The face represents you because it is the part of the body that we always show. The face would represent our identification card although we often proudly show other areas of our body. For us, our entire body is divine and powerful, which is why we often show it with pride and joy, proud of it, proud of our femininity. Let’s not forget that on your face is the mouth, through which you express your divine words when you talk to with our sacred goddess.

It should be noted, dear sisters, that in patriarchal societies, women rarely show their bodies in public, as it is considered “sin”. For those who do not know what the term “sin” means, we could define it as an invention of the patriarchy to make people feel guilty, especially women, with the aim of weakening them emotionally. As women educated in the patriarchy barely show their bodies, they become much more obsessed with their faces, which is why they are so affected by having some facial defect, such as scars, skin’s spots, wrinkles, and so on. In addition, many of them usually put on cosmetic products and makeup to modify the appearance of their face, something that we do not do because our face is a gift from the goddess Venus and we would offend her by modifying it. But as a gift from our goddess we must value it and take care of it, as much as we can, with massages, exercises and pampering. Like the rest of our body, the face deserves care and attention. We will highlight two important ways to keep your face healthy: exercises and massage.

Face massage:

Our face has eighteen muscles that are responsible for the movement of our cheekbones, eyelids, cheeks, chin, lips, chin, eyes, jaw, and so on. In order to tone these eighteen muscles we must massage them daily. When you get out of bed, or before going to sleep, you have to caress your forehead, temples, eyebrows, nose, cheekbones, cheeks, lips, chin, ears, neck, jowls, and so on. Do it in circles and movements to the right and left alternately. You can look at yourself in a mirror while you do this, or you can close your eyes to fully feel the movements and pressure of your fingers on your face. Make sure that all your facial muscles receive the massage. You will notice how your face will gradually relax more and more and you will be able to feel every muscle, every fold of skin and every contour. Pay special attention to two important areas: the muscles around your eyes and the muscles that activate your lips and mouth. Finish your massage with very gentle passes with the tips of your fingers all over your face, almost touching the skin.

Face exercises:

The exercises with your mouth: tongue, lips, palate, throat and others will help you express yourself better and communicate more easily as they will enhance your vocal apparatus.

a) Eyes: Move your eyes looking to the right, to the left, to the ceiling and to the ground. Do it two or three times and finish by making a circle with them. In this way you will exercise your internal eye muscles as well as your optic nerve.

b) Eyelids: Blink several times and at various rates, slowly at first, gradually increasing speed until very fast at the end. With this exercise you will hydrate your eyes, thus avoiding dry eyes.

c) Frontal muscles: Contract your eyebrows, furrowing your brows, then lift your eyebrows towards the top of your forehead several times. It’s a way to tone the superficial muscles around your eyes and relax the top half of your face.

d) Lips: Move your lips from one side to the other, play with them making various gestures, as if you were going to kiss, as if you were smiling, twisting them to one side and another, and so on. Place one on top of the other as if you wanted to hide first the top one on top of the bottom one and then the bottom one on top of the top one. Move them to one side and another. Finally relax your lips completely and blow a good breath of air, making the typical sound “bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr…” until you run out of air, repeat it several times to relax the muscles of your mouth with the vibration that the air flow causes in your lips.

e) Tongue: Our tongue has infinite possibilities: you can pull it out, twist it, turn it to the right or left, twist it, lift the tip, roll it up or down, move it alternately to the right and left, turn it in the form of a corkscrew, and so on. Try touching your nose with the tip of your tongue, then try touching your chin with the tip of your tongue. Do it several times in a row and, if possible, looking at yourself in the mirror. Press the tip of your tongue against the inside of your upper lip until it slips and lands on your lower lip. Press with the tip of your tongue on the tip of your index finger applying more and more force.

f) Mandible: Chewing is one of the best exercises to relax the oral muscles. Chew your tongue gently, it will serve to massage it and in the process activate the muscles of your jaw. Do it several times in a row without pause but without rest.

g) Grimaces in the mirror: The mirror is our friend, you must not forget it. Making faces in front of the mirror will help you see a different and fun image of yourself, it will help you discover the many possibilities that the muscles of your face have.
In addition, they will also make it easier for you to laugh, essential to activate your body and soul.

Young woman doing face building facial gymnastics self massage

Your face reflects your soul

The large number of muscles in your face reflect your mood and your inner and personal world.

Unlike women who live in patriarchal societies, we show ourselves as we are, because we are perfect by ourselves and we have absolutely nothing to hide. If we are sad we show it, if we are happy we show it, if we are tired we show it, if we are excited we also do it, without any problem or shyness. Dozens of emotions pass through our body every day and our face faithfully reflects it as a natural and even healthy fact. By the other hand, as we know, women in patriarchal societies often try to hide the mood on their faces. Obviously, by falsifying or disguising their state of mind, these women suffer emotional and moral consequences for their self-esteem, so that over time they suffer from psychosomatic reactions that affect their body and health.

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