The society of the Gynecocratic Republic is totally ruled and ordered by women. In addition the only form of sentimental relationship tolerated is lesbian love between two or several women. Do not forget that men are legally considered as slaves, practically as pack animals. In these circumstances the Republic has developed a complex system of assisted reproduction to guarantee motherhood to those women who want it and, at the same time, the continuous availability of men to be used as slaves in different chores or jobs.

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There is no “natural” reproduction in the Universal Gynecocratic Republic, here the reproduction is 100% assisted in the laboratories. The raw materials, ovules and sperm, are obtained in very different ways:

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They are obtained in specialized reproduction farms in which men, previously selected for the good health of their sperm, are subjected to a series of stimuli to promote an abundant and excellent quality ejaculation. Special machines, similar to automatic milking machines, extract semen.

In this way a healthy, fresh and quality semen is obtained. The production is frozen at the moment or used if at that moment you need to create embryos. Subsequently the sperm is subjected to a series of techniques to separate the sperm “Y” (which will generate male embryos) from the “X” (female embryo generators.

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Let’s fight for a world totally ruled by women.


When a citizen decides to become pregnant, she must go to a reproductive farm for a gynecological examination. If everything is correct, start an ovarian production treatment focused on the extraction of ovules for subsequent fertilization. By law, half of these extracted eggs will become property of the Gynococcytic Republic while the other half will be fertilized with “X” sperm to form “XX” female embryos, which will be implanted in the woman’s uterus. In this way all the women of the Republic will have daughters (girls).

In addition, always on a voluntary basis, some young citizens of legal age (16 years) donate ova to the Gynococratic Republic for scientific research or to help other sterile citizens in their reproductive process. To finance this breeding system we have for sale the pregnancy stamp collection, visit our “store section” to buy it, now.

In this way the citizens of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic only have daughters who will be educated for their development in a feminine world totally governed and governed by women. Women will never have men.

What happens then when the Republic needs male slaves to perform all kinds of tasks? It is then when “Y” sperm are used in the breeding farms to fertilize ovules and obtain “XY” embryos (male) that are implanted in uteruses of mares or cows.

Male embryos are implanted in mares or cows.

In this way, men are produced on the farms in the same way that milk, eggs or meat are generated from animals. A mare can give birth to eight male babies, while a cow produces about five for each birth.

On the farms male slaves are responsible for feeding and caring for male newborns to grow strong and healthy. Of course the employed ladies will educate the children in absolute obedience to women and in the fulfillment of all kinds of tasks. When the director considers it convenient to sell, or auction, the slave in the market to finance the farm and their reproductive projects. In this way the reproductive farms (all of public ownership) can self-finance and ensure the free assisted reproduction treatments to all citizens who wish to do so.

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