Male Surrogacy

Attention sisters

We have some BOMB news for all of you


As we already promised you, our scientific sisters have experimented with men and we have found a way to use them as surrogate wombs to father girls in cases of female infertility.

After years of research and scientific experiments with men, used as guinea pigs, our scientific researchers have found a way to implant an embryo in a male womb, ensure that it develops healthily and, after the usual nine months of gestation, the pregnant man gave birth to a baby girl without any problem. A new era opens for sisters with infertility problems resulting from not being able to develop a pregnancy satisfactorily.

If you have sterility problems and we cannot solve them, you can use our services. Hire a “belly-male.”

If, despite being fertile, you do not want to get pregnant because you fear childbirth or the discomforts of pregnancy, but you want to be a mother, have a daughter and educate her, we have the solution for you: hire a “male-womb” for rent. We will send you one of our men prepared to get pregnant, we will implant the embryo from your egg in its abdomen and let nature do the rest.​

Nine months later you will have your daughter in your arms. Of course it will be your “male-belly” who suffers from dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, muscle spasms and any other discomfort derived from pregnancy. Once you have your newborn daughter in your arms, the national breast milk bank of “The Universal Gynecoccratic Republic” will be in charge of providing you with the necessary food for several months in case your body does not produce enough breast milk.

The men selected by our sisters to become “male-wombs” are very happy and grateful to carry the seed of divinity in their wombs.

Therefore, they endure with patience and stoicism all the pains and discomforts of childbirth until the last two months, which for them are a real hell due to the pain derived from the movement of the fetus and its usual kicks.

That is why the vast majority of men in our republic dream of becoming “male-bellies”, but only a select few will enjoy that privilege.

Our men are selected according to the shape of their hips. They are penises caged with very small steel cages to strangle the circulatory pathways that water the penis and, in this way, promote blood flow from the genitals to the abdomen, ensuring that this flow has a minimum of quality and quantity. In other words: we manage to divert the blood flow, which should go to the male genitals, to make it reach the abdomen and intestine area.

In addition to strangling the blood flow responsible for feeding the male genitals, our men are stimulated anally daily to achieve an elastic and toned large intestine, preparing it for pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. Remember, sister, that men were born to suffer. Furthermore, for men it is an enormous honor and pride to know that a female embryo will grow in their insignificant male body, it is as if divinity lived within them and that makes them feel special. Men DREAM of becoming “male-wombs” for rent.

We, ladies of the fertilization clinic, will implant your embryo in your male abdomen, the embryo is implanted in any soft tissue from which it can extract blood to feed, the same embryo generates the placenta and that placenta produces the estrogens that will help maintain a pregnancy healthy and will develop the fetus inside the male womb. But that does not mean that you, dear sister, have to stand still, but quite the opposite: you must practice, on the male rented as your belly, a series of exercises that we will teach you and indicate to you.


During pregnancy, make sure your “male-womb” is fed well. Remember that if it eats well, your daughter will also eat well. Make sure it follows a rich, varied and healthy diet. Above all, make sure that it eats each and every meal, that it does not skip any meal.

Check, daily, that your “belly” is fed adequately and balanced during pregnancy.

Physical exercises

The body of your “male-womb” must be prepared for the intense changes it will undergo during the nine months of pregnancy. For this reason, it is essential that you order the male to perform appropriate and specific physical exercises that we will send you printed in a guide. These exercises will tone all the muscles in its body so that it can fulfill its main function: that your fetus develops inside its womb correctly and that the “male-womb” will be able to give birth to it without any type of problem or inconvenience.

The exercises in our guide will prepare your “womb-man” for childbirth and help it endure the pregnancy.

Anal stimulation

It is very important that you fuck your “womb-male” at least two hours a day. Although you can bug it as long as possible, you should at least bug it once in the morning and once in the afternoon to keep its large intestine flexible and toned. Using adequate lubrication, which we will provide you, the sphincter of your “male-belly” will get used to giving way in such a way that practically in the end it will no longer offer any type of resistance, thus preparing it for when the time comes for the birth.

The back and forth movements that you generate when you butt your “male-belly” will provide a pleasant massage to its large intestine, making it more flexible and resistant, preparing it, day after day, for the development of your daughter who is now a very small fetus.

Fuck the ass of your “male-belly” gently, dear sister, you don’t need to be aggressive or rough with it. Remember that you are not fucking a male for your pleasure but to tone its large intestine properly.

Press appropriately, using your weight and the movement of your hip, the tip of the rubber cock against the anus of your “male-belly” until the sphincter gives way, overcoming all resistance and giving the dildo free rein to penetrate deep inside its silly male body. Don’t forget to use the lubricant that we will give you and remember that the objective is not to punish the male but to tone and strengthen its intestine, making it more elastic.

Our sisters will visit you, at least once a week, to check that you are doing the exercises properly and that everything is going well, that your “male-womb” is evolving normally and that its large intestine is gaining elasticity and strength by the time of delivery birth. We will weigh it, measure it and monitor it carefully to ensure that “your” pregnancy develops properly, dear sister.

Every week our sisters, from the reproductive clinic, will provide you with a new strapon, with a specific ergonomic shape, so that you can fuck your rental “male-belly” as its intestine evolves.


