Cock cage (The Vice)

No free cocks in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic

All men and boys have to be penis caged all the time in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic of course the female owners keep the key of the cages which is given to the new owner everytime the boy is sold or rented. Since a male is 16 years old it must begin wearing a penis cage, except if the male is going to be destined for breeding farms in order to be used for reproduction.

All the time

The permanent chastity is the best option for male citizens from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, thanks to the penis cage, the man becomes more and more obedient, docile, servant and helpful to your female wishes while its balls become more and more blue, big, sore and inflated.

Playing freely

It is a natural fact: we, women, get really excited and hot seeing a penis locked. Once the boy is penis caged for us “he” becomes “it”, a toy to be used for our fun, for our entertainmentem and amusement so we play with the captive balls and laugh knowing about the inmense power and freedom it gives to us, sacred goddesses.


The penis cage is the secret of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the woman took full power once she encaged her male’s balls and cock. From that moment on, women had the opportunity to build a country tailored to the female’s will. This way girls and women show proudly the key like the powerful gynecocratic symbol it is.

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Our citizen L71224H is always penis caged

All the time

L71224H is a male citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic which is always penis caged. This citizen understand that, as the boy it is, its penis and balls have to be caged all the time in a permanent chastity like a good male citizen. As everybody know the penis quickly adapts to the comfort of a good penis cage and men become more and more obedient, docile, servant and helpful at female wishes.


Our citizen is wearing the penis cage behind the underwear like a natural fact. Of course plenty of times, above all in summer time and hot weather, the characteristic bulge attracts attention to people around. Then is when plenty of women smile inside whereas they are thinking: “Here we have a penis caged boy, sure it is a male citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”. I’m going to enslave it”.

Key for her

Women and girls from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic can keep the key of the penis cage, even they lend it from one girl to another or even women bet it when they are playing poker. Perhaps it is just a simple key, but it means the woman, or girl, who take it will have a total power over the citizen L71224H and she will be able to do with it absolutely anything what she wants or wishes.

During the history of humanity there have been different inventions that have made the world evolve: for exemple the printing press changed the world by introducing the modern age, the telephone changed society making the distances shorter and shorter introducing people in the 20th century, the internet has introduced us in the technological age and finally the penis cage has completely and definitively changed the world defeating patriarchy, ending the male society and introducing the matriarchy, a world made for women and by women. The new age for female power and male slavery is here thanks to the penis cage. Long life to The Universal Gynecocratic Republic!

If we consider the level of social change, there is no doubt: we can conclude that The Penis Cage has been the most important invention of the whole history since has caused a deep and complete revolution in the humanity.

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