Religious structure


Spiritual structure is understood as the type of religious organization that the Gynecocratic Universal Republic has.

As dictated by the spiritual structure, depending on the population number of the community there will be one, two, three, etc.. up to eight supreme priestesses priests who will act as simply gold supreme spiritual counselors for the priestesses. At the same time, for each Supreme there will be between four and eight priestesses who will advise the women of the community and the adolescent girls, in addition to guiding the young aspiring priestesses, the so-called “venereal” meaning “signaled by Venus”.

From girl to venerea.

Girls who wish to aspire to venera will have to be of legal age (minimum 16 years) and must show some special gift to one (or several) priestesses, to specific quality that evidence that they have been born “signaled by the goddess Venus”. It may be some physical, intellectual, moral or mental ability out of the ordinary. The priestess considers whether said quality (or qualities) could be a divine virtue and, if considered, will suggest the candidacy of the young woman to the supreme council. The supreme always have the last word in the organization of the spiritual structure, they will consider and judge the qualities of the young woman and decide if she has really been born “signaled by Venus” and, therefore, if it will be, or not, venereal.

Venerea doing a sacred ritual in honor of goddess Venus.

From venereal to priestess.

The venereal will live a minimum of eight years in the “moles”, closure centers where venereal live for at least eight years and those who prepare the aspiring priestess. During that time, venereal women must overcome eight stages, one per year. The first four stages will be of both spiritual and cultural knowledge and the next four will be projects that the venereal will have to develop.  These projects will be based on the development of ideas focused on fostering the gynecological culture and the knowledge of the true Sacred History in backward and retrograde patriarchal societies that, in a residual way, still remain in the world.

From priestess to supreme. 

Eight supreme priestesses, women with much experience making lunar communions, will meet every so often and decide which aspiring priestesses should obtain the degree of supreme.

Priestesses, fundamental in a religious structure, going to the monthly rite of worship to Selene, the moon.

Priestesses, fundamental in a religious structure, going to the monthly rite of worship to Selene, the moon.

The priestesses must perform a baptism ritual in the light of the full moon since “supreme” is considered as the closest degree to the goddess Venus that there may be.

Both supremacy as priestesses and also venereal are clear that religion will subordinate their interests to those of the Gynecocratic Republic. Exercising as a priestess is not incompatible with the development of a public work. A priestess can be teacher, major or policewoman at the same time. In fact, many priestesses do it without any problem.

The priestesses worship the full moon once a month in a secret ritual in which nighttime gynecocratic the sacred women worship the divine star.

Communions Lunar become full moon nights in communities.

The new priestesses must welcome ritual in full nature in a secret place, this ritual is reserved for women and no man can witness it under pain of sacrifice which would be decided by a sacred council of the eight supreme priestesses. All such sacrifices and executions be publicly performed in front of all men to expose male slaves to the consequences of performing such objectionable offenses.

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