Alice in wonderland


Alice is a very intelligent, curious, perceptive and alert fourteen-year-old girl who never stops asking questions. One summer day, Alicia is at her aunt’s house, her pastry chef, watching her prepare a delicious cake. Since she was bored, she took a bag of flour and went out to the garden to play with it.


Since it was sunny and hot, the girl freely undressed, just as she had seen her two mothers and aunts do countless times. In our matriarchal republic it is very common to see, above all in summer time, naked sisters anywhere. We must not forget that in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” we, women, freely undress whenever we feel like it without any fear, shame or trepidation because, for us, our female body is dignified and sacred.
​ After taking off her clothes, Alice looked at her body carefully and decided to open the bag of flour to play with it freely. With a happy and uninhibited mood, the girl began to throw the flour into the air while screaming happily to the sky, she smeared her vulva and her entire body with that very white powder. The flour flew freely on her hair while Alicia laughed non-stop, feeling powerful and strong. Alice was happy feeling gladly how the flour dust fell on her sacred feminine body, how the tiny white grains slide on her fine, young skin. She laughed and screamed with joy knowing she was a happy and free girl. After a while Alice got hot and she decided to stop playing to go cool off, so she went to the stream that runs next to her aunt’s garden. When she arrived, she feared that the water was too cold, since the stream came from a nearby spring that emanated directly from the mountain, so the girl slowly approached the water until she saw the reflection of her vulva in it. She smiled gladly seeing the image of her divine vulva right in the water. Alice spread her legs and squatted over the stream, the girl started laughing when she saw her genitals that color, she had never seen the hair on her vulva so white. With the humidity of the sweat from her Mons Pubis, the white color of the flour had acquired a bright hue that pleased Alice very much. When the girl started laughing, Alicia’s vulva began to tremble, as if she were a white bunny chewing. The girl, upon seeing the reflection in the stream of her “little white rabbit” eating, began to laugh again with even more intensity and joy. The endorphins released by her feminine brain when laughing with pleasure caused, in Alice, an intense state of calm and relaxation…


Alice was distracted looking at the reflection of her vulva when she suddenly saw how that reflection transformed into a white rabbit that dived under the water until it came out on the other side of the stream.

Suddenly in front of her, on the other side of the small stream, a dressed white rabbit appeared, with glasses and a watch, shouting: “I’m late!” “I’m late!”. Alice, curious, crossed the stream with her bare feet, even though the water was really cold, and began to chase the rabbit to a burrow where she went and fell into a very, very deep well. (1)

Finally Alice rushed to the bottom of the well where she found a room with seven doors and a glass table in the center in which there was a golden key.(2)

She tried to open all the doors with that key until she found the one that opened. On the other side of it was a beautiful garden but the door was too small for her. She looked at the table and saw a small bottle with a label that said: “drink me.”

She opened the bottle, drank a little, and immediately became so small that she could fit through the door into the garden.

But then she realized that she had left the key on the table and now she couldn’t reach it. Until she discovered that under the table there was a small box with a cake on which it said “Eat me”.

Alice obeyed, she ate that cake, and her body began to grow and grow until it was almost three meters high and Alice hit her head on the ceiling of the room. But of course, now she couldn’t go back to the garden and that made her start crying.(3)

After a while the white rabbit appeared there with a pair of white gloves in one hand and a large fan in the other.

– The Duchess will be angry if I make her wait! – the rabbit said
– Mr. Rabbit! Wait a moment please – shouted Alicia.

But the rabbit ran away at full speed. So much so that its white gloves and fan fell off.Since it was very hot in that place, Alice took the rabbit’s fan and began to fan herself with it. Realizing that she was becoming small again, she quickly let the fan go before it was too late. (4)

She tried again to grab the key from the table, slipped and suddenly found herself up to her chin in salt water. But it wasn’t salt water. It was the pool of tears that she had produced earlier when she burst into tears! (5)

Soon the pond was filled with all kinds of animals: a dodo, a mouse, birds, a duck… they all started swimming together and managed to reach the edge of the pond. As everyone was very wet and wanted to dry off, the dodo proposed a fun game: everyone would run in a circle as they pleased and stop whenever they wanted. Alice thought it was a bit of a strange game, but since everyone won it seemed fun. Like all the girls of “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” Alice loved to play and have fun freely. Alice enjoyed playing.(6)

Then the rabbit passed by again. It was very nervous and looked everywhere looking for something.

