The Gynecocratic Games

Venus star

The Universal Gynecocratic Republic organizes the famous “Gynecocratic Games” in honor of the goddess Venus, every two years. The games are divided into eight disciplines (as per the star of Venus), which are: three wheels race, charioteers’ race, shoulders race, whipping buttocks, strapon race, strapon, tug of war and ballbusting. Girls and women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic follow the games intensely every two years. They have a religious meaning in order to adore Venus and to thank the goddess to create the universe and the world. In fact the deep purpose of the games is to show the sacred goddess how we, women, have subdued and enslaved men, reducing them to the the category of a toy, an object, a puppet, ready to be abused for female’s entertainment and amusement. During the two years between the competitions every gynecocratic community works hard to prepare and to organize the games. They train their males to compete in the eight differents disciplines. The games start with an opening ceremony and end with a closing ceremony, both organized by the games host community.

The race with wheeled horses

Three wheels race

As we can see in the reproduction report from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, men are produced on farms. The “XY” embryos (males) are implanted in uteruses of mares and cows. The men who are born from mare and suck the mare’s milk are treated as horses as soon as they begin to walk. The origin of the reason why women treat some men as horses we can find in the Sacred History, chapter 19.2:

19.2-Adam, knowing that Lilith (despite having become a snake) was much more agile and faster than him, forced Eve to carry him behind her back: “Eve, get on your knees so I can ride on your back; you’re stronger and faster than me, so I’ll ride you to get to paradise soon. ”

Yes, Adam (the man) used Eve (the woman) like a horse and rode her like a simple mare. This way now, in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic women have the duty to show to goddess Venus that only women have the right to ride men as if they were horses.

The three wheels race is whereby the lady rides the horse’s back and grips the three wheels device with her boots, while the animal starts running and propelling with its two hind legs.

To dominate the race, the technique of the Three wheels race is very important that the girl, or woman, knows how to sit and what is the best place on the horse’s back to support her female weight. To achieve this women train their horses for long days of hard work. Different knockout rounds of three miles are made until a champion remains, the queen of the Three Wheels Race.

The race where women compete mounted on charioteer.

Charioteers’ race

For this race, women compete mounted on chariots. The Charioteer’s race is one of the most complex disciplines from The Gynecocratic Games because it combines technique and strength in equal parts. During two years the engineer girls from the comunities work hard to make aerodynamic, light and resistant chariots. Details such as wheel radius, turning gears or seat tilt are considered for the engineers to develop the best device to help the chariot’s driver to win the race.

By the other way, the horses that will run are trained by forcing them to pull heavy stones tied to their waists and shoulders. In this way the animals become stronger and more resistant. For sure during the race the trained horses will have an advantage over the untrained ones. Another important aspect is the lashing technique on the back of the horse so women practice day after day the best way to whip the back of the horse to force it to run faster. Of course the way of driving the arm and the movements of the hand are very important for the technique of spanking a horse’s back. The material and the flexibility of the punishment rod is important also. The race of charioteers is five miles long on a flat route.

A race where women ride men’s shoulders and backs.

Shoulders race

21.3-Once you get to free Eve you must subdue Adam, working together you, and your sister Eve, have to enslave Adam and once you have done it, Eve and you can love each other in a total free way. But never forget it: you have to enslave the man, you must annul his whole being, turn him into a simple puppet at the service of your will, if you want to live quietly. Only then peace, tranquility and justice will come to our paradise.                                                                  Sacred History 21.3

In this way the Sacred History refers to how important is, for sacred Goddess Venus, the fact that women enslave and subdue men all the time. The Shoulder’s race is the best expression of female power over men. The image of a woman, or a girl, sitting on the shoulders of a defeated, submissive, man is the best proof of the definitive triumph of women over men, it is the end of the process of total liberation of women and the consolidation of universal matriarchy. The shoulder’s race has a tour of ten miles and women, or girls, enjoy by pressing their horse’s neck with their strong thighs riding their animals as fast as possible to win the race an become the fair champions.

A competition where women whip the men’s buttocks

Whipping buttocks

Every woman and every girl must master the technique of spanking the male ass all around The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Women spank men’s ass often to practice and to train in order to compete in this discipline.

