Shine Shoes Service


Dear sister: Do you want to have your shoes and boots always clean and shiny? Does it bother you to shine your shoes? Do you think men must do this work (to clean and polish your boots and shoes)? The Universal Gynecocratic Republic has started a new service, the “Shine Boots and Shoes Service” for all our sisters, that means:

  • Our male will shine your shoes or boots perfectly.
  • What are you waiting for, dear sister?

By whatsapp (or any message aplication) you will make an appointment with one of our male citizens (which you will choose). This appointment will be in a public place: a park, a place, a comercial center, a train station, a bust stop, a square, and so on. Our male citizen will present himself elegantly dressed and with a very well-kept image. It will bring a bag with all the material and utensils (brushes, cloths, waxes, creams…) to clean and shine your footwear (shoes, boots, sneakers). Also it will bring a folding chair for you and the box in which you will rest your foot so that he can perform the service and leave your shoes shiny and totally clean. Of course, it will work on your orders, obeying your instructions, instantly and with no questions or complaints. It goes without saying that our citizen will always work with a smile on its mouth, it will buy and pay for the right products to polish and clean your footwear well and, of course, you will not have to pay absolutely anything. Does it sound fine? Start by choosing one of our citizens, look where does it can work (its area of influence) and its available hours and days. Moreover, you will be able to see how does it work by seeing a photo of a female footwear before and after its cleaning.

CodePlace (click links)Time/weekPhoto
L71438HFrance (Amiens)Wednesday from 14:00 to 17:00hPic
L71310HCalifornia (U.S.A.): Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, San Francisco, Oakland, Sonoma.Monday-Friday 7:00PM to 12:00AM
Saturday-Saunday 7:00AM to 12:00AM
L71480HBeijin 北京市 (China).Anytime and anywhere.Pic
 L71477HChicago’s Northern Suburbs and main Chicago city.

Chicago’s Western suburbs.
2hours/day all days of week (no Friday)

3hours/day all days of week (no Friday)
L71493HMexico city (Ciudad de México) South zoneThrusday and Friday from 6:00PM to 8:00PMPic

A) We will give you the contact information and you will contact our male citizen by a messenger aplication and agree to meet it in a public place at a specific time to clean and shine your shoes properly, just as you deserve, dear sister.

B) Our male citizen, elegantly dressed and properly presentable, will present itself to the appointment carrying the clean and polish footwear utensils and products in a bag. Also it will bring a comfortable folding chair for you, to sit, if required.

C) Our citizen will perform the service attentively, conscientiously and with a wide smile on its lips, leaving your boots, or shoes, totally clean and shiny. Our male will focus all its attention on your shoes while you read the press and relax for a while.

D) You will enjoy wearing clean and shiny footwear, shoes or boots or sneakers, for the rest of the day. Easy, practical, comfortable and free, shows off impeccable footwear during all the day and every day as the supreme queen you are.

Once you have chosen one of our male citizens for the service, write us to our e-mail “”. We will contact it and you will agree a meeting, the first meeting, it will be in a public place which you will choose, dear sister: a park, a pub, at the street, a railway station, in a comercial center, and so on. We will contact you with it, this way you will be able to talk by messaging about the place and time where to meet, you will also have to show him what type of footwear he should clean and shine. Our sister will inform the citizen of what type of footwear she will wear, and will even send him a photo. The male citizen should be conveniently informed of what products are suitable for cleaning and polishing the sister’s footwear. The male will tell the sister about the products, cloths and brushes that it will use to perform the service and she must agree with it.

(Attention sisters: this service is reserved for women’s use. That means if you are a sister living with a man, or a boy, at home, your duty is to command it to clean and shine your shoes and boots instead of using our service. Our male citizens are ready to serve women, and only women (sisters alone, girls couples, sisters sharing apartment, mothers and daughters, girls threesomes…), for their female relax and enjoyment.)


Obligations for our male citizens:

a)Before the service:

  • To bring all the cleaning material you need unless the lady could allow you to use her material. Also a comfortable folding chair (in addition to the stool so that she can put her foot comfortably) in case she needs it and the press or a magazine for her if she dicedes it.
  • To buy the cleaning products, to take a shower and wash your body before the service.
  • To present yourself wearing your cock caged and elegantly dressed and properly groomed and shaven.
  • To wear your citizen identification document all the time and show it when the sister ask for it.
  • To be punctual in order to show our sister your seriousness and respect for her.

b)During the service:

  • To direct all your effort, mind and five senses to clean and polish her footwear during the service.
  • To listen carefully all to the indications that our sister can give you, and obey them, of course.
  • To do not damage her footwear with the cleaning products or during the service.
  • To look at our sister’s shoes during all the time unless she says the opposite.
  • To work in a total silence, to obey all the indications from the women, to ask your lady in front of any doubt, to do not complain never and ever. To do the service fine and fast as the male citizen from our matriarchal country you are.
  • To use your own clothes (your tie or the sleeve of your shirt) to polish the lady’s shoes if she so requests.
  • To accept patiently the possible slaps in your face that the sister could give you with a “My apologies sacred lady”.
  • To be willing (with no complains) in case our sister decides, in a total free way, to order you to lick the soles of their shoes or boots. In this case, rare but possible, you will have to accept it in complete silence and with a wide smile on your face.

c)After the service:

  • To ask our sister about her satisfaction with the service and to ask her about indications for the next day.
  • To do not talk anybody (neighbours, pleople in general) about the service unless our sister lets you.

Rights for our sisters:

  • If, after the first messenger contact, you decide do not use the male citizen just tell to it. You do not need to give explanations or reasons if you do not want to do it.
  • You have the right to be comfortable sitting and properly relaxed while our male is doing the service.
  • You have the right to a totally free service, you do not need to pay for the “Shine Shoes Service”, in fact our male citizen is obligated to buy all the products. As the woman you are you deserve a bright and shiny footwear all the time.
  • To choose when and where (the time and the place) our male citizen will perform the service.
  • You must be totally satisfied with the service.
  • You have the right to slap our male citizen’s face if you think it deserves it.
  • To claim our male citizen if during the service, by accident, it damages your shoes.
  • You have the right to humiliate our male freely during the service if you feel like it (only if you feel like it).
  • You can finish the service when you decide it, without the need to tell the reason.
  • You have the right to require our citizen a total discretion about the cleaning service, if you decide so.

Requirements for our sisters to enjoy the service:

Requirements for our male citizens registration:

  • Clean a female footwear and send us a photo before and after cleaning.
  • Tell us about where you could provide the “Shine Shoes Service” (area, region or region) and how many hours a week, and days, you will be available to develop it (for example “I am available during two hours a day Monday and Thursday morning”).
  • If you are already a male citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic you can register for free in one of the three services we offer (shine shoes service, cleaning service and driver service) if you want to register in the three services you must pay a €5 fee by PayPal. In case you are not yet a male citizen from our matriarchal country, you must process the registration as a citizen paying a fee of € 20 only to process citizenship. If you want the citizenship plus registration for one service, the fee is € 23. Finally if you want the citizenship plus registration for two or the three services (shine shoes service, cleaning service and driver service) the fee is € 25. Payment can be made by PayPal, just sending the money to our PayPal account: “”. In case you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay the fee by credit card, just press the buttom “Donate”:

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