Our body is perfect, the goddess Venus made it with exact and beautiful dimensions symbolizing the power of the beauty of nature and the balance of the Universe. If we measure from tip to tip of our fingers and from head to toe we can begin to know ourselves better, since the female body symbolizes the perfect union of the four elements and their consequent balance.

Look at our body:

Sure you have seen that our sisters, born and educated in our country, are not afraid to show their bodies, they are not ashamed and they do it freely, especially in summer, with a happy smile on their faces. It is because, since they are children, they learn to love their body, to show it without shame or fear as something valuable, as something divine. Unfortunately, you (women from the patriarchal society) have been taught the opposite, to hate your body and to associate it with sin, with the impure and the dirty. Our matriarchal culture, which bases its moral principles on our Sacred History, is completely different: for us the female body symbolizes divinity while the male one symbolizes shame, disgrace and immorality. It is for this reason that men, when they are not doing their obligatory domestic chores, walk down the streets with their heads down, their eyes looking at the ground, and they are always dressed, covering their disgusting body of which they feel ashamed. Of course there are exceptions: when they are on the beach, or when their owner explicitly demands it, in these cases the man agrees to show its body, but, even in those exceptional cases, they are wearing their corresponding male chastity belt always.

Before starting your exercises, take a few minutes to look at your naked body in all its majesty, do it in a room with a pleasant and adequate temperature: look carefully at your forehead, your face, your collarbones, your shoulders, your breasts, your nipples, your sacred womb, your navel, your hips, your mount of Venus, your thighs, your shapely legs, your knees, your ankles, your feet with their soles included. Look closely at the short details: at the appearance of your skin, at its tonality and also at your nails and hair. It is very important that you learn to appreciate, value and admire your divine body. In this way, thanks to practice, you will acquire enough self-confidence to show your body in public as something natural and you will no longer feel annoyed, or uncomfortable, when men kneel at your feet while, with a submissive expression and a complacent tone, they say sentences like:

I am at your command, holy goddess

I bow at your feet, divine lady

This man remains at your feminine disposal, you powerful queen

You will have witnessed countless scenes similar to this one and, as you have seen, our sisters respond with total indifference, in fact they don’t even flinch. From a young age we learn to be adored by men normally and we integrate it into our daily lives. If we feel like using the male at that moment, we do it as we think fit and, if not, we simply ignore it, as if it wasn’t there. As you may have seen, in case the sister wants to be alone, simply by clapping her hands in the air the male disappears at once. They are men and they were born to faithfully adore and obey us, that is the only and true meaning of their masculine existence.

Understanding and accepting that our body is a symbol of strength and power implies a responsibility that, as a woman, you are absolutely capable of assuming and accepting as a natural fact. If in the patriarchy your body was considered a simple “object of desire”, in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” your female body is considered the greatest icon of power that exists on the surface of our mother Earth. If in the sky the Moon and the Planet Venus are the referents of power, on our planet we, women, are the ones who symbolize that invincible force. And it is that we are our body, that is what you should think at all times. As we women, we are powerful, our body inspires power against men, in fact it completely overwhelms the weak male, it annuls any boy, you are no longer living in the patriarchy dear sister. Now, women from patriarchal societies, you are beings of a semi-divine nature compared to beings of a semi-animal nature such as men. You will assimilate the change soon, very soon.

If any area of your body has embarrassed you, now is the time to stand up to that insecurity. Unfortunately for you, none of our sisters, educated in our republic, will be able to help you since we do not understand the meaning of the word “embarrassed.” From a very young age we are taught to love our whole body, without exception, from the feet to the head. This is a process that you must face yourself, dear lady, and that requires perseverance, dedication and time. Start by staring at the area of the body that makes you feel upset, sad or insecure: that blemish, that scar, that piece of skin, that area of hair, and so on. Once you have gotten used to looking at your body, it is time to attack your shame and fear using the most powerful weapon that exists on the emotional level: female laughter, our laughter, your laughter. We should laugh at everything that embarrasses us. Repeat this process for several days and over time, you will notice that it becomes harder and harder, for you, to laugh at your fears. Congratulations, you are finally beginning to defeat your shame and insecurity that have been repressing you for so long. The time will come when you will not be able to laugh anymore and you will notice that the fear no longer exists and that the area that embarrassed you is part of your divine feminine body right now, like one more part of it (your divine female body).

Caressing our body:

It is important that you get used to caressing your body in front of the mirror. Like all our sisters, you have the right to enjoy the pleasure of caressing your body with a complete freedom: caress the area you want and the way you want. It is very possibly that, at first it will not be easy for you, because of the process of moral castration to which the patriarchy has subjected you, but you will see that little by little, and slowly, you will enjoy it more and more. You have to think that the free enjoyment our sacred body is a right, and that controlling and channeling our physical pleasure makes us powerful. It is very important that you focus both on the sensation of the area you are stroking and on the touch that your fingertips receive. Start by stroking your head, your ears, your face, your cheeks, your lips, your chin, your neck, your collarbones, your shoulders, your arms, wrists, hands, and fingers. Then you will continue through your breasts, nipples, waist, hips, mount of Venus, buttocks, thighs, knees, legs, ankles, feet, and so on. By repeating this experience over and over again, you will accept that our body is perfect and in it all the sensations that we enjoy when we communicate with the Goddess Venus, through the Full Moon, are reproduced.


