Grabbing balls


Normally sisters coming from patriarchal societies are not used to grab men’s balls, unlike us, women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the most of them never grabbed a man by its meat balls.

The testicles are a symbol of power in patriarchal societies, it is for this reason that we, women, have turned them into an object of entertainment and fun, for our feminine relaxation and we use them to laugh or relax according to our needs. In this way we treat men as they deserve, while sending a clear message to the patriarchy: “Your symbol of power is fun for us, we laugh at it freely.”

Training the male mind

With the “Grabbing balls” you invade one of the most intimate areas of the man. Once you get a firm grip on its testicles, the male can’t help but focus all its attention on you and your hands squeezing its testicles. So that the man feels like his whole body and his masculine will belong to you, dear sister. The male feels as if his body has suddenly become a mere extension of your female will, a toy, YOUR toy.

Therefore, along with “pegging”, “balls grabbing” is the best way to subdue the man, but unlike this, “balls grabbing” or “balls squeezing” is easier to practice, more comfortable and faster , without the preparations or the protocols to practice typical of “pegging”: Get a strap-on, attach it to your waist, find lube…

Grabbing balls is a very comfortable way to subdue a male.

At the same time that you relax, you are training the submissive character of your male: when the male’s balls are grabbed, it feels an immediate, primal and wild need to respond with violence to free its testicles. It is then that, in the mind of your slave, a conflict occurs between its animal and violent impulse to free its genitals and its moral obligation, as a man, to endure and tolerate, with a smile on his lips, this invasion of its genitals. During all the time that you are practicing “Grabbing balls” your male will struggle in that conflict, that is, the longer your male is suffering from “balls squeezing” the more victories its duty will achieve over its primary impulse to rebel against you, its owner. In this way, it will become a more disciplined and submissive slave because it will train its mind in the absolute acceptance of your feminine authority.

If you practice the “Grabbing balls” exercises often (daily or at least once every two days) you will notice how your male becomes much more accommodating and submissive towards you and towards your feminine will, because it fears that if it does not satisfy you adequately you can smash their balls mercilessly in the next session of “balls squeezing”. It would be, dear sister, as if, through its testicles, you seized its brain and took possession of it with your hands.


Female natural superiority

When a male has been noticing for a while how you, or one of your sisters, are relentlessly crushing its testicles, it feels the need for mercy and starts to think about how to make you feel, in your own body, the pain and humiliation of someone grabbing your testicles and crushing them relentlessly. It is then when the man internalizes its natural masculine inferiority, because knowing that you do not have testicles but a vulva, the male begins to accept that Mother Nature made it inferior to women, since as you know the shape of our sacred vulva is so perfect that there is no way to grab it with the hand to squeeze it.




Our vulva is designed so that no one can grab or squeeze it. The goddess Venus designed it to prevent it from suffering any type of damage or pain, endowed it with systems of protection and cushioning of blows and (unlike the male) arranged it as an internal sexual organ, so that our own female body could serve it of protection.

In this composite of two photos we show you the main differences between male and female genitalia. You can see how the hanging shape of the testicles makes them ideal to be grabbed and squeezed simply with one hand, while our vulva cannot be grabbed or squeezed with one or two hands, as it is totally protected.

While the male genitalia have no protection anywhere, our vulva is comfortably protected by three cushions of fat (Mons de Venus on the top and labia majora on the sides).


Invite a sister born and raised in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” to teach you techniques that you can apply with your male. The most recommended exercises for you to start practicing with your man are:

A) “The pull”

You can choose the position yourself, dear sister, there are two possibilities: the first is to put your male on its feet, leaning slightly forward, with its legs apart and its ass arched upwards to leave its testicles in the air and completely helpless at your mercy.

The second position is to put it on all fours, as if it were a puppy, with its buttocks wide apart to leave its testicles dangling and completely defenseless and exposed.



Once you have the male well positioned, when it is not paying attention, come from behind and grab its testicles by surprise with the forceps, which will form your index finger and thumb, firmly strangling them to then give them a strong and accurate pull towards below.


This exercise is specially designed to work on the male’s attention so that it will train its ability to be alert at all times, since it will never know when you are going to give it the testicular pull.

B) “The dairy cow”

“I know your udders hurt, dear little cow, but Mommy is here to milk you properly.”