– I have to find them! I have to find them no matter what or else the duchess…

Alice, who heard the rabbit, knew immediately that what it was looking for were its white gloves and its fan.

– Mary Ann go home right now and bring me a pair of gloves and a fan!

Alice thought the rabbit was confusing her with its maid, but since she wanted to help it, she obeyed the rabbit.

In the house she found a table on which there was a fan and two or three pairs of tiny white gloves. Next to it was a small glass bottle without any label. She decided to drink it and suddenly, she grew so much that she was trapped inside the house and could no longer get out.

The rabbit and other animals tried to get her out and even thought about burning the house and finally it happened that a hail of stones fell. Of course, they were no ordinary stones, and Alice noticed that they turned into tea cakes when they fell to the ground. She ate one and… what do you think happened? That Alice became small again and ran out of the house.

She entered the forest and decided that the first thing she should do was recover her size, and the second thing she should do was return to the beautiful garden.

After a while she found a caterpillar that was smoking a hookah from the top of a mushroom.

– Who are you? – asked the caterpillar.
– I don’t think I know anymore. I have changed sizes so many times that I feel a little confused – Alice said. (7)
What size do you want to be?
– I would like to be a little bigger…
– One side will make you bigger and the other smaller – answered the caterpillar as it got off the mushroom and walked away into the grass.

Alice spent a few moments trying to understand what the caterpillar had said until she finally did.

She tore off a piece from the right side of the mushroom and bit into it. She became so small that her chin was hitting her feet, so she bit off a piece of the left side of the mushroom. But her neck began to grow so much that her hands did not reach her head and a bird mistook her for a snake. She started eating from one side to the other until she managed to regain her usual size. At that moment Alice understood the importance of learning to grow and grow older and learned that life is based on continuous transformation, and that growth has advantages and disadvantages.(8)

She came to a clearing in the forest where there was a house one meter high, Alice ate another piece of the mushroom to make herself smaller and went inside. In the kitchen of the house there was a cook who was preparing a soup that smelled a lot of pepper, next to her there was a cat that couldn’t stop smiling and in the center was the duchess sitting on a stool cooing to a baby. Without a doubt, it was a very curious place.

– Excuse me, could you tell me why the cat is smiling from ear to ear? – Alice asked.
– Because it’s a Cheshire cat – said the duchess – By the way, I have to go play croquet with the queen. Here, you can lull him to sleep if you want – said the duchess, throwing the baby to Alice. (9)

Alice went back into the forest with the baby, who, on the other hand, did not look like a child at all. When she put it on the ground it turned into a pig and trotted away happily. (10)

Alice was starting to get really lost when she met the Cheshire Cat.
​- Cheshire Kitten, could you tell me which direction I should take?
– It depends on where you want to go… If you continue there you will meet the Hatter and if you continue there you will meet the March Hare. But it doesn’t matter, because they’re both equally crazy. (11)

Alice decided to visit the March Hare, since she had already met other hatters before.

In the garden of the March Hare’s house it and the Hatter were having tea. Alice decided to sit next to them, although it seems they didn’t like that too much.

– How is a raven like a writing desk? – the Hatter asked Alice, opening his eyes wide.
​ After a few moments thinking, Alice ended up answering:

– I give up, I don’t know.
– Me neither. I haven’t the foggiest idea – said the Hatter – By the way, it’s six o’clock. It’s always six o’clock here. So it’s tea time. (12)

Alice didn’t really understand the things the March Hare and the Hatter were talking about, so she decided to leave.

She headed back into the forest when Alice came across a tree with a door. She entered and returned to the room with the glass table. But this time Alice did it: she took the golden key and opened the door that led to the garden, she bit off a piece of mushroom until it was about 30 centimeters high and went down the hallway until she reached the beautiful garden.(13)

At that moment, a loud noise sounded and soldiers, courtiers and infantrymen began to arrive, all of them dressed like the deck of cards. At the end of all this entourage the white rabbit and the Queen of Hearts appeared.

