The justice system


Justice in the Gynecocratic Republic is led by women, only women can exercise as judges of peace, counselors in the resolution of conflicts, lawyers, attorneys

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Only women are allowed to work in the justice system.

Justice is free and is based on understanding, conciliation and peace between the parties. Instead of punishment, we seek to reach beneficial agreements for everyone. The main objective lies in correcting attitudes through community service.

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In the Gynococratic Republic there are no prisons or anything that resembles it because no woman can be locked up or punished. When considered as simple goods of consumption and service, men, however, may be locked and punished according to the will of the owner.

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The males, as is obvious, will not have legal responsibility. In the event of a misdemeanor or crime by a male, the owner of the latter is responsible for responding to justice. In this hypothetical case the judge of peace will dictate what actions the woman, owner of the man, must perform, the punishment that he will receive, and whether the expropriation of the slave by the Republic should proceed (or not).

The judicial authority must be female.

At the local level, gynococratic communities will have their own justice organization that will function autonomously. But all local administrations will be coordinated by a central administration that will watch over and work so that they are always governed by the values ​​of the Republic. The central administration of justice will be formed by officials directly elected by the political representatives of the Republic.

The local justice systems are connected to each other and periodically, once every two months, they organize meeting days to discuss and put in common the judicial resolutions dictated by the different judges of peace. The objective is to guarantee the correct operation of the institution, correct possible errors and facilitate, to all citizens, the right to justice.

The police force, both legal and regular, will be exclusively formed by women and, therefore, they will have in their hands all public authority at the time of punishing, arresting, investigating, etc …

Only women can work as police officers.

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