Political organization


The Universal Gynecocratic Republic is a presidential republic in which every six years the head of state and the president of the government are elected through active and passive female suffrage. Only women can exercise politics, only they can vote or be elected, the executive (governments), legislative (parliament) and judicial (courts) are entirely female. The Gynecocratic Congress is the parlament of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

The Constitution of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic regulates coexistence between women and sisters it is about the laws and norms that all females must respect to guarantee a correct coexistence in a total harmony. All females (women and sisters) have the right to study it and the duty to know it.

Men, on the other hand, are denied access to politics. They can not vote or stand as candidates for public office because they are legally considered as simple consumer goods at the service of women. The citizens, on a private basis, may own as many slaves (men, of course) as they can maintain and take charge.

In addition, The Universal Gynecocratic Republic also has publicly owned slaves purchased from individuals or expropriated by court order. These males will be used for public works or may be sold or rented by the public entities to which they belong.

Therefore, men are prohibited from entering political power seats (senate, parliament and seat of government) except for service, cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Through the media and with a weekly periodicity, the popular representatives will present to the rest of the citizens the progress and actions carried out in the area of ​​social policy at a local or national level. In this way the transparency of the institutions is encouraged.

A good part of the internal political action will be based on the care of the environment and respect for nature. The ecosystems will enjoy special protection by the Universal Gynecological Republic. This will ensure a dignified future for new generations of women and young girls.

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In international matters, the foreign political action of the Republic is centered above all on the promotion of gynecological philosophy and culture in the world. The main objective is to encourage the emergence of gynecological communities throughout the world and then coordinate joint actions aimed at consolidating a universal revolution in which women assume all power and man to be treated as a simple commodity.

To make our goal a reality we are working to found the first matriarchal political association in the world. “Catalunya pel matriarcat” is going to fight for a matriarchal society in Catalonia (Spain). We are sure that it will be the first of a wide network of associations fighting for matriarchy all around the world.

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In honor of the Moon, the measurement of time in the Gynecocratic Republic will be made using the lunar calendar system in which the year is lunar and consists of 12 lunar months (6 months of 29 days and another 6 months of 30 days) that a lunar cycle has 29.53 days. In this way, the temporary organization of the day to day in the Republic will adapt better to the biological cycles of its citizens.

The Universal Gynecocratic Republic begins the year on the first of March, as March symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the time when the birth of life takes center stage again. On March 1, 1966, a space probe sent from Earth (by the Soviet Union) arrived on the planet Venus, its name was Venera 3. It was the first time that an object from Earth reached another planet, and that planet was Venus. For us (women, girls, sisters and supremes) from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic this gesture symbolizes a recognition of humanity towards our sacred Goddess Venus. That is why we recognize the work of the Soviet Union and we decided to honor this feat by designating March 1 as the first day of the year and the national day of our matriarchal country.

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