Slapping men


Since the beginning of time, women have the divine right to slap men freely, we do not need justification or reason to do so.As we all know, men are men, that is to say, they have a dirty mind by nature, and therefore, they deserve to be slapped frequently. All sisters are agree with that. Slap your man freely and often dear sister, if you don’t know the reason, it surely will.

Slapping a man is one of the greatest pleasures women have. The man’s slapping releases stress, balances your energy and relaxes your mind, as all the tension that, as women, we accumulate throughout the day is left in the male.


The problem appears with women from patriarchal societies. Here we have a clash between cultures: in the patriarchal culture slapping someone implies an offense, while in our matriarchal culture slapping a man, by a woman, is not considered as such but as a way of releasing tension or admonishing the male and, therefore, correct and educate it. That is why sisters from the patriarchy are very surprised when the man responds with a smile or words of gratitude when it is slapped. Our males understand that when they are slapped by a woman, it is done for two possible reasons: correcting it for a bad attitude or simply to release tension, and therefore they smile and thank the lady for taking the trouble to correct it or to choose it to release her tension.

We know that patriarchal women, some of them, very few, slap their husbands when they are angry and in very specific cases. But we, in addition to anger, also do it for simple fun.

Invite a friend from the patriarchy to teach her the most common slapping techniques among us. Do not hesitate to lend your male to her in order to learn different slapping technique.

Make it clear to your friend that it is very important to let go, that she should not be ashamed or afraid when she slaps a man. Surely your sister will laugh discreetly after the first slaps, it is a way to release tension because, as we have already said: women from the patriarchy are not very used to slapping men.

Sisters coming from patriarchy laugh timidly when they slap a man, since they are not used to slapping men.

Inform your sister about important aspects when we practice slapping: for example that the man’s face is always hard at first, due to the tension of the male knowing that it will be slapped. But as it receives slaps, the male facial muscles relax and the cheeks become softer, making the session more pleasant for her.

The male’s face always follows the same pattern when it is puffed up: at first it is hard from tension, then it relaxes and becomes soft and elastic, it is the best moment. Later its male face becomes hard and tense again because the man despairs when he sees that it hurts more and more and you enjoy it.

It is essential that, if you decide to slap very hard, you take a break every four or five slaps, dear sister, because you must rest your hand. It is very important that you vent your rage and anger, but remember that your hand, like your whole body, is sacred and you must ensure that it does not get injured.

It is important, dear sister, that you release your tension and your anger but that you protect your body, which is sacred. Be careful not to harm yourself or injure your divine hand.


a) Turn slapping into a social act: you can meet your sisters, bring your males and slap them freely while you talk to each other about the feelings you have while doing it. You can comment on the techniques, the best positions, of the body, of the legs, the secrets to gain momentum with the arm, and so on.

b) Before starting the slapping session, stretch your hands well and exercise your fingers to properly prepare them. It is very important to avoid possible injuries.

A sister stretching out her hands to start a slapping session.

c) When you slap, do it with the front and back of your hand, in this way you distribute the pressure and prevent the male from taking any rest that could relax its disgusting male face.

d) Don’t be afraid to try slapping with both hands: if you’re left-handed try with your right, if you’re right-handed try with your left hand.

Sister practicing different slapping techniques.

This way you will master “the ambidextrous slap technique” and the male will never know which side of his face the slap will land on.

e) Try different slapping techniques: open hand, half-closed hand, fingers more or less close together, and so on.

Play around with the different ways to slap your man, dear sister.

f)With time and practice you will slap more naturally and you will be able even play with your man, making fake slaps and mocking the grimace on its face thinking you were really going to slap it.

Have fun teasing your man by pretending to slap its disgusting male face.

A good sense of humor is very important in the relationship between mistress and slave. Freely mock and laugh at their grimaces whenever you want, sister.

g) For the more advanced sisters: Try the “crossed hands” technique, which involves slapping with both hands at the same time, so that both sides of the male’s face take the impact at the same time. This technique is for sisters who are well versed in this art.

h) From time to time take a break and feel your hands, one with the other, to check that everything is okay. If you notice any discomfort, however small, it is better that you suspend the session and leave it or, if you wish, practice something calmer with your man such as “grabbing balls“. Protecting your hands is the most important thing.

Sister touching her hands in a slapping session.

After the session

Once you have released all your tension and bad energy by slapping your man, when you are completely relaxed and decide to end the slapping session, it is very important that you force your man to kiss both of your hands.

Force your male to kiss your hands after each slapping session.

In this way the man appreciates the trouble you have taken with it. Always and forever, a man should feel honored that a woman, like you, has dedicated time and effort to correct its male behavior or that she has chosen its male face to release all the feminine tension that she had accumulated.

Trick to know if the man has, or not, experience when you go to buy it

A trick to know if a male is used to being slapped is by playing with the shadow of your hand. Leave a single light in the room and play with the shadow of your hands on the wall, make the male sit, or lie down relaxed and force it to watch the movements of the shadow of your hand on the wall.

Just seeing the shadow of your hand the male must already be scared if it is used to being slapped.

If you notice that its pupils contract sharply, that the hair on its arms stands on end and that its breathing rate quickens, there is no doubt that it is a man used to being slapped. This trick will help you to negotiate the price when you want to buy a male in the market. As you know normally males not used to being slapped (or facially “virgin” boys) are sold at a higher price, because the sister knows that she will enjoy teaching the man to receive slaps stoically and that is always a pleasure for any woman.

Love your hands

Look at your hands often, dear sister, contemplate their beauty and delicacy. Our Goddess Venus made us perfect, therefore everything we do with our hands is perfect in itself.

Our feminine hands were made not only to love each other, women, but also to vent our anger and accumulated tension. Everything that our hands create, everything that our hands do and generate springs from within us and, therefore, has a sacred ingredient, as women that we are. You should be proud of your hands and everything you do with them: from gently caressing your sister’s cheek to violently slapping a man’s face, including, of course, using them to caress yourself and seek pleasure with them. Feel how divinity lives in them dear sister.

With the passing of time in our matriarchal world, the works that your hands have made will remain.


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