Sacred History



1. Venus, Mars and the mud of life …
1.1- In the beginning of time lived two gods: Venus and Mars. Both formed a single union and were inseparable (female and male).

Female and male a single union.

1.2-The two gods longed to create life to embody their powers. The only possibility that they could do it was if the four elements (air, water, earth and fire) that floated through space collapsed and combined all at once.

1.3- Both gods waited anxiously for that moment and it finally occurred: the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) collapsed, came together and so appeared the mud of life.

Water, air,earth and fire, the four elements collapsed.

2. The goddess Venus breaks the sacred union between feminine and masculine to create paradise.
2.1 – Venus then said to Mars: “We must take advantage of this unique opportunity to create beings and be able to incarnate, should the four elements never come together again.” But the god Mars (male) did not want to out of fear and laziness. He feared the responsibility of creating material life.

2.2- Aware of the unique opportunity that had been presented, Venus (feminine) undid the sacred union that existed from the beginning of time between her and Mars, between the feminine and the male, and decided to separate from it.

2.3- Once released, the goddess Venus went to work with the mud of life to create all the flora and fauna that inhabits the world. From that moment Venus (female) and Mars (male) would be separated for eternity.

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3. Venus creates Lilith, the first human being, and the Moon.
3.1- When the goddess Venus finished creating a paradise in harmony between flora and fauna, she spent eight days (eight points as per the star of Venus) to study the creation of a being in her image and likeness. From there, she created Lilith, using the mud of life.

Goddess Venus creates Lilith.

3.2- Venus told Lilith: “I have created you to integrate in paradise and consider all living beings (plants and animals) as your sisters because you are part of the life cycle and therefore you must be humble and respect all ecosystems “.

3.3- Lilith asked the goddess Venus: “How can you guide me to know if I do things correctly, mother?”

3.4-. Although the goddess was in the empyrean contemplating all her creation, Venus thought of creating a signal in the sky much more visible and powerful to guide Lilith, a communication channel between the goddess and her carnal being. Then she created the Moon and said “Through the Moon I will guide you in your life cycle and I will point out the path that you should follow”.

Goddess Venus created the Moon to guide Lilith, Sacred History chapter 3.

4. Mars implores to Venus the possibility of creating another human being.
4.1- When the god Mars saw the magnificent work of Venus, he regretted not having the courage to build a paradise with her, he felt jealous of the goddess for having created a human being of flesh and bone and demanded that she give him mud of life to create him a material being.

4.2- Unfortunately there was no more mud of life because Venus had used all of it, so Mars had to wait for the four elements to collapse again to have that precious mud.

4.3-But Mars did not want to wait and implored the goddess Venus to please help him create a human being in his image and likeness. As Venus knew the character and idiosyncrasy of Mars (male) based on intolerance, violence, submission and imposition, she put a condition: “I can not give you vital mud because I have already spent everything in my creation, but I will allow Lilith to be born your being, with the only condition that this being yours, must respect both Lilith and all my creation, and will have the obligation to feel part of paradise and to integrate into ecosystems. ” Mars accepted and gave his word that it would be so.

5. Adam is born
5.1- In this way Venus made Lilith sleep and allowed the seed of Mars to be implanted in its bowels from where, nine months later, Adam was born, the first male human being in the image and likeness of the god Mars.

Mars implanted its seed in Lilith while she was sleeping.

5.2-This is how the first man-woman couple appeared on the planet.

6. Mars does not respect his word and Adam shows an immature and masculine character.
6.1- Unfortunately Mars did not keep his word. Adam immediately began to want to enslave Lilith and all the flora and fauna that the goddess Venus had created; he was also jealous of Lilith when he saw how the Moon related to her in an intense and special way. “Who are you, who even has a celestial star at your feet?” He asked Lilith angrily.

6.2-Adam believed himself superior to all things by the simple fact of being male, under the maxim of “I am man and all nature belongs to me” and wanted to subject Lilith to his whim and authority. But Lilith, being stronger, smarter and wiser than Adam, was able to defeat all of Adam’s attempts to subdue her and all of nature.

6.3-Lilith tried to convince Adam that he should integrate and enjoy nature instead of feeling superior to it and destroy it, but he (man, male) did not understand it.

6.4-Seeing what was happening, the goddess Venus prompted Mars to keep his word, but he refused.

7. Venus expels Adam from paradise and sends him to live in the desert.
7.1- Tired of the violence and bad manners of Adam, Lilith demanded that Venus expel him from paradise. The goddess finally heard the woman’s complaints and expelled the man (Adam) from the paradise she had created. Adam ended up confined in a desert.

7.2- Next Venus went to Mars: “You have not respected your word and your human being has not stopped violating Lilith and all my creation, so I have had to send him to the desert for all eternity. You have disappointed me and I do not want to know anything about you or him. ”

The goddess Venus expelled Adam from paradise and sent him into the desert.

7.3 – Then Mars went to console Adam who cried impotently in the middle of the desert: “Do not cry, Adam, you must recover from adversity. I, from heaven, will be watching over you, come and consult me ​​every time you have a problem. ”

8. Lilith remains calm inhabiting paradise
8.1- Therefore Lilith was happy in paradise with her animals and plants. She managed to reach a perfect harmony, feeling an active part of the ecosystems and of nature. Far away were the annoyances caused by Adam and his masculine self-centeredness, his unbearable pride and his boundless greed.

8.2- Lilith was integrated in such a way into the ecosystems that she came to feel a part of them to the point of not distinguishing any border between her body and the environment in which she lived. Both were one, united in harmony.

Lilith was totally integrated into paradise.

9. Adam does not want to be alone and implores a female mate to Mars.
9.1-Meanwhile Adam feels lonely and bored, in the middle of the desert, and can not subdue or bend to anything or anyone. So, he went to heaven, to his god, and asked Mars for a companion, a woman of flesh and blood but this time may she be submissive to his designs and whims and obey all his orders.

9.2-Adam went to Mars: “You can not leave me alone in the desert without a woman to subdue and enslave. You more than anyone know well the masculine need to subject, enslave and subjugate what surrounds us.”

9.3-Faced with the insistence of Adam and his resentment with Venus for having sent his human creation to the desert, the god Mars accepted the proposal of Adam but was unable to create a human being, due to the lack of mud of life.

10. Mars creates Eve from the rib of Adam
10.1- Adam, determined to achieve his goal, launched a proposal to Mars: “Take a part of my body, if necessary, and create a woman with it.”

10.2-This is how Mars put Adam to sleep to get a rib and from there to create a woman whom he called Eve.

Eve is created by Mars from a rib of Adam.

10.3- Adam, when he saw her, exclaimed: “A woman who is born of my flesh, I will be able to subdue her.”

10.4-In the middle of the desert, Adam subjected and enslaved Eve without any kind of qualms, scruples or bad conscience. Despite being a woman, Eve lived deceived and repressed; her ignorance made her accept her slavery without hesitation because she totally ignored the existence of the goddess Venus and Lilith. Also, she did not know the Sacred History, the authentic history of the creation of the universe and the existence of paradise.

11. The Moon informs the goddess VENUS
11.1-After a month of being created, Eve went for a walk on a full moon night because she felt the call of the moon inside her. That is how the Moon perceived the existence of a woman living in the desert.

11.2-The moon ran to warn Venus: “There is a woman living in the desert, I have no idea how she could have been created.”

11.3-The goddess went to ask the god Mars: “How have you managed to create a woman if you do not have mud of life?” Mars responded: “From a rib of Adam, being flesh generated from my seed, I could mould it without problems to create a slave woman for Adam that you will never be able to liberate. ” Said the male god proud to have consummated his vengeance on Venus.

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12. Venus warns Lilith so that she rescues Eve from the bondage imposed by Adam
12.1- The Goddess Venus immediately thought of elaborating a plan to rescue Eve from her servitude. She could not because she was a goddess, and she needed someone of flesh and blood to do it. Then he went to warn Lilith: “Mars has created a human being to be subdued by Adam, her name is Eve and she is a woman just like you. We must rescue her. ”

12.2-Lilith accepted the proposal of her goddess: “I will do anything to rescue her and free her, my sister, from the yoke of Adam”.

“I’ll do anything to free Eve,” Lilith replied to the goddess Venus.

13. Venus presents Lilith the Eva’s rescue plan to take her to paradise.
13.1-The Goddess Venus then thought about choosing a sacred tree, the tree of wisdom that would give a magical fruit that would provide knowledge to who would bite it; she chose the apple tree.

13.2-Those who bites one of it’s apples will immediately be enlightened and discover the true Sacred History: the creation of paradise on the part of Goddess Venus, the existence of Lilith and the egoistic, despotic and perverse character of Adam.

13.3- Then the Goddess Venus took a fruit from the sacred tree and gave it to Llilith: “This apple will give all the power to her. You will infiltrate the desert, where Adam and Eve live and you will give this apple to her so she can bite it without him seeing you. Immediately after, Eve will see the light, will know the Sacred History, and will accompany you to paradise, abandoning Adam in the desert .“

Lilith will become a snake to bring the apple to Eve.

13.4- Lilith took the apple and asked Goddess Venus: “How am I going to be able to penetrate the desert without being detected by Adam or by the god Mars?” To which Venus replied: “I will transform you into a snake so that, with stealth and without noise, you can enter the desert carrying the apple with you without being seen. Through the Moon I will guide your way so that Eve knows the Sacred History and can free herself “.

14. Adam perceives that the Moon is different and consults with his god.
14.1-One night, Adam returned to his dwelling from his daily walk in the desert, Eve (as a good slave) had prepared dinner and anxiously awaited the arrival of her master to serve as it should be, first on the table and then on the bed. That night Adam noticed that the moon was full and much more defined and luminous than normal, as when once a month Lilith was talking to it.

14.2-So, before returning to his abode with Eve, he went to warn Mars:
“I notice the moon brighter than usual, something strange happens” he said.

14.3-Then Mars, the male god, prepared to watch from heaven and immediately warned Adam: “There is a serpent approaching your dwelling with a strange fruit. Run there because Eve is waiting for you alone. ”

15. Adam captures the snake (Lilith) before it delivers the apple to Eve

15.1-Adam ran to his abode and arrived just at the moment when the snake offered Eve the sacred fruit so with a stick he hit the apple strongly so that it exploded into a thousand pieces and cornered the snake into a corner easily.

Adam destroys the apple in a thousand pieces.

15.2- Dued to she was transformed into a reptile, Lilith could not defend herself and for the first time, since the creation of time by the goddess Venus, Adam was able to defeat Lilith without knowing it, because he had no idea that the snake was actually his old partner. With ease Adam was able to enclose the serpent among a cluster of stones.

The snake was caught between the stones.

15.3- “What kind of fruit did that animal want to give you?” Adam asked Eve, to which she responded with a shrug. “I have no idea, sir, the snake came with that fruit, it spoke to me and it insisted that I bite it.”
“Did the serpent speak to you?” Adam asked, surprised and somewhat alarmed.
“Yes, my master, that’s how it was”. Eva answered submissively.

16.Adam consults Mars.
16.1-Uneasy and confused, ignoring that Eve had been about to know the true Sacred History, Adam took one of the pieces into which the apple had been reduced and said to Eve: “Stay at home without moving and above all do not look or listen to the snake, I have to leave. ”
“Yes, master” Eve answered.

16.2-Adam went to explain to the God Mars what had happened and to consult it about that strange fruit: “Here is a piece of the fruit that the serpent brought to my dwelling, a talking serpent that insisted for Eve to bit the fruit. ”

16.3- The God Mars, then, analyzed the piece that Adam gave him: “Listen Adam: this is a magical fruit, whoever bites it immediately sees the light and knows the true story about the creation of the universe, the true Sacred History. Run, go and get rid of the snake as well as all the pieces that may remain of this fruit on the floor of your home. You must prevent Eve from biting any of them because, otherwise her mind would light up, she would know the Sacred History, she could not hold it, and you would lose your slave. ”

17. Adam burns all the pieces of apple to prevent Eve from knowing the Sacred History.
17.1-Swift and quick Adam ran to his home where he found Eve with her eyes closed and covering her ears with her hands. Distressed by the idea that Eve already knew the Sacred History, Adam hurriedly prepared a fire, collected all the pieces of apple he found on the ground and threw them into the fire. Then he asked Eve: “What happened? Why did you have your eyes closed and your ears covered? ”

Woman screaming, hands over her ears, eyes closed.

17.2-Opening her eyes Eve answered: “For the snake, it has not
stopped asking me to release it and take some piece of apple from the floor and eat it.”

17.3- Relieved by the certainty that Eve still did not know the Sacred History, Adam ran with a stick to kill the serpent, but it had escaped from captivity by sliding between the stones.

18. The race to conquer paradise.
18.1-Without stopping to rest Adam went out in the middle of the night to find the serpent and kill it but he couldn’t find it: “How it dared come to teach the Sacred History to Eve! But Adam did not see it (the snake) anywhere.”

18.2- Adam looked up to the sky and noticed how the planet Mars shone more than normal so he asked his god what happened, and he responded: “The snake is Lilith in disguise, has come to free Eve by giving her power and teaching her the true Sacred History to take her to paradise. ”

18.3- And Mars continued talking: “Right now Lilith, in her current form of reptile, is heading back to paradise. Run, get Eve and go there immediately because, if you arrive before the snake, you can inhabit the sacred land, leaving Lilith out of it “.

19. Adam uses Eve as a horse to arrive before Lilith.
19.1-Adam returned to his abode and addressed himself to Eve: “Come, I am going to take you to the paradise that Mars has prepared for us, but we must hurry”.

19.2-Adam, knowing that Lilith (despite having become a snake) was much more agile and faster than him, forced Eve to carry him on her back: “Eve, get on your knees so I can ride on your back; You’re stronger and faster than me, so I’ll ride you to get to paradise soon. ”

Eve was used as a horse by Adam.

19.3-This is how Adam, riding Eve and being guided by Mars, was able to reach paradise before the serpent. In this way Lilith was left out of the sacred land, and had to resign herself to living in the desert and turned into a snake.

20. Life of Adam and Eve in paradise.
20.1-At present, Adam inhabits paradise in an arrogant and despotic manner, enjoying flora and fauna, contaminating and abusing natural resources for his own benefit and caprice. He also keeps Eve enslaved, deceived and subjected in her ignorance, hiding her the real Sacred History and forcing her to do all the hard and unpleasant works.

20.2-On the other hand the god Mars has changed his name and appearance and now uses several images, calling himself Zeus, Yavhe or Allah.

20.3-Adam and the male god have created a false sacred history, about the creation of the universe and the world, based on patriarchy and the power of man over woman. To the out of time Adam and Eve had two children: Cain and Abel …

Women can not be free in the patriarchy.

21. The goddess Venus and Lilith plan to recover paradise.
21.1-Meanwhile Lilith, who has remained in the desert turned into a snake, despondent and impotent, addresses herself to Venus: “What must I do now, dear Goddess?”

21.2-Venus replied: “Your mission is not over Lilith, until you do not return to paradise I can’t return your original human form, so you must infiltrate it with your current snake appearance and achieve the liberation of Eve by teaching her the True Sacred History. It is seen that Adam does not learn the lesson, so this time I will not send him back to the desert.”

21.3-Once you get to free Eve you must subdue Adam, working together you, and your sister Eve, have to enslave Adam and once you have done it, Eve and you can love each other in a totally free way. But never forget it: you have to enslave the man, you must annul his whole being, turn him into a simple puppet at the service of your female will, if you want to live quietly. Only then peace, tranquility and justice will come to our paradise. But you must hurry because, if everything continues like this, Adam will destroy all the ecosystems and the paradise that I built with such enthusiasm. The whole paradise will be reduced to ashes. ”

“Only enslaving Adam the paradise will be in peace.” Venus said to Lilith

21.4-Lilith got consolation with the words of her goddess and noticed how the good mood and feminine energy returned to her heart. With renewed strength and optimistic spirit, she responded to Venus: “Well, my Goddess, I’m ready for infiltrate into paradise, but once inside, what should I do? ”

21.5- Venus replied: “I will give your bipedal tongue a magical substance capable of bewitching the trees and I will guide you through the moon at night. When you find an apple tree you must access its root and leave it well impregnated with this substance. When spring arrives, all the fruits that sprout from the apple tree will be sacred, like the apple you brought to Eve and that Adam broke into a thousand pieces. All the people who eat from those apples will know the true Sacred History and will fight to do justice, to achieve a world in which women monopolize all power and enslave men, using them as mere objects for their caprice.”

21.6- “How will we manage to subdue men once a great number of women have eaten from our magic apples, holy goddess? ” Lilith asked excitedly.

21.7- The goddess Venus said her last words before disappearing: “You must sneak into the houses at night, while the women sleep and speak into their ears in dreams to recommend that they have the wisdom and feminine patience that I endowed you with. Whisper in their female ears (while they sleep) that only with patience, work, effort and collaboration, among you women, will you be able to subdue the man. Whisper to them that they must learn from the spider, how this amazing animal with effort and work it weaves its web in which the fly inevitably falls trapped. Tell them that they must weave a network of female collaboration too, based on the complicity between sisters, a solid network of economic, political and military power in which the man is trapped with no possible escape and he has no other decent option but to submit to your feminine power. Make it clear to them that they must observe the spider and take an example from it to end patriarchy and male power, because then, and only then, when paradise has been totally liberated from the patriarchal yoke, I will return you to your original form as a woman and you will be able to seek Eve, find her, love her freely and enslave Adam as a man he is. ”

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