Vulva Snow


Once upon a time there was a very proud queen, she was very conceited, and of course, like all women and girls she looked her vulva in the mirror every day. But the presumptuous queen was totally in love with her vulva so she commissioned, to a witch friend of hers, a magic mirror which was able to speak.


So every single day she showed her vulva to her magic mirror and asked it:

– “Little magic mirror which is the most beautiful vulva in the kingdom?”

And the magic mirror answered:

– “Your vulva is the most beautiful one of the whole kingdom, you majesty”.

And every day she asked the same question and got the same answer from the magic mirror. But one day the proud queen asked the mirror:

-“Little magic mirror which is the most beautiful vulva in the kingdom?”

Of course the queen was waiting for the same answer every day, but the mirror said:

-“The vulva of Vulva Snow is the most beautiful one of the whole kingdom, you majesty.”

So at once the proud queen got jealous of “VulvaSnow”, a really nice girl with a very beautiful white vulva. The queen was so jealous and angry that she ordered a hunter to bring Vulva Snow to the forest and, with a vary sharp dagger, to cut her vulva. So the hunter went with VulvaSnow to the forest and he cheated on her:

-“Take off your panties, dear girl, so all the animals of the forest will be able to see your divine vulva”

Vulva Snow did it and inmediatly all the animals around (birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels and more) came to admire her gorgeous white vulva. The hunter was going to fulfill the queen’s order and he drew his dagger with the intention of cutting her vulva but all the animals started screaming and crying in despair to stop him. As soon as the hunter saw her vulva was amazed at so much beauty and, prompted by the wailing of animals, he regretted to cut that wonderful female’s genitals so the hunter crying like a child told all the true to Vulva Snow.

-“I had the order from the queen to cut your precious vulva, but I can not do it. So please go away and do not come back to the kingdom because I will tell the queen that I have carried out her orders”.

Vulva Snow left crying and running through the forest until she found a very small house in the middle of the forest. The house was empty and she was very tired and hungry, so she entered in the house and saw seven small chairs and seven small plates with soup, she ate the soup and went to a room, in the left side, where she saw seven small beds, she joined all beds and lay down to rest, as she was very tired she immediately fell asleep. When Vulva Snow woke up she saw seven dwarfs in front of her. She immediately apologized and got up introducing herself and explaining everything that had happened to her. The seven dwarfs (Wise, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Shy, Brat and Dopey) talked among them and said:

-“You can live with us as long as you want, we are working during the day in the mine, so you will be alone. Be careful with the evil queen, you need protection from her and it is important she could not find you. By the way we are curious to see your vulva.”

Vulva Snow smiled happy to see how their new friends had welcomed her into her home so kindly and she showed them her vulva. At once the seven dwarfs were amazed at such beauty and at the same time outraged that someone planned to cut something as beautiful as what they had in front of their small eyes.

So Vulva Snow stayed living in the house of the seven dwarfs and she was really happy being in the forest and signing every day to the little animals living in the nature. But thinking that Vulva Snow had suffered a genital mutulation, the evil queen asked again to the magic mirror:

-“Little magic mirror which is the most beautiful vulva in the kingdom?”

-“The vulva of Vulva Snow is the most beautiful one of the whole kingdom, you majesty.” Said the mirror.

The queen was crazy in anger and came to the conclusion that she should be the one in charge of destroying the gorgeous vulva of Vulva Snow. She went to visit her friend the witch and asked her for a fruit with some kind of poison that would completely dry out the vulva of the woman who bit it. The witch gave her a poisoned apple and lent clothes for the queen to disguise herself as an old woman so that she could easily deceive Vulva Snow.

All the dwarfs were gone to the mine to work so Vulva Snow was alone at home when someone knocked on the door, she opened the door and an old woman was there with a basket on her arm.

-“Please dear girl, I am very thirsty and I need a glass of water”

Of course Vulva Snow offered a glass of water to the old lady and she responded it by taking an apple from the basket and giving it to her with a wide smile in her old face. Vulva Snow bit the apple in front of the old woman and as soon as the lady was gone, she started to feel an annoying itch in her wonderful white vulva that becomes more and more intense and unbearable. The girl took a mirror to look at her vulva and she saw in horror how it was burning as if someone had thrown acid on her beautiful vulva. The labia majora and minora were totally red and itchy and began to deform as well as her clitoris that began to melt on the vagina that began to close on itself. Vulva Snow started crying inconsolably frightened by the image of her vulva deformed and totally shattered. She put cold water on her genitals to soothe her itchiness and to try to stop the process of destroying her beloved vulva but she didn’t get it.

As soon as the seven dwarfs came back from the mine, Vulva Snow told them what had happened and all the dwarfs cried inconsolably seeing how she was losing her genitals with no remedy. After a few days Vulva Snow stopped singing and talking, she was degrading more and more until she fell into a deep sleep. The seven dwarfs left Vulva Snow inside a large glass urn in order all the animals could see her in the eternal sleeping. But one day a princess appeared, she saw Vulva Snow sleeping and she fell in love instantly, so she took the lid off the urn and kissed her on the lips. She woke up at once and she fell in love with the princess too as soon as she saw him. But Vulva Snow was still sad and the princess asked her the reason. She responded by showing her beloved princess the vulva totally destroyed by the effect of the apple’s poison. The princess suddenly started crying with grief and her tears fell on the deformed and shattered vulva that suddenly those female genitalia magically recovered their original shape, their freshness and their white and pink color. The princess’ tears of love had done a miracle. Vulva Snow, the princess and the seven dwarfs were really happy and they made a party to celebrate it.

So Vulva Snow and the princess loved each other so much that they got married, the lesbian couple forced the seven dwarfs to work for them and to do all the housework while they enjoyed life going away with their female friends, as the free women that they were. Soon Vulva Snow and the princess had children (three daughters) that they educated and raised. When the children where well bred Vulva Snow brought a mirror to each daughter and told them:

-“Look at your vulvas freely dear daughters, do it often and learn to love them, but never be vain or arrogant, just because all the vulvas of the whole world are precious and sacred. No matter the color, no matter the shape or the size, no matter if they are pretty or not, : every single vulva is a valous present, a divine gift from our mother and all of them should be respected and admired.

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