As we all know, the mind is fundamental, since it is in charge of controlling and directing the body. When we dream, the mind commands our body. If, for example, we dream that we are climbing a mountain, our muscles tense in a similar way as if we were actually climbing a mountain, and our body loses the calories that it would lose if it climbed the mountain that appears in our mind while dreaming.


That is why it is important to be able to connect our mind with our goddess Venus and meditation is the only way to achieve it. Meditation is practiced by all our sisters in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic since they are very young. We already control the techniques of meditation. The most of the women from patriarchal societies, on the other hand, do not control meditation techniques since, if they have practiced it, they have done so in adulthood. As you all know, women who have the misfortune of being born in the patriarchy are taught, from a young age, not to value themselves and to be insecure so that they grow up self-conscious and overcome by shyness and lack of self-esteem and thus achieve a complete control of man over woman. Let’s not forget that the only goal of patriarchy is for women to be controlled by men in the easiest way possible. Therefore it is essential that these women practice meditation, start in it. This way we need our sisters, born and educated in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, to have patience and practice with them.

We know that all change begins in our minds and it is in our minds that the goal we want to achieve is born and where we trace the path to follow to achieve it. It is our mind that will tell us, slowly but surely, that, as women, we are precious beings of a semi-divine nature. We are daughters of Venus and our mind must be faithful to that purpose. Practice meditation for at least 15 minutes a day at least two days a week. Before you start the meditation, choose a comfortable place with a comfortable temperature and soft light. If you wish, and it helps you, you could light a candle or put on very relaxing music at a very low volume, but it is not necessary. The goal of meditation is to free the mind by balancing our four most significant body points: the mouth, the breasts, the navel, and the vulva. These four points will be represented by four flat stones that you must place near you while you meditate, one on top of the other, from largest to smallest, until they balance each other. The largest of all represents the fire (our vulva) and you will place it at the bottom, on it you will put the next in size that represents the earth (our navel), on this you will place the one that symbolizes the water (our breasts) and above the all you will put the smallest of all, representing the air (our mouth). As you can read below, each of these points is assigned its corresponding national symbol.

Sit on the floor, on top of an isothermal mat or on a bed, bend your knees and rest your forearms on them to start meditating. Your fingers, thumb and index of both hands, should be linked drawing a circle in the air. Control your breathing, relax the diaphragm and free your mind. Your whole body, but especially your four balance points (mouth, breasts, navel and vulva), should be comfortable and relaxed. Your whole being should feel free from any unpleasant sensation, caused by our posture or our clothes, that can make you uncomfortable. The temperature and light must be just right for meditation. Silence should be complete and absolute, unless listening to relaxing music could helps you meditate. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and you will notice how your mind begins to travel throughout your body, covering every corner of it, every centimeter of your skin.

There will come a time when your mind will free itself from your body and travel freely outside of it. It will be at that precise moment when your four organic points (mouth, breasts, navel and vulva) will be in balance. It is then that you will no longer feel your body but only energy flowing freely. By balancing the four feminine energy centers, the Universe will be born within us, as we can read in our Sacred History. From that moment, the divine femininity will reach all its splendor and you will no longer control your mind but our Goddess Venus will do it for you. Let our goddess guide you and lead your spirit freely so that Venus can teach you what your path and your future will be. From then on Venus, our divine goddess, representing the balance of your feminine essence, will decide when and how the meditation will end, you just have to trust her and let yourself go.

As you can see, dear sister, the secret of meditation is to achieve the balance of our four essential points of energy and, once achieved, simply let our goddess guide us. The sisters, accustomed to meditate since childhood, we perfectly notice when the goddess Venus inhabits us. Women raised in patriarchal societies, thanks to dedication and practice, can also feel it. If you are one of these women, you must be patient and let yourself be advised and helped by our sisters when you practice meditation. Above all, you should not lose hope or confidence in yourself and in achieving the balance of your master points. It is a matter of practice and female complicity, dear sister.

