Her Love


Lesbian love is the only way of love allowed in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Of course women and girls can feel love for their dog, their cat, their doll or their man, it is a natural feeling. But love from equal to equal, that love that inevitably leads to carnal passion, can only be seen from woman to woman. Our matriarchal republic wants to pay tribute to women in love through “The Lesbian Love Stamps Collection“, visit our store section to buy it now.


From time immemorial women have loved each other. We can read about this feeling in our Sacred History. The women’s liberation will be achieved when Eva and Lilith began to love each other and enslave Adam, the man. We can read in in the chapter 21.3: “…you, and your sister Eve, have to enslave Adam and once you have done it, Eve and you can love each other in a total free way…“.

In fact during almost all history from the NeolithicBabylonAncient EgyptAncient GreeceAncient Rome and The Middle Age the lesbian love was the only way of love allowed, like now in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Unfortunately during The Modern Age , with the raise of patriarchy, the disgusting and unnatural heterosexuality prevailed and lesbian women were persecuted. All along The Universal Gynecocratic Republic we can see we can see women loving and caring for each other in a free and joyfully way as an usual fact. In the streets, in the squares, in the public parks anywhere there are smiling girls kissing, above all during the spring season. And it is logical, according to the laws of our matriarchal republic only women can marry each other in two possible ways: couple or trhreesome. And according to official data these two modalities are more or less equally popular: 47% of weddings are for couples while 53% of women choose to live in a threesome. Moreover there are many women who prefer not to marry because they think the important are the feelings intead the papers or the official documents.

People from the patriachal society could think that these women are not able to be mothers, to have babies, but our breeding system ensures the reproduction with its human male farms. This way the female children will grow and be educated with two, or three mothers, it means totally surrounded by love and affection for a healthy mental and emotional growth as girls deserve. So girls become women with power and security and they will become the powerful ladies of tomorrow who will lead the matriarchy with a firm hand. Also the wife, or wives, of the pregnant lady will be able to put in the place of the pregnant woman since they themselves gave birth or will be pregnant one day. Women from patriarchal society who come to live in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, and they were heterosexual in those dark times, immediately surrender to lesbian love realizing that loving a female is the only way to feel real love and accepting, at the same time, that men are incapable of truly loving. It is then that they understand that only from where life is born can authentic love spring and they even feel disgust at having been with a man. In this way our country has become an oasis for lesbian women coming from the patriarchy, in a haven of freedom for them. Monthly dozens of lesbian girls are coming to The Universal Gynecocratic Republic to live with us and they are welcomed with open arms, as it should be. In fact, lesbian love places the filthy man in its rightful place: an entertainment for women, a toy for female’s fun. This is life and love in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic: a paradise for women where lesbian love is in the air.

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