Once you have noticed in your fingertips how powerful, divine and beautiful you are, simply because you were born as a woman, it is time to start your exercises. It is important that you control your breathing and your body posture when you are doing the exercises.


Learning to control your balance will help you get to know yourself better and will make you gain self-confidence and, therefore, also self-esteem. Start by standing up straight, with your ankles about four inches apart and your arms hanging loosely on either side of your torso. Now shift your weight back and forth alternately and focus your full attention on how your muscles react to changes in your center of gravity.

Once you have mastered the art of changing your center of gravity, you can start by playing with your balance: raise your right leg and flex it, in the air, making the sole of your right foot rest on your left knee. Refocus your full attention on how your balance and center of mass are changing. If you feel confident enough, you can play by raising one of your arms, or both, towards the sky. When you think it’s enough you can lower your extremities: first your arms and finally your leg. Repeat the same process but this time with your left leg.

You can play to find new balances, flexing and stretching your body as you feel like it. By trying new postures you will discover pleasant sensations with each new challenge. The feeling of balance connects your body with the ground, with our mother Earth.


Once you have experienced the different balance postures, it is time to stretch. From your both extremities, lower and upper, you can start by stretching the main muscles of your body. Following your neck and back you will continue stretching your muscles until you notice how your whole body is toned and gains flexibility. Sitting on the floor, with your legs stretched out, open or closed, you can continue stretching your back.


Our actions define us, since from them our acts are defined and, in the long run, our personality is outlined since the set of our acts will make up our legacy, our heritage. The movements will activate your muscles as well as your blood circulation.

a) Belly: Move your diaphragm freely, inflating and contracting your belly with each breath. You will notice how elastic and powerful the muscle, the diaphragm, is thanks to which we breathe, speak and channel our emotions and feelings.

b) Back: It is the area of your body where there are more joints, considering that each vertebra of your spine articulates with its neighboring vertebrae. Stretch it as much as possible by getting on all fours and arching your spine towards the ceiling, as if you were an angry cat, and then do the opposite exercise: arch your spine trying to bring your abdomen towards the ground. Enjoy moving your back because it offers you infinite movements and possibilities.

b) Breasts: Move them as you like, sink them, play with them freely. Rotate your torso rhythmically from side to side, left and right, and notice how your breasts move freely. You will be able to appreciate how your nipples slide defining the trajectory of your breasts. Contracting your pectoral muscles notice how your nipples become hard and firm.

c) Buttocks: Tense your buttocks by contracting the muscles several times and you will notice how they move rhythmically from one side to the other. Enjoy that sensation and you will feel powerful. Sit on the floor on something soft and try to bring your feet and hands towards the ceiling, now swing your body from side to side noticing how the weight of your body presses on your buttocks, relaxing and toning them conveniently.

d) Hip: Emotions are generated in your belly, at an indeterminate point located a little below your navel. It is your hip that stabilizes and supports the weight of that point. Move your hip freely, do it with joy and healthy energy, let yourself be carried away by your emotions when you move your hip because it is your feelings that naturally move it and make it dance at will.

e) Thighs: The translational movement of your body is born from them, dear sister. It is important to exercise them, because well shaped and powerful thighs will make you feel strong and sure of yourself. Standing and in a firm posture, alternately raise your bent legs as if the knee were going to touch the ceiling. Rotate your legs by moving your thighs to the front and to the sides alternately. Repeat this exercise until you notice how your thighs have acquired the right firmness and muscle tone.

f) Calves: They are the last muscle mass before reaching the feet and, therefore, your calves deserve special attention. Massage them with small, gentle strokes in a sitting position with the soles of your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent toward the ceiling.

g) Feet: It is a fact they are the area of your body that sustains you and the only one that is in contact with the ground, with our mother Earth. Massage your feet often, using your both hands, because relaxed feet will provide you with a better connection with the ground where you walk on and, therefore, both your knees, calves and the rest of your body will feel more discharged and relieved.


The greatness of our female body

Our goddess Venus created the Universe and the female human being, which is why our body is sacred.

As you all know, our goddess Venus created the Universe using the mixture of the four elements (earth, air, water and fire). As the divine goddess made us in her image and likeness, as we can see in this picture, it turns out that we also have the power to create a new universe. And we do it through our body, which contains the mixture of the four elements: earth (our flesh and bones, as well as our nails, skin and hair); water (our blood and our flows); air (our breathing) and fire (the energy with which we move, get excited, think, imagine, reason or love each other). Through our body, in addition to a multitude of feelings, the four elements also flow independently until they collapse, combining with each other, generating a life. Venus created us to make us small and humble creators of life, of universes. For this reason, she endowed us with the most powerful weapon that exists: our divine and perfect body.

Your attention please: Would you like to become a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and to have free and full access to the whole web?

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