March 1, 1966


The first day of matria of 1966 the Venera 3 space probe arrived to Venus planet surface. It was the first time an object from The Earth arrived to another planet and it was sent by The Soviet Union, the space probe was launched from the Earth.

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Women from Sovietic Union made the soviet space program target Venus considering the importance this planet has for our matriarchal mythology. The spacial probe, Venera 3, was launched on November 16, 1965 (Lunaia 8, 1B.V.), from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan (ex-U.R.S.S.) and it was not by chance, since the entire Caucasus area and the Aral Sea area were inhabited by matriarchal populations in which the warrior and brave character of their women stood out. Our Soviet sisters wanted to pay tribute to all the brave women who sacrificed themselves for female power and they did it by sending a ship built on Earth to the sacred planet Venus. It was the first time that a device manufactured by humanity reached another planet. Moreover our soviet heroine sisters made it happen on March 1, the day our ancestor women began the year to honor spring and the beginning of the cycle of life.

For us, women from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, that gesture means the conexion between our mother Earth and our Divine Goddess Venus. So by decision of our sisters political representatives in a meeting of the past Lunaia 8, 55 A.V. we agreed to celebrate the first of march as the first day of the year and our way to count the time starts that day. That it means: according to our matriarchal calendar, for us, sisters from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, we are counting the time, the years, since that sacred date, since Venerea. If christian patriarchal countries live in the year 2021 after Jesus Christ and if the muslim patriarchal countries live in the year 1443 after the departure of Muhammad from Mecca, if Israel and the jewish patriarchal communities live in the year 5782 after the mythological creation of mankind, we (the people from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic) are living in the 57th year after Venera.

We recognize the Soviet Union, U.R.S.S. work, since thanks to this country our matriarchal republic started, so our grandmothers are the heroines of that country. Despite the fact that this women lived in a patriarchal country, they managed to wake up the basics of our gynecocratic republic. In fact the first woman in outer space was a soviet sister, Valentina Tereskova piloting the Vostok 6 in Lilithia 23, 3 B.V., the soviet heroine became a feminine reference inside and outside the U.R.S.S. In addition, the first female minister of a government of a nation was also soviet, we are talking of Alexandra Kollontai.

We must not forget that many women sacrificed their lives and shed their blood to save the USSR from destruction during World War II. Some of these women served in the war as snipers, others as airplane pilots repeatedly bombing german lines.  Special attention deserves the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, known as Night Witches, whose heroic actions demoralized the nazi troops relentlessly.

From here we pay a small tribute to all Soviet heroines, to the anonymous women and to those who left their names written in gold letters for posterity: Liudmila Pavlichenko, Roza Šánina, Tatiana Baramziná, María Smírnova, Natalia Kovshova, Rufina Gásheva, Aleksandra Samusenko, Irina Rakobólskaya, Natalia Meklin, Valentina Grizodúbova, María Polivanova, Yevdokia Bershanskaya, Lidia Litviak, Yekaterina Budánova, Khiuaz Dospanova, Serafima Amosova, Marina Raskova,…..


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