Three little female pigs


Once upon a time, in a far away place, there lived three sisters who were plump and, therefore, they were called the three little pigs dued to their chubbies bodies. The sisters lived in harmony with nature, they planted fruit trees (especially apple trees in honor of our Goddess Venus) and beautiful flower plants, they played with each other and were very happy.

The three girls often laughed and got along very well with each other thanks to their sisterly relationship, the endless sorority. The eldest was the most responsible and always took care and protected the little sister and the middle one.

One afternoon, with her sharp nose, the eldest pig noticed the smell of a wolf and alerted her two sisters. The three little pigs took a walk around the area and, indeed, they found wolf hair and remains of that animal’s excrement. There was no doubt: a wolf was prowling the area and they decided to take action…

The little female pigs decided to build a house to protect themselves from the wolf in case of an attack. But immediately the discrepancies began, surely as a result of nervousness and fear. The oldest female pig wanted to make a house out of brick, the middle one out of wood and the little one out of straw.

The younger sister immediately finished her straw house and went to play totally carefree. A little later, the middle sister also finished her wooden house and went to play with the younger one while the older one did not stop working more and more building a brick house that was even bigger than the houses of her two sisters together.

Suddenly the wolf appeared, threatening, with a ferocious hunger: “I’ll eat all three of you voraciously”. It shouted.

The little female pigs each ran to take refuge in the house they had built. The wolf destroyed, with one blow, the straw house of the little sister who, using her feminine agility and speed, ran to take refuge in the wooden house of her middle sister, leaving the wolf behind her. Angry at not having been able to hunt the little girl, the ferocious animal attacked the wooden house, which soon gave way, being completely destroyed. The two sisters, frightened, ran to take refuge in the older sister’s brick house, leaving the wolf behind, once again. The wolf, completely beside himself, for not having been able to hunt down the two youngest female pigs, attacked the brick house, but, unlike what happened with the straw and wooden houses, this time it couldn’t knock her down. Tired and dejected, the animal decided to retire to rest with the intention of harassing the three little female pigs again later. It was not going to forget the idea of devouring those three delicious little female pigs.

The three sisters, watching through the window as the threatening animal withdrew, believed that it had finally given up, they thought that the danger had passed, and after a while they went out into the open air happy and happy to enjoy their victory over the wolf.

As soon as it saw the pigs outside in the forest, the wolf did not hesitate to attack again. He sneaked up on them with the intention of eating them in one bite. The older sister again detected, thanks to her fine nose, the threatening presence of the animal and raised the alarm. The three little pigs ran to take refuge back in the brick house.

Once safely inside the brick house, they looked out the window and saw the wolf prowling through the garden. The three little female pigs soon understood that if they did not go out to defeat the wolf definitively, the plants and trees, which they had cultivated with so much love, would die. So they decided to stand up to the wolf: the three sisters lifted their skirts and pulled down their panties, happily showing each other their vulvas as they yelled gladly:

“We are going to honor the memory of our mothers, our grandmothers and our great-grandmothers. We are women, we are brave, we are strong and we will defeat you, cowardly wolf!”.


Immediately afterwards they went out to give the wolf a beating. They ran to the area where the middle sister had built her house and collected wooden sticks from the remains of what was her house. Once they were well armed, the three little female pigs gave the wolf, which barely had time to react, the beating of its male life. The blows rained down on all sides of the animal: head, neck, hind legs, front legs, snout, tail, ears, and so on. The wolf began to howl desperately for mercy, but the pig sisters (far from pitying the stupid animal) hit it harder and harder. Between blows and more blows the wolf was able to go, little by little moving away from the area until it finally managed to reach an open field and run away. The three little pigs were still chasing and harassing the animal for a while until they lost sight of it in the distance.

The three sisters, euphoric with joy, hugged each other, jumped, sang and danced until dawn. The evil wolf never appeared in the place again and the three little pigs lived happily ever after.

The three little pigs learned a valuable lesson that accompanied them for the rest of their lives: you should never be afraid of any kind of wolves, because by definition all wolves are mean and cowardly and always flee in terror when women, as a team, stand up to them.

Every time a woman is afraid, the best thing to do is look at her powerful naked body and, above all, her almighty vulva. This will help her become aware of her power and her natural superiority over the man.

“It is important to build solid and safe houses, but the most important thing that a real woman must learn, in order not to suffer any danger, is to have the man subdued to her female will, subjected and annulled always, permanently and for ever and ever.”

Sisterhood and complicity among women is an essential value that should never be forgotten and that we should never underestimate. All women are sisters and we must always collaborate with each other.”

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