Gretel and Hänsel


Note: for some sisters it may seem strange that a girl has a brother, according to our gynecocratic rules, this is because the story has a patriarchal origin despite having been reinterpreted centuries ago by our ancestors.

Once upon a time there was a woodcutter and his wife who lived in the forest in a humble cabin with their two children, Gretel and Hänsel.

They worked hard to feed them but never earned enough. One day seeing that they were no longer able to feed them and that the children were starving, the couple sat at the table and bitterly had to make a decision.

-“We can not do anything else. We will leave them in the forest in the hope that someone with a good heart and better situation than us can take care of them.” The father said.

The children, who could not sleep from the hunger they had, heard the whole conversation and began to cry as soon as they knew the end that awaited them. Hänsel, the boy, said to his sister:

– “Do not worry. I will find a way to get back home. Trust me.”

So the next day the four of them went to the forest, the children stayed by a bonfire and soon fell asleep. When they woke up there was no sign of her parents and little Gretel started crying.

-“Don’t cry, I’ve been leaving bits of bread all the way. We just have to wait for the moon to rise and we can see the path that will lead us home”. Hänsel said.

But the moon rose and there was no sign of the pieces of bread: they had been eaten by pigeons. The silly male brain had made a fool of itself one more time!

Then Gretel, after crying for a long time, noticed a strange sensation in her vulva, suddenly she smiled happily and said:

-“I think my vulva can guide us home, I notice that it tells me to take this straight path”

The intuition of Gretel’s vulva guided them through the woods on their way home, but they came to a crossroads where Gretel’s vulva told her to go both directions, right and left.

-“My vulva tells me to go both ways, left and right. We must choose the path ourselves.” Gretel said.

-“Let’s go to the right”, Hansel said totally convinced.

So the children took the path to the right until they found a dream house made of bread and covered with sponge cake and whose windows were made of sugar. They were so hungry that they immediately began to eat on it. Suddenly the door of the house opened and an old woman who seemed friendly came out and said:

-“Hello kids, what are you doing here? Are you hungry?”

Gretel and Hänsel nodded.

-“Come on, go inside and I’ll prepare something very tasty for you.”

The old woman fed them and offered them a bed to sleep in. But despite her goodness, there was something weird about her. Early in the morning, she took Gretel and locked her in a cage while the poor girl kept screaming. Gretel realized then that she was not an old woman, but an evil witch. With very bad manners, and being Gretel closed in the cage, she woke up her brother and she cast a spell on Hänsel, that completely nullified his will. The witch told him to go get water to boil it, and put Gretel’s vulva inside to boil it in order to obtain a magic girl’s vulva concoction for her potions and spells. So after putting the water in the fire the witch would cut Gretel’s vulva to use it to make her magic potions. At that moment both kids realized that the witch had done that sweet house to attract the vulvas towards her and thus be able to use them for her witchcraft.

Once the water boiled, the witch ordered Hänsel to lower her sister’s skirt and panties without removing her from the cage, while she prepared her sharp blade to cut the girl’s vulva. Hänsel obeyed the order as he was under the witch’s spell, but as soon as he saw Gretel’s vulva the spell was broken. The magic love emitted by Gretel’s vulva released Hänsel from the damn spell. So the witch was on her way to cut the girl’s vulva when Hänsel approached the fire and said:

-“Ma’am, the water still doesn’t boil, come here.”

The witch approached the fire to see the water and Hänsel pushed her hard into the cauldron with boiling water, he covered the cauldron at once while the witch screamed in a horrible way. When the boy made sure the witch was dead inside the cauldron, he looked for the key of the cage and he freed his sister from the cage. The two children hugged each other and cried with joy when they saw that they had come out of this horrible situation alive. They were about to leave when it occurred to them to take a look around the witch’s house and what a wonderful surprise! They found boxes full of pearls and precious stones, so they lined their pockets and prepared to go home again following the directions of Gretel’s vulva again.

When they reached the crossroads, the vulva indicated the path to the left, which they should have taken from the first moment, and following the path they came back home.

They continued walking until they saw their parents’ house in the distance, who were very happy when they saw them appear, and even more so, when they saw what they had hidden in their pockets. In that instant, they knew that the four of them would live the rest of their days happily and without experiencing any hardship. The mother had subdued her father by making him do all the housework. That is when the mother apologizes to her daughter Gretel:

-“Forgive me for having accepted your father’s proposal and forgive him too, dear Gretel men are very imperfect and should be at the mercy of our decisions, women, simply because we have a vulva and they don’t.”

The four of them live happily and under the female direction of Gretel and her mother, who make better decisions than Hänsel and her father, and therefore never went hungry again.


When Gretel told the story of everything that happened to her mother, she decided that her daughter was old enough to look at her own vulva in the mirror, so the mother bought one and said to her daughter:

-“Look how your vulva is, it is magical and powerful, know it and love it because it represents your feminine intuition, but do not forget that the vulva symbolizes the sisterhood between women that is the basis of our feminine power. Never forget that your freedom ends where your sister’s vulva begins and that you should never use other vulvas for personal gain or to satisfy your whims.

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