All power to woman

Welcome to The Universal Gynecocratic Republic!

Only women are allowed to have money

Only women can run businesses, open bank accounts and, of course, own companies. On the other hand, men are bought and sold, in the markets, as simple merchandise or commodities. The economy is ruled by females.

The police and the judicial system

All members of the judiciary (lawyers, prosecutors, judges) are women as well as all members of the police force. Moreover men will not be considered as a legal entity since legally they are nothing more than objects (or puppets) to be used, or abused, by women as they think fit.

The sacred history

Do you still believe that the patriarchal God made the universe, the Earth and Adan&Eve? That is a big bullshit! It’s a LIE! But you can discover the true now, our real sacred history, our real origin.

Reproduction in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic

How does the reproductive system work in our republic? What are sperm production farms? How do women get pregnant in a country where men are considered objects? Get ready to discover it here, I warn you that it will not leave you indifferent.

The real history of humanity

Do you want to know about the real human history? Learn how all societies were matriarchies and how women subdued men and ruled the economy and the politics during all history: Neolithic, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome…

The female power is based in the adoration to the vulva.

In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic we have created a new culture based in the power of the vulva. After doing a long an hard work we have been able to create “the vulvocentric culture” that has revolutionized the world allowing women to take the power, all the power and all over the world.


National symbols from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic

Like any other country The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has its own national symbols: the flag, the Venus star, the coat of arms, the moon, the apple and the snake. Discover all of them here and now.

The flag

Discover de origin and the meaning of our national flag.

The Venus Star

Our goddess Venus guides us through the star that its orbit describes in the sky.

The coat of arms

The whole Sacred history is represented in the coat of arms, discover it.





Your attention please

Would you like to become a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic?