Do Not Smoke Tax 55A.V.


All states are financed by taxes and fees paid by their citizens. We, women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, have agreed to approve our first national tax, it is called “D.N.S.T.55A.V.” (Do Not Smoke Tax) today Friday, November 5, 55A.V.. It is a tax aimed at our smoking sisters and male citizens to stop this vice, to stop smoking.

Yes! If you are financing your patriarchal state with the money you pay for tobacco, you are obligated finance The Universal Gynecocratic Republic with at least the same amount of money. What does it mean?

If you are a regular smoker and you are a citizen from our matriarchal country, you are going to calculate how much money you spend on tobacco each week and every Friday you will transfer, at least that amount, into our PayPal account “”.

Our goal is that week by week you reduce tobacco consumption until you completely stop smoking. So in fact, we wish you stop smoking and you stop paying us but also the patriarchal state in which you live. We care for your health because we want healthy people living in our matriarchal country.

The supreme council of sisters has approved the “D.N.S.T.55A.V.” today November 5, 55A.V. to reduce tobacco consumption among citizens and thus facilitate the complete abandonment of this pernicious vice. Our aim is to benefit the health of our people and also to finance the economy of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, our beloved matriarchal country. Our sisters and our male citizens must take care of their health and stay healthy and strong so that they can faithfully sacrifice for the well-being of our gynecocratic republic.

Next we reproduce the text of the official document that approves the creation of “D.N.S.T. 55A.V.” the first official rate that will enable the empowerment and development of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, read it carefully.

Implementation of the national rate according to the agreed resolution 8/55:
“Do Not Smoke Tax (D.N.S.T.55A.V.)”

Meeting of the superior council of sisters at 10:00h A.M. to solve about the mentioned tax.
Factual background:
Tobacco is a harmful and disgusting vice that damages the health of absolutely the entire
population, smokers and non-smokers too. Tobacco is one of the worst drugs present in our enemy patriarchal society. Through drugs, such as tobacco, patriarchy subdues people, no matter whether they are men or women, and weakens them to make them dependent on the laws dictated by nasty
macho men. Because of tobacco, many brilliant women do not realize the power they have for the simple fact of being women. Because of tobacco, patriarchy is perpetuated over time and prolongs the submission of our sisters who live in patriarchal areas.
The superior council of sisters agrees:
To make the fight against tobacco use a priority by punishing the consumption of this harmful drug levying a tax on it. So we decide to tax tobacco use by both male citizens and all sisters. The aim of this tax is to end the consumption of all kind of tobacco, so the tax will be called “D.N.S.T.55A.V.” (Do Not Smoke Tax 55A.V.). The money from this tax collected will be used to develop The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

To ensure a correct and adequate processing of the payment of this tax, we agree to establish the following procedures.

a) All smoking sisters and all smoking male citizens from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic (our matriarchal country) should write by e-mail a message to “”
confessing their addiction to tobacco and reporting on the weekly amount of tobacco they smoke and the exact amount of money they spend weekly on that harmful vice.

b) The weekly amount of money they spend on tobacco will be the exact amount they will have to pay as “D.N.S.T.55A.V.” tax once a week, every Friday, by PayPal to our account

c) All smoking sisters and all smoking male citizens will make an effort to smoke less and less, reducing tobacco consumption, until they manage to defeat such a harmful vice. Of course as they smoke less they will spend less money on tobacco and, therefore, they will reduce the rate to pay, as “D.N.S.T.55A.V.” tax to our beloved republic.

The superior council of sisters closes the session at 11:32 A.M.


The Universal Gynecocratic Republic

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