Everytime a woman whips a man’s ass she is releasing tensions and stress and she is also teaching the male what its role is in this world: to suffer pain and humiliation at a female’s hands. So somehow the woman is getting rid of all her negative emotions to leave them in the man’s body, since after a good spanking session she gets totally relaxed and happy. In fact everytime a girl spanks a boy’s ass the moral values of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic (pleasure for her, pain for him) are revealed clearly. It is for this reason that this healthy practice has become in an official discipline in The Gynecocratic Games. The aim is to make the man cry so women whip his ass as hard as they can in order to see tears round down the man’s cheeks. As everybody knows men have not cried for centuries because of the macho system so this discipline means the definitive triumph of woman over the nasty patriarchy and the female power over men: “you will cry if I feel like it”.

A competition where the strength and agility of the female thighs and hips are decisive.


As everyone knows, during the patriarchy time, men were hurting and wounding the female insides with their nasty and filthy erect cocks. This was done for simple male pleasure and fun, without caring about the pain it could cause inside the sacred female’s body. Therefore this deeply offended the goddess Venus seeing how their daughters were humiliated by the nasty man. But, once the patriarchy was totally defeated by women and the dirty and disgusting dicks were caged and closed forever, females decided to make justice by wrecking, with no pity, that male ass holes with huges and hard rubber cocks. So, of course, this discipline could not be absent in The Gynecocratic Games since it gives a clear and radical message to the man:

“From now on the meat cock is going to be caged and the only penis allowed is going to be the huge and hard rubber cock which will be used by girls and women to rape mercilessly your male ass hole everytime they feel like it.”

A race where boys compete hard spreading their ass holes in a complete way to win the race.

Strapon race

Yes, slaves working deep and hard to offer an elastic, flexible and fully prepared ass hole willing to be mercilessly abused by their female owner, are highly valued by women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Therefore these males are highly sought after in the markets of men slaves. That is why the Strapon Race especially occupies an important and prominent place in The Gynecocratic Games from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Young girls adore to see how their boys work hard and suffer to fit huge rubber dildos inside their male ass holes, even they sweat and cry to achieve a fast penetration to win the race and to get their goddesses to feel proud pride of them. But it will not be enough to arrive first to win the race: the first one at the finish lane has to keep a small marble inside its ass hole for at least 20 seconds. If it was not able to keep the marble inside the ass hole, it would be disqualified. In addition to speed, the prove requires a complete elasticity of the male’s sphincter to be proclaimed the winner. Of course the girl owner of the winner will be admired by all their sisters.

Women with the best technique kicking men’s balls will win the competition


In The Gynecocratic Games this discipline could not be absent. We must no forget that the patriarchy began its definitive decline when women decided to change their tactics when they were assaulted by men in the street. Instead of yelling for help, females learned to kick the assailant’s crotch hard and with no pity. In this way the roles changed and men started to yell for help while women were laughing out loud. This technique became so popular that girls began to use it for fun and entertainment rather than in a defensively way. Women started to kick the crotch of any man who came across them on the street just for fun and to laugh for a while. Plenty of women even held meetings, carrying their slaves, to practice kicking techniques. There are two categories in this discipline: to hit with the knee and to kick. Both are very popular in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

Where men suffer pain in the balls to win by kissing the queen’s vulva

Tug of war

What our goddess Venus tells us is very clear: We, women, have the right to subdue men because the masculine essence lies in two essential parameters according to the Sacred History, these are the pain and the servitude to woman. That is why this discipline had to be included in The Gynecocratic Games. The tug of war is ideal to get the male to feel the pain in its balls and acknowledge the sacred duty to adore its goddess. The man who is more willing to suffer for its mistress will get the reward by kissing her divine vulva despite the indescribable torture its male genitals were suffering. In this way the man connects with its authentic masculine essence: its balls totally wrecked, its lips kissing the vulva of the goddess and its cheeks wet with tears maybe pain tears; maybe pride tears in winning the race, or maybe both.


Let’s fight for a world totally ruled by women.

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