– Who is this? – asked the Queen, pointing to Alice.
– I am Alice, your majesty.
– Do you know how to play croquet?
– Yes – Alice answered.
– Then come! (14)

Alice in Wonderland, despite not being exactly little anymore, had never seen croquet played that way. The field was full of holes; the balls were hedgehogs; the mallets, flamenco; and the soldiers remained bent forming the rings. Furthermore, everyone played at the same time arguing all the time and every time the Queen got angry she shouted “Off with the head!” (15)

Alice continued her adventures in Wonderland, she met the Mock Turtle and also the Gryphon, a fantastic animal that was half eagle, half lion.

The Gryphon approached Alice saying:

-Don’t irritate the queen, because otherwise…

The Gryphon took the girl to the queen’s garden, where the gardeners were painting the roses in red color. Alice found this so strange that she asked:

-Why do they paint roses?

-Well, because this was supposed to be a rose bush with red roses, but it turns out that they planted one with white roses by mistake. (16) At that moment Alicia remembered how in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” the roses symbolized the vulva and, as a cultured and informed girl that she was, she immediately understood that women have “the rose” dyed red once a month.

Until one day the entire country came to a standstill because the trial began.
​ The white rabbit blew the trumpet three times and said out loud:

– The Queen of Hearts made some tarts on a summer day and the Jack of Hearts stole the tarts and took them somewhere else.

There was a great stir in the room and the witnesses began to testify. The first to do so was the Hatter, followed by the Duchess’s cook and little Alice was surprised when she heard his name as the next witness who had to testify. When she got up, Alice had grown so much that she overturned a bench in the room, and with it, all the animals that were sitting on it.

The girl said she didn’t know anything about the tartlet business. The trial continued and when the person accused of stealing the tarts, The Jack, was about to be sentenced, Alicia intervened to help it.

– Off with her head!! -the Queen shouted with all her might, pointing at Alice.

Then the whole deck rose into the air and fell on Alice, scaring her.


At that moment Alicia heard her aunt shouting from inside the bakery:

-Alice honey, your mothers are here! Stop playing and come with them.- Alice’s aunt said shouting towards the garden. The woman had noticed that a bag of flour was missing and assumed that the girl had taken it to the garden to play with it, just as she herself did with one of her girlfriends when they wanted to freely enjoy a good session of eroticism and pleasure. , which is why Alicia’s aunt decided not to go out into the garden and wait patiently for the “little woman” to take her time before returning, alone, to the pastry shop.
​ The girl, upon hearing her aunt’s voice from inside the bakery, woke up from the strange dream she had had. All those strange and peculiar characters (the chatty white rabbit with glasses and watch, the March Hare, the dodo, the mouse, the Duchess, the Cheshire Cat, the baby “pig”, the Duchess’s cook, the mysterious caterpillar , the queen of hearts, the Jack of hearts, the false turtle, the infants, the deck of cards, the courtiers, the gardeners,…) had been nothing more than products of his imagination while she slept. Just like the mushrooms, the white and red roses, the trees, the cakes, the trumpet, the hedgehogs, the flamingos, the bird that mistook her for a snake, the white gloves, the tea that the March hare and the hatter drank , the glass bottle, the glass table, the doors, the golden key, the soldiers, the tartlets, the fan, the soup that smelled of pepper, the bottles with the labels “drink me”, etc… all that It was nothing more than a product of her mind in the deep sleep of a happy, intelligent and insightful girl. Alice was reflecting on the strange dream she had had when she suddenly remembered that she was covered in flour after having been playing with it for most of the afternoon.

-My vulva!-Alice thought.

The girl ran to the stream to look at it.

-There it is!- she said, smiling satisfied and with a calm voice.

Indeed, there was her pink and proud vulva completely smeared with white flour. That beautiful image was reflected in the water of the stream as if it were a white, furry and fleshy rabbit. But this time Alice noticed something special: her pink and white vulva was completely wet. Alice cleaned her beautiful female genitals, smeared with flour and wet with her own discharge (her divine female fluids), in the stream. Shortly after, when her vulva was completely clean, she did the same with the rest of her body. That bath felt wonderful to her, Alice was completely refreshed, with the crystal clear water of the stream, on that summer afternoon and when she got out of the water she felt like a new Alice. Then she dried himself from head to toe and dressed. When she got dressed she noticed how her breasts had grown a lot lately. The girl caressed them and noticed they were much more sensitive than normal, and her nipples had also developed during the last few months.

-“I’m going to ask my mothers to buy me a bra, it will be my first bra and I’m sure they will buy it for me.”-Alicia thought as she finished dressing.

