Female feet


Woman’s feet are the natural connection between her (the goddess) and Mother Earth. A long time ago, before the appearance of footwear, women took energy through their feet while walking, and they felt how the force of nature penetrated through the soles of their female feet. Therefore, for all men, it is an honor to massage women’s feet with patience and dedication, since they know that this massage will enable the female to reach a state of relaxation useful to facilitating the connection between her and the goddess Venus. When a woman enjoys a good foot massage, without being fully aware of it, she is strengthening the spiritual communication with the supreme goddess, since the feminine energy connections located in the foot soles open and relax, showing a full receptivity to the divine energy.

It is for all these reasons that women force their slaves to massage their feet since the more massages the man does on the feet of his goddess, the more divine energy she will receive and, therefore, the more strength she will have to continue subduing her male , generating a closed cycle of energy that will prolong, indefinitely, the submission of the males to the divine females.

In these photos we can see how the practice of foot massage is very popular in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Very often the goddesses order their males to give them a good foot massage, to relax and feel how their feminine power grows deeps within them, to feel how the sacred presence of the goddess Venus circulates throughout her entire female body. But there is a specific ritual that all women perform once a month, coinciding with the full moon phase, to generate an exclusively feminine divine connection between women and the almighty goddess. The males feel honored, grateful and proud when their owner’s order them to participate in this ritual, because they know that they will be the protagonists of the magical and divine connection between their mistress and the goddess Venus, creator of the Universe and of the Mother Nature.

1.-Synchronization. The women talk to each other to agree on the exact moment when the slaves will massage them. Between them they synchronize the clocks and agree on a time (they usually choose the first hours of the full moon night) in which the slaves will massage them.

2.- Hygiene. About twenty minutes before the agreed time, the women order their boys to wash their feminine feet with soap and water. The female body is sacred and therefore must always be clean and presentable. Especially when the queen is about to communicate with her goddess Venus, enjoying a kind of dreamlike experience.

3.- Atmosphere. It is through this sacred ritual that women will contact with the goddess Venus, and therefore the slave is in charge of generating a favorable atmosphere in order for the women to achieve maximum relaxation to open the centers of divine connection that every female has inside. The light will be diffused, relaxing and of low intensity, and there will also play soft music or sounds that help the lady to allow her body and soul to be taken by the divine will of the goddess Venus. Finally, the slave will light eight candles, representing the eight points of the star of Venus to certify the presence of the goddess in the room where the massage will be performed.

4.- Preliminaries. After washing them, the slave lets his goddess’s feet rest in warm water, in which bath salts have been previously dissolved so that, in this way, the divine woman’s relaxation process begins. During those twenty minutes the lady begins to forget about her working day to make her mind blank, and open her internal channels of sensory communication both with the goddess Venus and with her other sisters who, shortly, will enjoy the long-awaited and deserved massage of feet.

5.- Start: And finally, at the agreed time, and in a synchronized way, the slaves take their owners feet out of the water and dry them with a towel. Then they smear their whole hands with a mixture of olive oil and jasmine essence to hydrate the skin of their goddesses, which also facilitates the sliding of the fingers along the divine feminine feet. They then rub their masculine hands to warm their palms, so that the goddesses notice a warm and pleasant sensation, and begin with the massage.

6.- Development: The slave constantly and actively massages the feet of his owner, sliding his hands decisively over the entire sole, from the heel to the toes, over and over again. Stretching her fingers one by one at all times and repeating this operation over and over again. Throughout the massage, the slave focuses all his attention on the feet of his goddess, and all his masculine energy and his attention are concentrated on the foot soles of his mistress. When the slave notices that his owner is completely relaxed and has already initiated the trance of spiritual convergence with the goddess Venus and with all her sisters, he slides his fingers from the heel to the ankle of his mistress to complete the massage, taking the heel of his mistress, fixing the bridge with his other hand and stretching his owner’s foot towards his male breast. Relaxing. In this way he relaxes the calves of his mistress and, by extension, her entire leg.

7.- Trance: The woman relaxes and goes into a trance, in a semi-dreamlike state in which consciousness is between waking and sleeping. In this state, she makes contact with the goddess Venus and with all her sisters too and all together begin a kind of astral travel. The lady will feel how her mind travels through the confines of the Universe to meet her sisters with whom she joins her soul in feminine communion to, and together, continue the cosmic journey until they unite with their beloved goddess Venus and how she fills her womb (and that of all her sisters) of cosmic energy, of power, to continue dominating the world, and follow subduing the male (that weak creature), for several millennia.

8.- Conclusion of the massage: Once the women feel how their belly has been filled with divine energy and how the goddess Venus has blessed them again, the cosmic journey concludes, and all the sisters open their eyes at the same time, feeling how their female bodies are completely relaxed and their feet are massaged by their faithful servants. Then they order their male to finish the massage, they look at the eight lit candles, sigh, then look at the full moon and thank the goddess Venus for having filled them with feminine energy, and thus be able to continue subduing men for many more centuries, giving eternal continuity to the matriarchy.

As a farewell, women perform a symbolic and personal act of feminine power: there are sisters who step on their man’s head, others who step on his tongue, his penis or his testicles against the ground. Others order their boy to give a kiss on each foot, there are even some who rape the ass of their slave with a huge rubber dildo while stepping on his head, the farewell is private and personal for each sister, but the meaning is none other than illustrating the supreme power of the woman over the man and send him a clear, concise and direct message:

“I am a woman and my female body is once again filled with divine energy thanks to the goddess Venus. I will submit you to my divine will and freely abuse you forever and ever, as the man that you are”.

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