Stamps: Lesbian Love Collection


Anyone who supports matriarchy and femocratic society should buy the three Official Stamp Collections from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Here you can see one of them, dedicated to the lesbian love, which you can buy for $20 U.S.D. if you are citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic or $25 U.S.D. if you are not citizen yet. CONTACT US.

Lesbian Love Collection from the Universal Gynecocratic Republic 2019

a) The stamp of 1 Venus cent is dedicated to young teenagers who awaken to life discovering love and eroticism among them. The first love, the first kiss, the first caress, the adolescent bodies that touch each other and are discovered with curiosity, with interest, with affection …. The image of two teenagers standing up kissing illustrates the love emotions of our girls who begin to leave childhood behind to discover a world made for their gender and sex. The education received by the Universal Gynecocratic Republic guarantees adolescents a dignified future, which is the basis for a sincere and healthy love relationship.

b) The stamp of 2 Venus cents is dedicated to the sacred connection between love and nature. In the stamp we can see two women exercising their body and soul in the middle of nature next to a lake. The image of the two female bodies is reflected in the water of the lake. Woman and nature merge into an inseparable and immortal sacred entity: nature lives within the female body and femininity lives in nature. The love between women conjugates the eternal union that describes the sacred book of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

c) The 5 Venus cents stamp is dedicated to lesbian love among middle-aged women, the complicity and connection that appears in women who have been loving for more than 20 years from a position of strength, security and self-confidence. The stamp is a color drawing in which we see the faces of two women in contact, both know perfectly what their partner thinks, feels, their lover, their beloved because the union between goddesses is complete and fluid. This stamp is a tribute to the ladies who day after day govern, order and rule their republic, the republic of women, to promote gynecological values ​​all over the world.

d) The stamp of 10 Venus cents is dedicated to the artistic expression of lesbian love. In the stamp we can contemplate the image of a kiss between two women with their naked torsos. It is a mural painted on a wall that reflects the strength and vitality of loving women. Their black hair, entwined in the wind, symbolizes, in addition to the strength of the female condition, the freedom enjoyed by women in the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. The position of the hands, caressing the hair and the chest to each other, shows us the essence of love in the republic: only the woman can enjoy and enjoy the body of another woman. Love and sex are purely feminine qualities.

e) The 20 Venus cents stamp is dedicated to the passion women feel when they meet. More specifically, the need for women to meet, to share, to experiment, to caress, to love, to be together. Two girls kiss each other sweetly and delicately, as if each of them was a valuable treasure for the other. The delicacy of the image and the fact of being in black and white evokes the idea of ​​the survival in time, of immortality: the love between women will never disappear, it will always be present no matter what happens because, from lesbian love the life and the universe born.

f) The stamp of 50 Venus cents is dedicated to the hope that the girls, who live in countries where the feminine revolution has not yet taken place, have to emigrate to the Universal Gynecocratic Republic. The stamp shows two young girls, one embracing the other, looking at the horizon excited to live in a society where girls freely love each other, where women have absolute power and use men to their whim and caprice. The girls live with the idea of ​​emigrating to the Universal Gynecocratic Republic, what they do not know is that when they least expect it the country where they live will be impregnated with gynecological values ​​and they themselves will take power in their society of origin actually dominated for patriarchy.

g) The stamp of 1 Venus is dedicated to the time when women could not show their love in public, specifically honoring the success that women have had throughout history to disguise their love against patriarchal and conservative societies . In this stamp we can see two women characterized at the time of the 20s years of the last century XX showing a proud and powerful attitude. Throughout history, women have found a way to love each other, leaving men on the sidelines. Each woman has known how to subdue the men she had around her to use at her whim while she loved other women, naturally.

h) The stamp of 2 Venus is dedicated to lesbian sexual practice, to sex between females. We can see two women lying on the bed making love, enjoying the infinite pleasures offered by their female bodies. When two women make love, the pleasure they feel transports them to a mystical plane, to a metaphysical world, in which they come into direct contact with the goddess Venus and with the forces of the Universe. The goddess Venus created the woman to govern the world, to be mistress and owners of man and that power, that strength, is transmitted to her through the pleasure they feel when women make love between them. That is why the female body was created to feel pleasure, while the male was created to feel pain.

i) Finally the stamp of 5 Venus is dedicated to the victory that women have achieved by taking absolute power just reducing men to the category of slaves. This stamp shows two girls lying in a cheslong making, towards the sky, the sign of victory with their fingers. The image is placed on a terrace and the two girls support their feet on the railing while drawing the “V” with their fingers. Specifically, the stamps pays honors to the “Real Estate Acquisition Law” from the Universal Gynecological Republic through which homes and houses that were owned by men were expropriated to be delivered to couples, or trios, of women. In this way young girls are assured, by law, a home in which to develop their nests of love.

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