Our scientific women and girls are studying and working hard to develop ways to take the CO2 from atmosphere and reduce its presence. We are superior to men so we can do it. Read all this article and, at the end, you will discover a very interesting scientific project.

We, women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, are very worry about climate change. The nasty patriarchy is ruining our mother Hearth, therefore we are going to fight and work with all our forces to reduce CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which is one of the gases responsible for climate change. Our scientific sisters work hard researching a solution, but in the meantime all of us can do our bit in this fight for the achievement of a decent future for our daughters and granddaughters.

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We have thought of eight initiatives that we can implement to reach our goal:

a) Leave your car or motorcycle parked to get around on foot or on a human horse. Men, especially those born on our breeding farms, act as excellent horses, as real human equines. Use them for your personal transport or also, of course, to send products or merchandise from one place to another. You can even use men to send letters, or written messages, back and forth.

b) If you have a hectare of unused fertile land, order your men to work it to grow fruit and vegetables. In this way you avoid the use of tractors to till the land, since this hard work will be done with work of animal origin. In addition, plants trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to grow, moreover to producing food that, being local, does not need transportation to reach the final consumer.

c) Save food by giving the leftovers from your meals to your slaves: potato skins, banana peels, orange or apple peels, bones, leftover meals, and so on. Before throwing them away, order your males to take advantage of them by maximum. If you have expired food, do not throw it away, unless it is in very poor condition. Before throwing it away, offer it to your men so that they can taste it and decide if it can be consumed or not. Don’t hesitate to use your slave as a guinea pig when you think it’s necessary. Of course we appeal to your personal responsibility as our sister that you are: do not order your male, or males, to eat food that you know is bad or that can make them sick.

d) Force your male to do all the housework in an ecologically sustainable way: using the steam from its breath to clean the windows, instead of chemical products, forcing it to rub more when removing grease to avoid the use of aggressive solvents with the environment and so on. You should also use it as a substitute for the washing machine, forcing it to wash all the clothes by hand, in this way you will save electricity and water.

e) Save on tables, chairs, benches, footrests, chests of drawers, wardrobes, armchairs, stairs, cabinets and more by using your male as a piece of furniture. In addition to saving wood and avoiding the use of varnishes and solvents that are harmful to the environment, you will enjoy comfortable, original and practical furniture, as they can be modeled to your liking and adapted to your needs at all times, thereby gaining space in your own home.

f) Save toilet paper when you go to the toilet, using the tongue of your slave. You should not be ashamed of using your male slave as a complement to the W.C., in fact men are born to be humiliated and used (or abused) as we see fit. At the time of urinating, or defecating, do not hesitate to use its male tongue once you have finished.

g) Use your slave as a walking rag. Every time you need to dry your hands or remove a speck of dust or dirt, do not hesitate to call your male to use it as a rag, rubbing your hands on its clothes or hair or using any of its clothes as a rag. This way you will save paper and time.

h) The decoration lights for the parties of the two solstices and equinoxes, in addition to the First of March celebration, can be powered by the effort of your males through an electrical production dynamo. Get one that is pedal powered and force your slave to pedal for as long as you want to keep the lights on.

Our scientists sisters are studying and working hard to find ways to trap excess CO2 from the atmosphere and to develop techniques to do so. In addition, they are also developing a prototype chip that would take advantage of the slave’s heartbeat, as well as the movement of the diaphragm and lungs. In this way we would be able to turn our slaves into producers of electricity that would later be stored in batteries. We are superior to men, so we can get it, we trust our scientific sisters. We could say that in a short period of time we will be able to charge the batteries of our home using the movements of the lungs and diaphragm of the male in its breathing as well as the beating of its heart through the whipping or bum-fucking techniques. In other words: the increase in heart and respiratory rate that a male suffers when being buggered, or whipped, without mercy can generate enough electricity to recharge the batteries in our house.

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