The pig man


It is a fact: men are like pigs and therefore we, women, have the right to take advantage of them and to abuse their male bodies freely to please our desire and our female will, for our amusement or just to entertain ourselves for a while. Never forget, dear sister, that goddess Venus made the male body right to be abused by women so here you have an example of what you can do (or how you can use) any part of the male body. Of course this is just and example, you superior feminine imagination is open all the time to abuse your male in the way you see fit.


These drawing sheets are used in schools to teach girls about the usefulness of the male body. For us, women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, it is important that girls grow up knowing that males are commodities or objects to be used and abused as they think fit.

1.-The male head. Remember, dear sister, that men don’t think, they have an empty head, so it is useful to be stepped on every time you abuse your male.

2.- The male nose, mouth and tongue. The female pleasure is a right for women and a duty for men, so dear sister please do not doubt to use for cunnilingus, or analingus, to reach deep orgasms.

3.- The male neck is very sensitive and fragile, everytime you want to leave your male helpless, do not hesitate to bite it, squeeze it or grab it tightly with your hands.

4.- The male shoulders are useful for riding your male and use it as a horse but with some advantages over a horse: you will be able to reach any forest’s place.

5.- The male arms are at your disposal to obey each and every one of your sacred orders: for work, for massage, for cleaning… Its arms must be ready for your female orders, and whims, anytime.

6.- The male chest is where the man has the heart and breath, therefore it is “the engine of the machine”. Never forget to sit down on the male chest so the man will never forget that its life is in your female hands.

7.- The male back is ideal to mount your man like a four-legged horse after putting a bridle in its mouth. By the other hand it is useful to punish the pig by lashing its back mercilessly until leve it totally red and sore.

8.- The male belly is one of the most sensitive areas of the pig’s body so you can use it for exemple to spank it with a rod everytime you want the pig suffers and extra pain, or when you want to test the degree of sharpness of the pig squeals, just for your entertainment.

9.- The male buttocks are one of the most interesting areas of the whole pig: you can use them to be spanked hard with a fusta, with a whip or with a rod. You can make fun by kicking them to humiliate the male. You can slap them with passion when you are raping its ass hole with a huge strapon, like the whore it is. Moreover it is the right zone of the male body to mark your property by leaving your personal mark with a red-hot iron in it.

10.- The cock and balls is the area that defines the pig as male so it has to be closed almost all the time by a good chastity belt. We, women, have to control the whole pig by closing their genitals. Of course once in a while we can free them to whip or kick them for our entertainment and amusement.

11.- The male ass hole. The domination of the pig has to be external and internal. As the woman you are, you have the right to invade the male’s insides whenever you feel like, and the pig has to accept this fact with a smile in its dumb face, of course. So all its holes are good to be raped by you, and your sisters, for your female fun and entertainment.

12.- The male’s legs. Dear sister, when you buy an slave we recommend you to choose a male with strong legs in order to have a tough man to take you everywhere as a horse. Take care about the force of the pig’s legs.

13.- 14.- The male’s feet and its soles. Its feet represent the male’s connection to the earth, so make sure you (as the woman you are) control that conection: step on its feet often to teach it who is in charge and please do not hesitate to use a rod or a whip in order to lash the male feet’s soles, with no pity, in case your slave tried to escape from you.

Our citizen L71224H is a complete pig, we can use it, or abuse it, freely. For us, it is just a piece of meat to be properly abused, like all other citizens. But L71224H always proudly displays its citizen ID besides its caged penis as it knows all male citizens must be cock caged in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. It is willing to be used, and abused, by our sister always.

Your attention please: Would you like to become a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and to have free and full access to the whole web?