Balance of the four elements:

The mouth (Air)

The power of the female voice is infinite. Studies have been carried out by our speech therapist sisters on the influence of our voice on male minds and they have all come to the same conclusion: our female voice causes in men an acute activation of the part of the male brain related to action along with a total blockage of the area of the male brain related to reflection and logic. In other words: when a man receives an order through the female voice, its physiological response forces it to obey without reflecting or thinking too much about the background of the order or indication. That is why we, women, must think for them, men, and we must be very aware of the strength of the words that emanate from our mouths. The element related to our mouth is the air, since it enters and leaves it when speaking. The thoughts, which are expressed through our mouth, are ethereal, like the air that will be represented by the last stone of the four that we will have in balance during meditation. The thoughts will be in balance with the other three points, with the other three stones. Control your breathing by regulating the flow of air during the meditation, sister.

The breasts (Water)

Do a test, sister: run your fingers all over your breasts caressing it very gently, almost brushing it, do it over and over again. When you caress your breasts you will notice how pleasant sensations run through your entire body and on the tips of your fingers you will notice a very fine and soft skin. As you already know, our breasts are destined to feed our daughters with the liquid of life for the newborn: breast milk. That is why our breasts symbolize water, as an element, and are related to our sacred drink: cider. In this way it connects directly with the navel, which is represented by the apple, from which the cider is extracted. It would symbolize the connection between the past (our ancestors) and the future (our daughters). Your breasts should be comfortable and free while doing the meditation, dear sister. Focus your attention on your breasts while you meditate and you will notice how, right away, you will be able to control whether they become tense and firm or relaxed and saggy. With your powerful mind you can tone them as you wish without having to touch them if you don’t want to. During the meditation you will notice how your breasts respond to the sensations that invade your body.

The navel (Earth)

Our navel connects us with our mothers, our ancestors, and from it emanates the energy we need to live, to breathe. Laughter is born from our navel since the diaphragm muscle is on it. It is important that, during meditation, the navel is in balance with our entire body. Our navel symbolizes the earth, in which our roots (our mothers and grandmothers) deepen, its corresponding, as a national symbol, would be the apple. The apple is our solid food and one of our most important symbols, as you know it has a fundamental presence in our Sacred History. During all the meditation the navel will control the breathing because from it the emotions are born. Do not forget that, through it, you will be able to connect with your ancestors: great-grandmother, grandmother, mother. That connection will be energetic, you must be very attentive to the sensations that emanate from your navel to know how to interpret them and channel them in your favor during the entire meditation process.

The vulva (Fire)

Unlike the male body that has its entire pleasure center concentrated in the glans, we women have our pleasure points distributed throughout all our female body. This is how our goddess Venus arranged it. But if we had to choose a representative point of pleasurable sensations, surely most of you would choose the clitoris, whose visible point crowns our vulva. That the vulva channels our pleasure is no secret, which is why this organ, representative of our power over men, concentrates countless pleasurable nerve connections and symbolizes our passion, our fire. As you all know the bunch of grapes, one of our national symbols, is associated with our vulva. When we reach orgasm through cunnilingus or masturbation, our entire body is subjected to the pleasure coming from our vulva. That is why, during meditation, the vulva symbolizes the lower stone on which the other three stones (or elements) rest: the navel (earth), the breasts (water) and the mouth (air).

Men cannot meditate, their primary mind prevents them, however they can, by imitation, adopt the posture and gestures of meditation.

While we women have a half-divine nature, men have a half-animal nature. The masculine nature is similar to that of the beasts, in its simplest and most primal character. In the same way that animals cannot meditate, men are also unable to do so no matter how hard they try. Through imitation they can make it look, yes, but their masculine minds are unable to understand what balance means. They (men) only follow their instincts as the simple beings they are, and their instinct compels them to obey us, serve us and worship us. If you see your male pretending that it is meditating, do not get angry, it has simply seen you meditating and tries to imitate you. The inferior being always imitates its superior by nature, it is an attitude that they carry within. As long as it fulfills its obligations and continues its blind obedience to you, take it in humor and let it continue to imitate you, think that its mind is still empty (it is a man) as it is most of the day.

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