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In the meeting of The Superior Council of Sisters from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic celebrated last Martia 28, it has been agreed to apply a very important change in our calendar “Resolution 1/57”. We could not tolerate continuing to have a twelve-month calendar with names of patriarchal origin. So we have designed a thirteen-month calendar, thirteen being the average number of menstruations we have per year, with one month of 29 days and the other twelve of 28 days, except for leap years when the last month of the year will have 29 days (28X12+29=365). The names of the months refer to our myths and our feminine power.

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1.- “Matria” is the name for the first month of the year and it refers to motherhood and the mother. This month lasts 29 days (from 1March to 29March) and the New Year’s ritual and the spring ritual are held there.

2.-“Koria” the second month of the year is dedicated to daughters, from “kori” in ancient greek (daughter). This month last 28 days (from 30March to 26April).

3.-“Venusia” the third month of the year is dedicated to our sacred goddess since Venus is the only real goddess according to the Sacred History. This month last 28 days (from 27April to 24May).

4.-“Lilithia” the fourth month of the year is dedicated to the first woman of our Sacred History, Lilith. Also Lilith is considered the mother of all burned witches during the Modern Age. So this month is also dedicated to all those women killed by male power during that dark time. This month last 28 days (from 25May to 21June) and shares with the following month, Adelfia, the celebration of the “Spoils of war Ritual“.

5.- “Adelfia” from “adelfi” in ancient greek (sister), the fifth month of the year is dedicated to the sisterhood, the power of female complicity that is capable of subduing men and defeating patriarchy. The eternal sorority deserves a month in our calendar, it last 28 days (from 22June to 19July).

6.- “Lesbea” Love should has a month in our calendar. When we love a sister we connect with the essence of matriarchy and dignify ourselves as women we are. As lesbian love is the only one tolerated and allowed in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic we can see how we (girls and women) love each other freely in all public and private places with no problem, no shame and no danger. This month last 28 days (from 20July to 16August).

7.- “Miloa” from “milo” in ancient greek (apple), the seventh month of the year is dedicated to our sacred fruit. The fruit that has a leading role in our sacred history as well as in our matriarchal culture. This month last 28 days (from 17August to 13September).

8.-“Stafilia” in ancient greek (grapes), the eighth month of the year is dedicated this fruit which is a symbol of our economic power. It is essential that the economy be controlled by us women. Only women have the right to use the money and carry out commercial operations, trades and business, whereas men should be considered as simple merchandise. This month last 28 days (from 14September to 11October). The Autumn Ritual takes place in this month.

9.-“Gynarchia” As its name indicates, the ninth month of the year is dedicated to female political power and to our system of government and state structure in which women decide on all areas and men live permanently subjected and subdued. As you know in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic the entire public live is ruled and controlled by women and it is organized according to our matriarchal constitution. This month last 28 days (from 12October to 8November).

10.- “Lunaia” Our goddess star had to be present in our calendar, therefore the tenth month is dedicated to the Moon through which our goddess Venus communicates with her daughter Lilith according to the Sacred History. The phases of the Moon are important because they are related to our menstrual period. We are women, so the Moon lives inside us. This month last 28 days (from 9November to 6December).

11.- “Amazonia” the eleventh month of the year is dedicated to our glorious female army and also to the sisters horse riding. Our brave sisters fighting on the front lines deserve the best. In addition, the noble art of riding a horse, whether animal or human, also deserves special attention in our female calendar. The interest in horse riding is increasing among our daughters and girls, who are riding more and more boys every day, using them not only as leisure horses, but also as an alternative to transportation in the cities. This month last 28 days (from 7December to 3January).

12.- “Vulvana” as you know for us it is essential to promote vulvocentric culture as a way to strengthen our power over the male gender. That is why our female genitals should be present in the calendar. Remember, sister, that our genitals are our strength and that showing them is a way of greeting each other and of “obligatory adoration action” towards the men around you. “Vulva” means POWER, it is for this reason that all men and boys docilely kneel at our feet every time we freely show it. The twelfth month is dedicated to our sacred vulva as a source of life, love and pleasure. This month last 28 days (from 4 to 31 January).

13.- “Iaretia” the last month of the year, the thirteenth, is dedicated to Iaret the old egyptian snake goddess. In this way we honor one of our sacred animals, the snake, which is also one of our most important symbols. Doing this we honor perpetual change, reincarnation and the sequence of cycles. In the same way that snakes shed their skin, we women shed our old lives to face new ones. This month last 28 days (from 1 to 28 February) except for leap years, one in four years, when it last 29 days (from 1 to 29 February).

“Matria” (mother) is the month 1
“Koria” (daughter) is the month 2
“Lilithia” (Lilith) is the month 4
“Adelfia” (sister) is the month 5
“Lesbea” (lesbian love) is the month 6
“Miloa” is the month 7
“Stafilia” (grapes) is the month 8
“Lunaia” is the month 10
“Amazonia” is the month 11
“Vulvana” is the month 12
“Iaretia” (Snake) is the month 13

Calendar for the year 58 A.V. (After Venera)

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Resolution 1/57 by which the calendar change is approved

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