Be yourself a proud citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic:

Some parts of our website are reserved only for citizens from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic since it contains confidential and reserved information about our country. In the same way we have a forum in the private area, reserved only for citizens. If you want to be able to visit the reserved links and to participate in the forum, you must become a citizen of our republic by following these instructions:

To become a citizen of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic you need to have the legal minimum age, according to the law of you country, and you must pay, only if you are a man, a single initial fee of € 22. If you are a woman the fee is just €10. Payment can be made by PayPal, just sending the money to our PayPal account: ““.

In case you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay the fee by credit card, just press the buttom “Donate”:


Let’s fight for a world totally ruled by women.

Once the fee is paid write to “” and we will proceed to assign you an identification, or identification document (ID), that will accredit you as a citizen of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic, you will be assigned a personal and non-transferable alphanumeric code by which we will identify you and it will allow you to present yourself as a citizen of our country. Your name and surnames have no meaning for us since your only identification will be your code and we will refer to you through it. In this document will appear the alphanumeric code assigned to the citizen both in simple format and in barcode in addition to the country where you are from and the date (month and year) when you become the status of citizen of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. If you wish to receive the document by ordinary mail you must add € 8 to the initial fee, that is, if you want to receive the document printed at home, the initial fee to pay is € 30 and also you must provide us with a postal address to send you the identification document as a card. As soon as you make the money transfer write to us ( telling about the intention to become a citizen of our matriarchal republic and informing us about what your country is.


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Here you can see some additions to the list of codes for male citizens:

As a mandatory all our male citizens must be cock caged so we offer you a third initial fee: if you want to receive a metal washer sealing your chastity with the colors of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and a label with your printed citizen code next to the document printed at home, the initial fee to pay is € 32. Also you must provide us with a postal address to send you both: the identification document as a card and the metal washer sealing your chastity with the colors of our matriarchal republic and a label with your printed citizen. (We DO NOT send any chastity cage, only the washer and label).

Rate typePriceDetails
Standard22€We send the identification document by e-mail.
Special30€We send the document printed at your postal address.
Complete32€We send the document printed and the label and metal washer at your postal address.

All our citizens will be signed up in our Community Builder.

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Attention: all male citizens must perform a welcome ritual (The Moon Ritual) that is explained in the reserved area of this website.

If you are a woman and you are interested in being a citizen of the Universal Ginecocratic Republic, you must pay a single initial fee of € 10 by the same method: sending the money to our PayPal account: “”. Also you will have to agree to a will document that we will send you and you have to send us your name and face photo for the document and that is all. We will send you, by e-mail, an identification card similar to that of any country, with your name, photo, profession and other data you would write us. Moreover (only if you are agree with it) some days after you become a citizen a group of sisters from your city or local area will contact you to explain you better the philosophy, structure and actions of the organization. ATTENTION: We do not accept women thinking that gynecocracy is just a business, as female citizens. Contact us by our e-mail “” for further details.

All the data you send us will be treated in a completely confidential and anonymous way unless you say otherwise in writing. Once your citizenship registration has been processed, we will send you a code to visit our entire website without any restriction.

Attention male citizens: Since October 2021 we are offering to our sisters three services: the cleaning service the shine shoes service and the driver service for the female welfare. If you are interested to offer one (or both) services please read about the corresponding fees clicking on the icons. The citizen registration fee varies if you want to offer one of these services, or both.

Attention dear sisters and worthless male citizens: Since November 2021, the tobacco use rate, approved by the council of sisters, is in effect. It is called “D.N.S.T.2021“. If you are a smoker find out about the operation of this tax in “Store&Taxes” section or clicking on the icon.

The list of citizens from the Universal Gynecocratic Republic increases every month, what are you waiting for to register? Join us now to work for the gynecocratic society of the future, for a world totally ruled and governed by girls where men become faithful servants of women, and boys live only and exclusively to please girls in all their desires and whims, and they feel proud of it. Come to the Universal Gynecocratic Republic, fight for the power of women and become a citizen of our happy nation now. 

We show proudly our citizen L71491H, it is totally exposed. Why? Just because it feels pride to be a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Every day more and more people are coming to live in our matriarchal country, a paradise for girls and women. Join with us right now!

ATTENTION: We, women from Universal Gynecocratic Republic, are proud seeing how every day more and more men are becoming citizens from our matriarchal country, their dedication to the cause of the U.G.R. is complete and exemplary. All males, all around the world, should be like them. Our citizens are totally ready to serve and obey all gynecocratic women or girls. If you fully share the moral principles of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic and, as a woman, you know that you are superior to men and you have the sacred right to use men for your service, we invite you to be a female citizen from the Universal Ginecocratic Republic. Write us to our mail (

Yes, one of our male citizens has been tattooed with its identification code from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic! It is L71312H and we are proud of it.

The upper part of the tattoo represents a part of the european continent, which represents that gynecocracy and female power have this continent as a reference, the most of our citizens are from Europe and the original idea, to create The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, is born in Barcelona (Catalonia). Below the cartographic reference we can see a magnetic compass in which edge is marked the citizen identification code, L71312H, the magnetic coompass is a search symbol, we use the magnetic compass to search and find the north. Our male citizen has find its north in our matriarchal country, it has understood that its future is in the gynecocracy and the service to the powerful women. Finally the lower part of the tattoo shows us a road, a path. It means that our citizen will walk, for the rest of its days, on the path of obedience to women and worship of our sacred goddess Venus. As we can see there are a lot of trees on one side and the other of the road which means that the journey will be difficult, that the disgusting patriarchy will put a lot of difficulties and may even sow some doubts in the mind of our citizen…

… but the two parallel white lines marked in the center of the road shows us that nothing will be able to distract our citizen of its path, of its gynecocratic destiny.

Our male citizen L71312H has the tattoo in its leg, specifically in the right calf, this way the tattoo (the drawing) guides each of its steps, each of his male movements for the rest of its life.

Long life to the Female Power!

Eternal glory to The Universal Gynecocratic Republic!

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