The vulvist of Hamelin


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was in the city of Hamelin, a huge plague of rats and all kind of rodents ate the crops and threatened to plunge the town into famine …


…One day a beautiful and unknown woman appeared who offered to end the plague but demanded the amount of 900 Venus at the time. The matriarchs of the town met and decided to accept the deal, pressured by the large number of rats that ate the food incessantly.

-“We cannot do otherwise, let us hire the services of this foreign lady or the rats will destroy the town this winter.” Said the senior matriarch.

The matriarchs voted, raising the little finger as was the tradition in Hamelin, and unanimously agreed to accept the service of the mysterious lady.

The lady, who finally introduced herself as “vulvista” or “sorceress vulva” that is, a lady who used her vulva to perform magic and various spells, stood in the town square with a book of enchantments and a strange magic scepter. After reading various paragraphs of the book and making a series of passes with her scepter over her body, she lifted her skirts and lowered her panties to show her naked vulva that began to emanate a very particular fragrance that attracted all the rodents. Once all the rodents came to the smell of her vulva, the lady began to walk towards the outskirts of the town until she reached the Weser River where the rodents were irretrievably drowned.

Once all the rodents were drowned, the sorceress vulva came to the matriarchal house to get the debt paid. But, unfortunately, some of the matriarchs of the town did not want to pay it and others did want to do it because they had given her sacred female word. They met again and, by a tight margin, the sector opposed to paying the debt ended up prevailing.

The sorceress vulva was angry at the lack of seriousness of those women. She had been deceived, but she left with the conviction that she must teach a bitter lesson to all those arrogant matriarchs.

Months passed until the day of the “Spoils of War Ritual” arrived between June 20 and 22, coinciding with the Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. In this ritual, the women all come together to go to the forest to honor the Sacred Goddess Venus, leaving the men in town to do the tasks proper to their sex (the hardest jobs and the most unpleasant tasks). The mysterious lady appeared taking advantage of the female absence and returned to the town square with her book of enchantments and the strange magic scepter. After reading several paragraphs of the magic book again and making a series of passes with her scepter over her body, she raised her skirts again and lowered her panties again to show her naked vulva that began to emanate a very particular fragrance. But this time a special, different fragrance emanated, a very pleasant and intoxicating aroma that hypnotized all the men of the town who automatically left their tasks and chores to get closer to the mysterious lady. The sorceress vulva (followed by a crowd of men without will or conscience, they looked like real zombies) began to walk in a north direction, towards some mountains that she, once she crossed them followed by all men, closed. Only a lame man who could not follow the others and another who had lost his sense of smell and therefore could not be hypnotized were saved.

The next morning, when the women finished their Venus worship ritual and returned to the village, they despaired when they saw that all the men had disappeared except for two. Desperate they asked the only two men who remained in the village what had happened, where all the other males had gone. They told the women everything that had happened, how the vulvist had appeared with her spellbook and her scepter and had hypnotized with the fragrance of her vulva all the men of the town except the one who had lost their sense of smell, and like, the one who was lame, couldn’t keep up with the others and stayed behind.

The women despaired and realized what a big mistake they had made because they had a serious problem that was difficult to solve now that the men had disappeared: Who was going to do the hard work in the fields? Who was going to do the nasty chores like cleaning horse droppings and urine? Who was going to do the housework? Who was going to serve them tea and coffee in the afternoon? Who was going to wash and iron their clothes or polish their boots and shoes? Who were they going to ride like horses now to go away for pleasant walks in the country on Sundays? So the two remaining men in the village were over-exploited and over-abused by women almost to inhuman limits.

Meanwhile the matriarchs unanimously agreed that they would send sisters emissaries to all neighboring towns, villages and cities to search for the vulvist lady with the intention of begging her forgiveness, paying the debt and asking her to return the men to Hamelin, but unfortunately the emissaries sisters could not find the vulva sorceress and returned to the town a few days later defeated in their mission and worried about the lack of success.

After a few months the vulva sorceress lady appeared again with only seven men out of the hundreds who followed her hypnotized by the fragrance of her vulva on the day of the sacred ritual of the goddess Venus. The lady addressed the council of matriarchs and said:

“I took your men that day just to collect your debt, all the missing males I was selling in slave markets in various cities and towns until I completed the 900 Venus that I had agreed in words with you. So, as I already have my money, and I do not want more than the agreed amount, here I bring you back these seven men who are yours. I hope you have learned your lesson.”

The matriarchs of Hamelin thanked the good work and understanding of the vulvist lady and apologized for their lack of seriousness and for not keeping the word. The women felt with relief the return, on the part of the vulva sorceress, of seven of the kidnapped men, since they would go on to share tasks and jobs with the two men who had remained. Little by little, over time and with a lot of work on the part of the nine men of the town, Hamelin returned to recover the number of males necessary to ensure the prosperity of the town. So the population regained the splendor of its glorious past and, in addition, the matriarchs of the village wrote this story so that future generations of women and matriarchs would learn these three lessons:

  • A woman should never miss the given word, since the feminine word is sacred.
  • The power of the vulva is omnipresent and infinite and it can hypnotize, in an easy way, through its fragrance.
  • Men are a material good, and a source of brute force, essential for the development of the matriarchal community.

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