The wavy shape of the dildos that our sisters will provide you will ensure adequate toning of the large intestine of your “male-belly” if you use them correctly and appropriately. Don’t forget that you should bug it periodically.

The ergonomic shape of our dildos will ensure correct toning of the large intestine of your “male-belly”.

We will teach you a specific pegging technique that consists of grabbing the testicles tightly with your hand, crushing them to pull, alternating these testicular pulls with successive ass-fucking. By crushing the testicles, the belly contracts its sphincter as a reflex and when it receives penetration, its sphincter dilates. By alternating these movements for half an hour a day you get your “male-belly” to exercise its sphincter well, preparing it for childbirth. Our assistant sisters will periodically check that the belly sphincter is toning properly. You can always invite your friends, or sisters, to bug your “male-belly” or do the testicle exercise together.

Enjoy the ultrasounds that we will do on your “male-belly”.

Every day you will be able to see the evolution of your rental “male-belly”, as day by day it becomes bigger and bigger. With ultrasounds you will enjoy seeing how the embryo becomes a fetus and the fetus continues to develop in the belly of your surrogate “male-womb.” You will be happy seeing how your daughter develops properly.

By having a large intestine trained daily to be elastic and flexible, the excrement will skirt the obstacle posed by the placenta without problem and will be evacuated through the anus without the risk of getting stuck at any time. It is therefore very important that you fuck your “male-belly” every day. The dildos that we will give you, specially designed for this, will adequately tone its male intestine.

Connection with your daughter

Maybe you think that a pregnancy through a male surrogate takes away the satisfaction of feeling your own daughter inside you. And it is true, but it is also true that pregnancy through a surrogate “male-womb” provides you with a series of pleasures that a pregnancy of your own does not provide.

For example: a “male-womb” surrogate suffers much more pain than a (normal) female pregnancy. Well, the uterus that we, women, have in our female womb is prepared to house the placenta and the fetus, so it has cushioning systems to withstand the kicks that the fetus gives during its normal development. On the other hand, the male large intestine does not have any type of cushioning since it is not prepared to accommodate a pregnancy.

Therefore, the male suffers a lot of pain throughout the entire process, especially the last few months when the fetus begins to kick and move freely.

It is scientifically proven that male screams of pain cause pleasure and excitement in our female brain. Since from 16 weeks onwards the female fetus develops hearing, and from 26 weeks onwards her brain begins to feel pleasure. This way we have to say that from the sixth month of pregnancy onwards, the female fetus will play by kicking inside the womb and will enjoy hearing the treble screams of pain from the male body in which she lives.

In this way, your daughter, even before she is born, will learn a lot, for herself, about her own bodily pleasure and sexual arousal. Furthermore, unconsciously, her female brain will understand that men are made to suffer and that we, women, have all the right to enjoy its male pain and its male anguish.

We are convinced that the female fetus is excited by male screams of anguish and pain and that she reaches orgasm inside the womb by kicking. As a mother you can integrate into that process. For example: you can caress your vulva while your daughter makes the male belly suffer with her kicks.

In this way, both of you will coordinate to enjoy together and in a synchronized way, producing a connection and complicity between mother and daughter based on pleasure.

Through feminine pleasure and masculine suffering, you will be able to communicate daily with your daughter even though she lives inside the womb of a man. By caressing your vulva while your daughter makes the “male belly” suffer, you achieve a mother-daughter connection that will last forever.

Another interesting technique, and very pleasurable for you, consists of lying your “belly male” on its back and sitting astride its face, so that it performs you cunnilingus while the fetus kicks it with no pity.

With this technique, both she and you will get excited at the same time and coordinate your female pleasure until you ejaculate in its mouth. The intense pain that your baby’s kicks will cause in the bowels of your “male-belly” will cause loud cries of pain. As its male tongue and lips are completely inside your vagina, your vulva will drown out any scream. So that your clitoris, labia minora and vagina will enjoy intense and pleasant vibrations. Upon reaching orgasm the male will be forced to swallow all your vaginal fluid and ejaculation, so that your daughter will receive your divine feminine nectar through its mouth and she will feel like her mother is present, beside her.

In this way, your daughter will be born knowing her body and her feminine pleasure well and she will develop with more self-confidence than other girls.

Many girls born from “male-wombs” enjoy it when it rains, looking up at the sky and feeling the raindrops sliding on their female face.

We are sure that her emotional memory remembers when, being inside the male womb, she received the sacred nectar from her mother as a pleasant and refreshing rain.


The last three months of pregnancy are hell for the male belly that does not stop feeling pain. When childbirth arrives, it is an infinite relief for it, which is why it hardly feels any pain and its ass dilates as if it were butter thanks to the exercises you have practiced on the “womb-male”.

Normally each male womb can only be used once, since its body is deformed for life in addition to its anus, of course. But it is a man, dear sister, and men were born to suffer and be used, and abused, by us, superior women. Our sisters will pick it up and take it back to the breeding farms where it is welcomed with honors, like a hero, by all the other men.

Our farms produce more males daily and periodically select new candidates to become “male-bellies.” In any case, the man understands that women are goddesses, therefore for a man to be used as a womb is a true pride, because it knows that for nine months the seed of divinity lives in its male womb and it will feel superior to other men, then.

The most important thing, dear sister, is that our republic has achieved a scientific advance of the first order for the development of the well-being of all the women who inhabit our matriarchy.

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