Sleep Guards


It is very common that, in mad women’s parties, some goddesses fall asleep after dancing with their sisters, singing or savagely abusing men. In case some woman or girl goes overboard with the drink and falls asleep in bed or wherever men have the obligation to follow some clear instructions through the “Sleep Guard Protocole”.

The “Sleep Guard Protocole” is a mandatory group of rules for all our male citizens. Every single man from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has the duty to know about it and, of course, to fulfill it if the case occurs. The main purpose of this protocole is to work for the sacred goddess to enjoy a pleasant and restful sleep. So we are going to detail each of these rules:

1) To the bed: In case the goddess get sleep in any place out of the bed, like the floor, the bathroom, the corridor, or any other place, the male will take her with its male arms and back in order to bring her to the nearest free bed leaving her on the mattress very gently and carefully.

2) The position: The male will care that the goddess hair does not disturb her breathing. It will remove the hair from her mouth and nose, the goddess has to breath easily while she is sleeping. Moreover the male will take care that the woman is in a comfortable position for a long, pleasant and deep sleep.

3) The noise: In case there is noise in the environment, the male will try to reduce it to the maximum to achieve the greatest possible silence, closing the doors and windows if it is possible. In case the noise is made by a man, the male will order it a total silence, if that man is not able to be silent, because it is being ballbusting by a woman or it is being ass raped mercilessly by a girl, then the male will seal the man’s mouth with duct tape being totally sure that it can breathe through its nose, of course.

4) The temperature: Once the male has reduced the noise as much as posible, it has to test the temperature of the woman’s skin just to know if she needs to be covered with a blanket or she needs freshness. The male can touch the sacred goddess and it must do it with the back of its hand caressing slightly her shoulders or back, just to know if she is cold or hot. This is THE ONLY PURPOSE for which the male can touch the sacred goddess.

5) Hot or cold: In case it is really hot, summer time, the male will look for a fan and it will put on the bedroom but not directly to the goddess. If the male doesn’t find any fan, it could use a hand fan, a paper, and it will use it to refresh the goddess while she is sleeping. Of course if it is cold, the male will look for a blanquet to cover the goddess while she is sleepping.

6) Fresh water: The male has to bring a bottle of fresh water, an aspirine and a bag in case the goddess has drunk too much and she wakes up wanting to vomit. It is possible the woman wakes up asking for water or with a deep headhache, in this case the male has to be ready to answer at once.

7) Waiting: The male has to wait all the time the goddess is sleeping, it will be on its knees by the bed. If there is a spare pillow, the male will put it protecting its knees, it prepares to be on its knees for as long as it takes until the goddess is fully awake by herself. If the male is comfortable it will be able to focus all its attention on the goddess’s sleeping and this is the main goal.

8) Five senses: As the goddess is sleeping and her sense are out, the five senses of the male have to be at her service: its sight, its hearing, its touch, its smell and its taste: the male’s sight by looking at her if she moves and uncovers herself; the male’s touch by touching her skin to feel if she is hot or cold; the male’s hearing by listering carefully her breathing or if she is waking up; the male’s smell by feeling if there is any strange smell around, like burned for example. Finally the taste by drinking a sip of the water ready for her just to test if it is fresh enough before to bring it to the room.

9) Waking up: Of course the male will let the goddess to sleep as long as she needs. But once the goddess wakes up by herself, the male has to wait for her to ask and it will answer (with a quite and pleasant voice) that she fell asleep and, as a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, it has been taking care of her during all the time by following the “Sleep Guard Protocole”.


One day in a crazy girls party, a drunked woman was wrecking a male trough its ass with a huge rubber strapon, the male was keeping the pain, that this unknown woman was causing it, in the best way it could. The woman had a deep and pleasant orgasm and fell asleep over the male’s back. The male carried the woman on its back to the bed, with the big rubber cock inserted deep inside its ass hole, it gently laid her on the bed and, doing this, it got rid of the big dildo. The man removed the strapon from the woman’s waist and took care of her during all the time the goddess was sleeping following the instruccions and the nine steps of the “Sleep Guard Protocole”. When the woman woke up and saw the man kneeling besides the bed asked it.

-What has happened?

-Dear sacred goddess: you fell aslepp over my back after orgasmed while you were fucking my ass mercilessly with that strapon (it said pointing to the place where it left the device), so I have brought you to this bed and I have followed meticulously the protocol of the “Sleep Guard Protocole”.

-Very good, that is your duty as a male. So I feel like to start fine the day after that pleasant sleeping, I want to follow fucking your ass hole, so bring me the strapon right now and take the position at once…. (Pause). Wait a moment (said the woman looking at the strapon) I guess that, if you’ve been awake all this time that I have been slepping, sure you must be tired, really tired, so you need something to wake you up suddenly and keep you awake for the rest of the day. Listen: go to the closet in the storage room, open it and bring me the biggest dildo you could find, it will help you to stay awake for the rest of the day without problem. That is important if you want to serve me and all my sisters in a proper way. Then when I finish destroying your ass, you will go to the kitchen to prepare a good coffee for me.

-Yes, dear sacred goddess, at your command.

And the man went to take the biggest strapon he could find in the closet and it took it to that unknown woman. Then the man took the position on the floor, its face down touching the floor and the bare ass up helpless and waiting to be abused again. The man splitted its ass with its hands as much as it could waiting to be ass wrecked with that monster rubber cock. It he knew how to adopt the assfuck position perfectly, almost as well as it knew how to apply the “Sleep Guard Protocole”.

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