that lame soldier who was missing a leg and began to admire her courage, her effort and her dedication in each military exercise. So from a deep mutual admiration an impossible love was born between that ballerina of plumb and that lame soldier.

Unfortunately, fate was going to separate those two women. Julia immediately noticed that one of her dancers was different from the others because she was metallic in color and weighed much more than her other 24 ballerinas, so she asked Claudia, her “scientist” sister about that figure. “This ballerina is made of plumb, Julia, that’s why she weighs much more than the others.” So the girl decided to separate that ballerina from the others so that she would not interfere with the ballet choreographies. Julia put the ballerina of plumb by the window. One afternoon a strong storm shook the window and precipitated the ballerina of plumb into the street. Shortly after, two little girls who were playing in the rain found her and put her on a paper boat to make her navigate in a small torrent of water that flowed into a sewer. So the ballerina of plumb, mounted on that little paper boat, plunged into the city sewer. There a huge rat began to scream asking her if she had already paid the toll for that sewer. The ballerina of plumb did not respond and immediately the rat yelled at her companions “Stop her, she hasn’t paid the toll!”

Finally, the ballerina of plumb ended up in the sea, where the paper boat fell apart and she, being made of plumb, plunged into the depths of the ocean. The ballerina of plumb thought it was the end and the only regret she had was not being able to see her beloved woman again, the brave lame sister soldier. At that moment everything was dark, a huge mouth swallowed her: a fish swallowed the ballerina of plumb. But, shortly after being swallowed, a fisherwoman, who fished in the area, caught the fish and, once on land, took it to the fish market to sell it. Mayra, one of the mothers of the three girls (the three little sisters), thought about cooking fish for that same night and went to the fish market buying, among other pieces, the same fish that had swallowed the ballerina of plumb a few hours before. So when she got home and opened the belly of the fish with a knife, to cook it, she found the ballerina of plumb. Mayra immediately called her daughter Julia who began to jump for joy when she was able to recover her lost ballerina.

“I will never separate you from the other ballerinas!” Julia told her in live happy tears. “I should never have separated you from your classmates, you are just another dancer!”

So the two lovers met again by the whim of fate. At night the toys continued to come to life, the sisters soldiers of the female army continued with their military exercises until the ballerinas began their choreographies, at which time the soldiers suspended their military maneuvers to admire those extraordinary ballet dances. Of course the two figures, the ballerina of plumb and the lame soldier, continued to love each other from the distance.

Winter arrived, one of the coldest in living memory, so Mayra and Nora, the two mothers of the three girls, lit the fireplace every night so that the whole family could sleep warm. One night with a full moon, Julia, just before going to sleep, left the ballerina of plumb, along with her companions, very close to the fireplace.

Coincidentally that same night, the two women (the two mothers of the three sisters) added extra fuel to the wood so that it would burn better and thus heat the whole house well. Once the whole family fell asleep, the toys, like every night, came to life. The army began to carry out its military maneuvers, but they were attentive, as usual, at the start of the dancers’ rehearsal, but it never came. The ballerinas, with the heat so strong emanating from the fireplace, did not dare to start the rehearsal for fear of fainting due to the heat. So all the ballerinas remained lying down, or sitting without moving, all of them except one…

Noticing the intense heat of the fire, the ballerina of plumb gained elasticity, agility and resistance and began to do pirouettes, jumps and exercises that surprised her 24 companions and aroused their admiration for those numbers that they were not capable of performing. The 24 companions of the ballerina of plumb stopped sitting or lying down, got up and, all at once, began to applaud with joy and deep admiration. The soldiers suspended, as every night, the military maneuvers, but this time to see only the performance of the ballerina of plumb who, completely naked, danced with an energy and joy that pleasantly surprised all the toys, while through the window they looked like the full moon shone from the sky with all its splendor. The soldiers fell in love with those sensual movements and with that body that had taken on a shiny metallic hue. It was as if a goddess had incarnated as a ballerina and enchanted all the toys with that dance that, despite not ceasing to be ballet, seemed to represent a sacred ritual.

The hours passed and the 24 dancers got tired of applauding, but the ballerina of plumb dancer never got tired, she seemed moved by a supernatural energy that made her dance with more and more passion. That metallic and shiny body focused all the attention, it was as if that night there were only fire, the full moon and that semi-divine body whose metallic and shiny skin reflected the light of our sacred star, the moon.

Little by little the ballerina of plumb moved closer and closer to the fireplace. She continued with her dances, jumps and exercises but in an almost imperceptible way she got closer to fire, the fourth element of creation after the air, the water and the mud. The pirouettes and jumps that the ballerina of plumb peformed in the air drew magical silhouettes on the fire that enchanted all the sister soldiers who admired her incessantly. At one point, the ballerina of plumb threw herself facedown against the ground, spreading her legs and showing her vulva to everyone present. At that moment they realized that, during the entire dance, the ballerina of plumb had never shown her vulva until then. The sight of the beautiful vulva drove all the soldier sisters crazy, to the point that they began to sway back and forth trying to lose their balance to fall on that divine vulva and thus be able to touch it. The ballerina of plumb was practically touching the flames and therefore the soldier who landed on her vulva would not be able to survive the fire, but that didn’t matter to the sisters of “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” who continued to sway non-stop. The only soldier sister who managed to lose her balance and fall on the vulva of the ballerina of plumb was the lame soldier because, having only one leg, she was able to do so. So she was the only one who managed to reach the much-desired vulva.

And that’s how, in front of the admiration of all the toys, the ballerina of plumb and the lame soldier (with only one leg) caressing that divine silver vulva, melted together in front of the fire, embraced, in love. The two female lovers were together forever.

The next day the three girls saw how a beautiful heart of plumb had appeared next to the fireplace. Julia looked for the ballerina of plumb but couldn’t find her anywhere. Laura also did not find the soldier lame from her. So they went to talk to Claudia, the “scientific” sister who analyzed the lead heart (still hot), explained to her two sisters the physical properties of lead and concluded that both figures had been melted by the fire, possibly under the influence of the full moon. That impressed the three sisters who were never the same again, they kept playing with their toys, but something had changed in them.

The silhouette of the ballerina of plumb pirouetting in front of the fire remained on the retinas, the eyes, and in the minds of all the toys that would never come to life again at night time. Those toys would only feel again, and love, when the girls played with them, only and exclusively in those single moments.

That heart of lead was kept by the three sisters throughout their lives and every time the three were together they showed it to the full moon.

When the girls successively came of age, each one of them engraved their initial in the lead heart, the first was Claudia the “C”, a few months later Julia engraved her initial “J” as Claudia was born from the womb of one of his two mothers and Julia of the other. Finally it was Laura, the youngest of the three, who engraved the “L” when she turned 16, just as her two older sisters had done some years ago.

Over the years Claudia became a scientist and researched for the development of our matriarchal republic, Julia became a ballet dancer and danced in the prestigious “National Gynecocratic Ballet” and Laura reached “Commander”, the highest degree of “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” our glorious female army.

The three sisters represented during their lives the three pillars of our matriarchal republic: Science, Art and Armed Defense. That story impressed the three sisters: The three of them understood, throughout their female lives, that love between women is eternal and represents the main force of our matriarchy.

They also learned that there are no imperfect women, nor are there perfect, because we are all sacred, we are all divine from the moment our beloved Goddess Venus dwells within us. They finally understood that physical defects, depending on the situation, can become an advantage and that no vulva is ugly or rejectable, all vulvas are divine and sacred, you only need to see their point of beauty.

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