This exercise is designed to encourage laughter, the sense of humor and fun. Forcing your man to moo and milk it as if it were a milk cow will make you laugh while reminding your male that it is on the level of any animal.




Milking technique: press with your thumb squeezing the testicles against the palm of your hand. It’s the same pulling technique but this time sliding your thumb along its scrotal bag, as if you were moving the milk downwards.

You can put, if you want, a bucket between its knees and, to make a joke on it, you can fill it with a little milk or water with a little powder, or plaster, to make it look like milk.

Tell your male to moo from time to time, order it to imitate, with its mouth, the noise of the jet of milk falling. It’s even possible, although highly unlikely, that (if the male is not wearing its corresponding cock cage) it’ll get a boner and end up ejaculating in the bucket. If this happens, you must whip its ass savagely and mercilessly, with a punishment rod, until you make it ask for mercy between tears of pure pain.

C) “Anti-stress”

Do you often feel stressed and nervous, dear sister? Relax your stress by clenching your fingers and squeezing an object with your hand. As you know, there are rubber balls on the market, but believe me, sister, the soft and cool touch of shaved testicles will make you relax much better. Put your male on all fours and place it next to you to access its testicles comfortably.

Exercise specially designed to reduce your stress, when you feel nervous, anguished and notice general anxiety, you can download all those bad vibrations that make you uncomfortable on your male’s testicles. The testicles will absorb all those bad vibrations to leave them in your man, as it should be.




The traditional foam ball does not absorb vibrations, since it is a synthetic material, on the other hand, the testicles, being organic, are capable of absorbing all the bad feelings, anguish, nerves and bad vibrations that you have inside. Use your male as if it were a trash can where you get rid of bad instincts and negative thoughts that may worry you and disturb your mind and mental peace. A woman should always have a clean and relaxed mind. Think, dear sister, that man’s testicles are designed for that purpose.

“Every night, before going to sleep, I order my male to appear next to me naked and with its penis cage on, then I crush its balls of meat with my hand, it relaxes me, helps me sleep better and, in addition, it strengthens our relationship and it accepts its permanent slavery.” Sister Luïsa

Notes and tips:

1.-To avoid unpleasant accidents you can always insert, or ask your man to do it by itself, a “plug in” inside its ass so that no wind escapes while you are relaxing with the exercise.




It is very common for a man to fart while doing any of these exercises. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, we recommend that you buy a “butt plug” or anal plugin to insert it deeply into your male’s ass throughout the exercise. You already know that if you decide to buy it on the website of our sponsor “Lockedinlust” you will have a 15% discount using our coupon code “VPOWER” on the purchase of any product, including “butt plugs” for males. To find them you just have to click on the following link.


2.-It is possible that your male moans and that bothers you. You can try a hard slap or two, but we doubt it’ll work at least permanently. It is better that you use duct tape to cover its disgusting male mouth and avoid those unpleasant discomforts.


Feel free, dear sister, to slap it and seal its mouth if its whining bothers you.

Remember, dear sister, that men were born to suffer and we, women, were born to enjoy. So you don’t have to put up with their little whining noises.

3.-Be very careful: we are sure that you want to continue enjoying your meatballs for a long time. As you know men are weak and flimsy by nature.



We recommend you, dear sister, that you do not commit any imprudence that could irreversibly damage your man’s genitals, causing the male to be castrated. You, by yourself, will get to know the testicular anatomy based on practice.


We all know that males were born to suffer, but think that when a man is neutered it loses a lot, economically speaking, up to 70% of its original market price. Do not hesitate to grab and squeeze your male’s testicles but, especially at the begining, do it with caution if you are a sister from the patriarchy and have never done it before. As you gain experience, by yourself, you will develop tricks and grip techniques specific to you and you will be aware of the appropriate force that you can, or cannot, apply at each moment.

4.- If it bothers you that your male has an erection we recommend that you keep its chastity cage on while you relax with the balls grabbing. In fact, the chastity cage makes the testicles stand out, thus allowing easier access for the sister’s hand to the testicles.

In addition to guaranteeing the chastity of your male, the cage will facilitate access to its testicles, leaving them always available at your free disposal.

And that’s all dear sister, we hope you enjoy your “balls grabbing” and “balls squeezing” exercises and feel more and more stimulated. Remember that it is our right and we can enjoy it freely.

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