The female army from U.G.R.

The Universal Gynecocratic Republic is a country made by women and for women. In this republic females are happy because women and girls have the total power, they keep all the money and rule all the business, and they enjoy the life in a free, healthy and pleasant way. It is for this reason that the patriarchal countries, since very long time ago until recently, have tried to subdue it militarily by the war way. Of course women have been defending, are defending and will continue to successfully defend this republic forever and ever. Nowadays the defense of the republic is organized by “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” which is totally composed by girls and women. Until short time ago “The Universal Gynecocratic Army” had to fight against invasion attempts by patriarchal armies and, for sure, all invading males (from any patriarchal invader army) were captured, imprisoned, trained and, finally, sold as slaves in the public slave’s market. Of course, for centuries, this was an important source of slave’s meat for women’s will, these males were living the rest of their male lifes as slaves, penis caged and regreting the day they decided to invade The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, the republic of free women.

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Girls have been defending the republic always.

Girls are invincible

From a very long time ago The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has suffered invasion attempts by armies of patriarchal communities from around. The matriarchal lifestyle was a “bad example” for these patriarchal communities. Centuries ago women defended themselves and the republic with more rudimentary weapons but they always rejected patriarchal invasion attempts.

Women prevailed thanks to their skill in combat.

Female advantage

Thanks to archaeological studies we know that whereas men fought with plenty of protection weapons and devices (possibly due to her lack of self-confidence in the fight against women), girls did it in a very light way: with light clothing and just one weapon, usually the sword. This fact gave a considerable advantage to the woman and accentuated her ability and natural agility to defeat men.

One by one all patriarchal amy was defeated.

Sourse of slaves

During centuries women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic didn’t need to look for slaves, just defeating one by one all the patriarchal invading armies they were able to dispose of a regular flow of slaves that increased the wealth and prosperity of the republic and made the matriarchal country even more invincible.In this way, military superiority of the republic was maintained over time.

Military women are disciplined


Nowadays The Universal Gynecocratic Army is always ready to defend The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and it has a really modern equipment since a large team of scientific girls are working to develop new weapons for their soldiers sisters. But the best known feature of this female army is the discipline of her soldiers and officers. All of them work and fight in a fully coordinated way, as if they were a single woman.

Scientific girls have developed the best weapons


Girls and women from The Universal Gynecocratic Army show their self-determination in all the army’s missions and military exercises. All the female soldiers know that the freedom and happiness of their mothers and grandmothers and the future of their daughters and granddaughters will depend on their actions, so they train and exercise with limitless self-confidence and self-determination as women they are.

The almighty feminine optimism


Despite patriarchal armies are not longer attack our matriarchal country (they are afraid of female superiority in the war) women are generating slaves in the reproduction farms so the prosperity and the wealth are still growing in the republic and girls are optimistic about the future. All girls smile at each troop formation, at each military drill, at each army march, no matter how hard it may be, because they are happy and excited.




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Let’s fight for a world totally ruled by women.

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