And so the little woman headed to the pastry shop. She headed, with a firm and determined step, towards adult life. She did it happy and satisfied, leaving behind the garden, leaving behind, little by little, her glad and joyful childhood in that matriarchal republic where we, women, ran society and girls grew up excited and happy to become complete women, to become in influential and powerful ladies.

The greatest treasure of “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” are our girls and our female adolescents, it is because of them that from birth they are taught to love themselves and to value and respect their sacred body as a divine gift from our divine Goddess Venus. This is how, generation after generation, feminine power, matriarchy, remains strong and resilient, an enduring system that ensures the happiness and well-being of all our girls and female children.

Symbolism of the tale:

Without a doubt this story represents the transformation that our girls go through to go from childhood to adulthood…

1.- The deep hole in the ground, the endless well is a metaphor for the vagina. The story tells us how Alice arrives at the antipodes where she finds a fantasy world. It is undoubtedly a metaphor about female masturbation that, in our republic, women and girls practice with total freedom as a form of self-knowledge.

2.- The girl enters adulthood and must begin to make decisions, to choose which doors she should or should not open. The golden key symbolizes the key to the men’s chastity belt that she will soon possess, upon reaching the legal age in our republic.

3- Alice finds herself between two ages, childhood and adulthood, and she finds that both ages have advantages and disadvantages.

4.- Without a doubt, the white rabbit symbolizes the vulva that is in a hurry to grow and become an adult. The white gloves symbolize panties, our underwear, while the fan symbolizes Alice’s sexual awakening, since the fan is used to calm the heat. Somehow the vulva begins to grow and change, the girl understands that it is important to wear underwear for intimate hygiene reasons, she also understands that she has the right to conveniently relieve her sexual desire whenever she needs it, in a free and healthy way.

5.- Crying and lamenting about becoming an adult is of no use, only for you to drown in your own tears. Transformations cause tears and suffering but also excitement and hope for a change for the better.

6.- The games and imaginary animals of childhood remain in tears. In our republic, girls do not stop playing despite growing up and becoming women.

7.-The caterpillar symbolizes the transformation, as it becomes a butterfly. Alice is confused and the caterpillar tells her that she can control that transformation. In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic girls grow up, transform into women, in a healthy and happy way.

8.- Alice learns to control her growth and be a girl, or an adult woman, as suits her. The girl has learned to grow in balance and with responsibility.

​ 9.- The cat that smiles from ear to ear is a metaphor for the vulva, since the adult world in our matriarchal republic is governed by feminine pleasure and the omnipotence of the vulva. The baby symbolizes motherhood. Alice learns the importance of her vulva and of always having it smiling, always happy, always sexually satisfied, she also learns about the importance of motherhood.

10.- The metaphor of the baby turning into a pig symbolizes the masculine presence. The childish and immature character of men leads us to be able to use them as we see fit and abuse them freely. While the cat is a metaphor for the vulva, since it is free, it leaves and decides for itself, the baby is a metaphor for the man, a fragile and insecure being who must be cared for and who, as it grows, becomes turns into a pig.

11.- Female intuition is born from our vulva. One of the most important things that a girl who is entering adulthood must learn is to follow the intuition that comes from her vulva. That’s why Alice asks the cat (her vulva) which direction to follow. The girl must learn to obey the intuition that emanates from her cat-vulva.

​ 12.- “It’s always six o’clock, tea time.” It symbolizes the eternal and imperishable matriarchy.

13.- Alice is already a woman and already has the authority and maturity to take the key (key to the penis cage) and possess men, she is already adult enough to face adult life, since she has matured enough to manage her mental development.

14.- Alice enters the adult world. In our matriarchal society, the queen of hearts represents female authority. She asks her if she “knows how to play cricket” meaning if she is prepared for adult life. Alicia responds “I am, your majesty.”

15.- The queen, a matriarchal authority, reminds Alice that with the patriarchy there can be no doubt, “off with his head,” the queen shouts. That is to say that women should never tolerate men raising their heads, they should always be bowed to our female feet.

16.- White and red roses are a metaphor for the arrival of menstruation. Alice begins to be an adult and stops being a child.

In conclusion, through this dream Alice plays with her childhood fantasies before growing up to somehow “say goodbye” to them.

Like any other girl in our beloved matriarchal republic, Alice has grown up looking at her vulva in the mirror daily, thus learning to respect and love it.

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